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Ace of Pentacles | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Ace of Pentacles is a card of new beginnings with your career, finances, or property. The pentacles suit represents the physical world of material pursuits.

Ace of Pentacles Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

New large purchases, new jobs, career beginnings, new property, pay rises, extra income, prosperity and wealth, a fortune in health, abundance in security, the potential for growth, new education, a start of foundational beginnings.

Lack of financial income, lost opportunity for work or money, investment failures, deficiency, missed chances, loss of property.

Imagery & Symbolism

Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles

Cloud: In divination, clouds symbolise confusion, clarity, and awareness.

Mountain: Challenges beyond the archway suggest that this calm safety and comfort will not last long.

Coin: Indicates money, wealth, abundance, and security. Notice the coin has two different outlines, this suggests that the coin has two sides.

Yellow: In divination, the colour yellow signifies happiness, joy, vitality, and energy.


Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings


The Ace of Pentacles is a fortunate card in a tarot reading. It can predict an abundance of fortune in health, money, property, work, or resources. The Ace of Pentacles is a highly expansive card of opportunity and resource. The Ace of Pentacles is also seen as a card of manifestation, as long as you put the effort in, you will be rewarded with the deserved result.


The Ace of Pentacles can indicate a loss of fortune or possible job opportunity. There is likely a positive new beginning surrounding money, wealth, and fortune that you have not noticed around you. This is an opportunity that you must take now before you lose it in the future.



In a relationship or love reading, the Ace of Pentacles is a positive card predicting comfort and new security in relationships. Your focus is likely on your material comforts within the relationship, such as safety, money, property, and building solid foundations for yourself and any relationships you have.


The Ace of Pentacles can predict a lack of comfort and safety within a relationship. It may be possible that your current relationships feel as though they are not stable or solid enough to hold themselves together, and the core of the relationship is close to falling apart.

It is important to bring in safety and security, such as securing a job opportunity so that your partner feels comforted. Alternatively, as the suit of pentacles will indicate a stable and slow-building relationship, it can suggest a short-term relationship.



The Ace of Pentacles is a positive card for career, job, or business prospects. It can predict the start of a new beginning in a new job role, career, or new source of income. The Ace of Pentacles can also indicate an expansion of opportunities in a current role, such as receiving a pay rise or being promoted to an exciting position.


The Ace of Pentacles can predict a lack of resources, skills, and material assets when it comes to work or career. You may be in an unstable temporary work position that is not reliable in the long term. It can predict being in part-time or temporary work positions, or even volunteer work without pay.



The Ace of Pentacles is a positive card for a financial reading. It predicts that you will receive an abundance of money. This could be due to a new job or extra income you have received from hard work. Alternatively, you may have made a hefty financial investment into something you value.


The Ace of Pentacles can predict failures and unsuccessful payments or investments. You likely have a poor relationship with your finances and lack the budgeting and financial planning you need right now. Income may also be short-term or temporary. There is also a chance that profits or income may be delayed or slow.



The Ace of Pentacles in a health reading is a positive sign of good fortune in health. As the card brings in new abundance, a wealth of health is also included. You are in a great mental and material space to make time to stick consistently with a health plan, which will allow you to stay rooted and grounded.


The Ace of Pentacles can predict poor health conditions and a lack of grounding in your general life. It can predict feeling spaced out mentally or lacking the sable clarity you need to move forward with your goals and aspirations. You may also lack a routine, or struggle to stick to one consistently due to feeling low on energy. Delays and setbacks toward recovery are likely.



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