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useful products I love.

A helpful resource library to find the same products I use.

These are products and websites that I absolutely vouch for!

Tarot Cards

tarot decks

🔮 The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne

🔮 Tarot of the White Cats by Lo Scarebeo

🔮 Angel Wisdom Tarot by Radeleigh Valentine

🔮 Luna Sol Tarot by Liminal 11

Angels and Ancestors Oracle.jpg

oracle decks

🔮 Angels & Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

🔮 Spirit Animal Wisdom by Katie Jane Wright

🔮 Divine Abundance Oracle Cards

🔮 Oracle of the Fairies by Karen Kay

🔮 Messages from the Mermaids by Karen Kay

🔮 Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell

🔮 Oracle of the Hidden Worlds by Lucy Cavendish

🔮 The Spirit Animal Oracle Cards by Colette Baron Reid

Angels and Ancestors Oracle.jpg

divination tools


Teacup Reading

Charm Reading


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