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let me introduce myself

Hey, my name is Amber!

I am a tarot reader from England, in the United Kingdom, and my interests include music production, creating videos, and working on the self-development of my skills.

For the astrology fanatics, my sun sign is in the goal-orientated Capricorn, my moon sign is in the communicative Gemini, and my rising sign is in the grounded Virgo.

My ancestry has a slightly mixed heritage, which you can watch further 
in my
 YouTube video on my 23andMe heritage here.

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how I started tarot reading

As an empath and clairsentient, I can pick up on the energies during the reading, and from my perspective, I believe tarot can offer great guidance and advice for the next steps you need to take. I can do psychic readings for a variety of topics, such as love life, family, children, relationships, choices, and home life, however, I believe my speciality lies in readings on financial situations, career decisions and jobs.

When I read, I don't just read the tarot. I am reading oracle cards, dice, and energies, and also bringing in my spirit guides to give advice and answers. It's not just one thing with me, you get a whole package. I can also do energy healings if need be and am looking into doing deeper readings such as past life, inner child, and shadow work-based readings.

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