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Ace of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Ace of Cups can depict a beautiful new beginning in the realms of love, romance, and friendship. It is also possible to indicate the emotional side of your heart opening up to creativity.

The Ace of Cups tarot card.
The Ace of Cups tarot card.

Ace of Cups Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

New beginnings, new love, new relationships, new friendships, opening your heart up to something new, proposals and marriages, creativity, the birth of a female child, peace, and tranquillity, love of a new job or project.

Blocked inner child, creativity blocks, unrequited love, missed relationship opportunities, self-care, blocked intuition, repressing emotions, spiritual and psychic disconnection.

Imagery & Symbolism

Ace of Cups
Ace of Cups

Chalice: The chalice is what holds the water and thus the emotions in. It can represent a balance of emotions when full, but an imbalance when overflowing.

Dove: Can signify tranquillity and peace coming into your life.

Water: The flowing water represents the emotional side being inflow and an abundance of spiritual and psychic energy.

Cloud: The cloud can signify the mind and thinking. In divination, clouds signify confusion.

Hand: The hand comes out of the cloud holding a chalice, which suggests an opportunity is being presented to you after much contemplation and confusion.


Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings


The Ace of Cups making an appearance in a general reading will indicate a new beginning or opportunity which will allow your heart and creative side to open up. This can show up in the form of a new relationship, friendship, project, or anything that will allow you to be creative and embrace it fully.


The Ace of Cups can indicate a blockage in creativity and intuition. It may be that you are not accepting and are instead suppressing your emotions, keeping them locked up inside. There may also be a block or lack of using your psychic senses and trusting yourself and others. Self-care and compassion for yourself are important at this time.



The Ace of Cups appearing in a love and relationship reading is a positive sign that you are taking the next step in your relationship, or that you will open your heart up to love very soon. It may be that you have found a new love or partner at this time, which allows you to open up your emotional side.

Alternatively, the Ace of Cups can signify relationship milestones such as proposals, marriages, and the birth of a girl. Having positive supporting cards such as The Lovers, the Two of Cups, or The Hierophant can support this.


The Ace of Cups can signify a relationship that is one-sided or a person who is dealing with an unrequited love situation. It may be that you are feeling all the love, but the other person isn't, which makes it difficult for both of you to meet eye-to-eye emotionally.

It can also suggest that your relationship progress will be slower than expected. Sometimes, a reversed Ace of Cups can suggest that there is a relationship opportunity nearby, but you are unfortunately going to miss out on it.



The Ace of Cups appearing in a career, job or business-related reading can suggest that a creative project or job opportunity is coming up in your career. It may involve being more artistic and intuitive, and you will most likely enjoy it and find a newfound love. Blessings of abundance are also likely to come into your work life.


The Ace of Cups can indicate a lack of creativity in your job or career. You may need to transition into a career or work environment that allows for your artistic talents to be shown. In your work environment, there may be a lack of emotional connection with co-workers and disconnection in friendships.



The Ace of Cups appearing in a financial reading is a positive card to indicate that you will soon have an overflowing abundance of prosperity and wealth. Although this card doesn't directly indicate money, it will indicate a new beginning when it comes to a wealth of love and creativity. Alternatively, it can suggest a new job or stream of income earned through creative endeavours.


The Ace of Wands can signify a lack of intuitive insight and creativity when it comes to increasing your finances. You need to tap into your spiritual and creative side more and think outside of the box when it comes to your financial situation. Alternatively, you may receive some emotional news regarding your finances.



The Ace of Cups appearing in a health-related reading is a positive sign that your emotional health is great. You likely have good boundaries when it comes to relationships with others, which will be beneficial to your health.

Alternatively, the Ace of Cups appearing is a sign of fertility and children, particularly when accompanied by a fertility/children-related tarot card such as The Empress. Traditionally, the Ace of Cups will signify the birth of a girl.


The Ace of Cups can suggest blocked emotions that are repressed internally. This is not a healthy sign, as suppressing how you feel will, later on, cause an outburst or overflow of emotional vulnerability. Alternatively, this card can also be an indication of poor fertility and self-esteem issues.