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5 Ways Tarot Cards Can Support Your Mental Health

All 22 major arcana cards in the tarot.
The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Tarot is popular because more people are using it for purposes other than foretelling the future and gaining insight into a specific situation. Many people utilize it to gain insight into events and to reflect on themselves. It can also be used to stimulate creative thinking. We'll talk about how the Tarot can help you overcome writer's block in the future. Aside from making predictions, what else may tarot cards be used for?

Tarot cards can be a very effective tool for supporting mental wellness. But, how do tarot cards work?

Maintaining good mental health is an important factor in our lives. Personally, I decided to start reading tarot cards as a tool to support my mental health. I found the tarot gave me great insight into situations, as well as unconscious energies that could be playing a factor in my ability to maintain good mental health.

The number of people diagnosed with mental health conditions has increased in the last decade, and the support for such treatment is increasing slowly.

Alongside professional medical treatment, a growing number of individuals like myself, have sought out supportive methods of intervention to improve their mental health. Such methods include:

  • Meditation, including mindfulness

  • Developing your spirituality or seeking faith and religion

  • Using divine sources for advice, such as tarot cards or spiritual

  • Journalling

  • Alternative energy healing practices such as reiki or shamanic healing

  • Alternative medicines such as herbal or Chinese medicine

Could you support your mental health with tools and supportive techniques?

In this article, we will discuss how Tarot Cards, in particular, can support your mental health.

How Can Tarot Cards Support Your Mental Health?

Consider the following. When you pull a card, you will examine the card itself and the pictures and symbols surrounding it. These symbols awaken your intuitive and emotional capabilities. The cards you draw to support your question, or previous cards will also assist you in connecting with your emotions and feelings. You will use your intuition to interpret them further.

1. You'll Gain a Better Understanding of Yourself.

Tarot cards are known to reflect your deepest desires or fears, as well as those aspects of your personality that you are unfamiliar with at the time. They provide light on the various circumstances that have shaped who you are. When you get to an appropriate level to understand the tarot cards yourself, you will naturally understand how the cards shape your identity.

When you start studying tarot, it rapidly becomes self-fulfilling. If you spend enough time with a deck, your "inner voice" will start commenting on cards as they occur in spreads. You will discover that you can directly relate to the cards and better understand yourself, and others you read for.

2. Tarot may help you maintain a goal-oriented mindset.

The cards will reveal whether your behaviour is congruent with your desired objective or if anything impedes you, such as fear, fury, insecurity, or blocks.

Allowing the cards to "speak to you" can assist you in reaching certain realisations, clearing your mind, and motivating you to make the required changes. Additionally, this will help you make more educated decisions.

Specific spreads can help you achieve your goals, and tarot cards encourage progressive steps which can be taken so you can move forward towards your goal.

3. Tarot can help with socialisation and meeting new people.

Tarot readings are a great way to engage with individuals because they are nonverbal and the cards last as long as you want. Many individuals use tarot cards with their friends, family, and co-workers, and take them to parties to have a fun time. The cards, therefore, can help with your ability to socialise with others, as you talk about similar topics together.

Even if you didn't know each other before the reading, you'd have something to discuss once it's through. You will learn to develop your intuitive and socialisation skills alongside reading the cards.

The more time you spend with a deck, the more in tune you get with it and with yourself, resulting in greater awareness and insight into events that are happening or are about to happen in your life.

The ability to socialise is an important factor in maintaining good mental health. You do not have to be an extrovert, however, it can be an important factor in reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

4. Tarot helps you better understand your life's path.

Tarot cards show what you desire, the obstacles in your path, and how to overcome them.

For example, you may receive The Tower card about betrayal, unexpected change, or upheaval; in other words, anything that fate throws at you to test your resolve.

Furthermore, the Tower will teach you how to escape those traps and conquer the unexpected changes that life throws at you, which may help you cope with change as it occurs or entirely prevent it if you grasp what your cards say about your life path.

Researchers believe that individuals who are prone to fixating on challenges and allowing their minds to wander, suffer from anxiety due to allowing negative feelings to hold an excessive amount of power over them.

Activities such as consistent mindfulness meditation practices will allow for a clearer mind due to the increase in the ability for negative thoughts to be observed, rather than absorbed.

Tarot cards have a specific way to help you understand where power is held in your life. For example, your career may wield power over your relationships, or you may be spending more time worrying about your finances to keep a stable routine.

5. The Tarot will allow you to take a breather and appreciate the present moment.

Take a deep breath. It is the most helpful thing you can do when you sit with your tarot deck and take some time out of your day to sit with yourself. Do not try to get answers or do anything. Allow yourself a few seconds to relax and appreciate the opportunity to spend time alone with yourself.

Tarot cards should ideally be used for inquisition rather than confirmation. As a result, you must decide where to direct your energy. The simplest way to affect your internal environment toward health and wellness is to believe it is coming from you.

Knowing you can put your faith in a higher purpose or higher soul will present you with an increased sense of hope and fulfilment. Your ability to empathise will grow, along with your natural psychic and intuitive gifts. You will start to brim with confidence and know where your path takes you.

Tarot allows you to connect with yourself, and your soul's purpose. It isn't a one-size-fits-all tool, however, each individual can choose how they want to read the deck themselves and learn techniques that work for them.


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