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Death | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Death card in the tarot signified transformational change and resurrection. This transformational card of Scorpio will take you through a deep spiritual change.

Death tarot card surrounded by crystals
Death Tarot Card

The man riding the horse is making way for the new energies and shedding the old. It is a card of purification and change, and can also signify reincarnation. You will be moving onto the next level and stage, which will help you open up to new possibilities.

Death Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

Rebirth, transformation, endings, beginnings, changes, reincarnation, shedding of the skin, transitions, deep spiritual change

Internal transformations, resisting or avoiding change, fear of change, cleansing, and detoxes

Imagery & Symbolism

Death tarot card surrounded by crystals
Death Tarot Card

The imagery of the Death card in tarot typically depicts a skeletal figure, often personified as the Grim Reaper, wielding a scythe. The figure may be mounted on a horse, emphasising movement and change.

The horse may be stepping over or trampling something, symbolising the transformative nature of death. In some depictions, the skeletal figure may be holding a flag or banner featuring a symbolic emblem.

Skeleton: Represents the part of the body that survives after the life has left it. This is the Grim Reaper, which is the personification of death.

Dressed in Armor: Symbolises invincibility and protection.

White Horse: Color of purity, innocence, power, and healing.

Black Flag & White Rose: While the rose indicates purity, beauty, and immortality, it also appears in The Fool tarot card, suggesting that there will be an eventual new beginning.

Boat: Signifies change and transformation.

The Dead: Surrounding the grim reaper are the dead and dying, notice they are all from the same class, suggesting at the end of the day, death will come to all.

Moon: Symbolises the sunrise, and sunset, which suggests the start of the day and the ending of the day.

Fallen Crown: Suggest the transformation of the crown chakra, and increased enlightenment.


Death Tarot Card Meanings


When Death appears, this means you are going through a spiritual transformation of an ending and into a new beginning. This is a rebirth that will allow you to let go of what no longer serves you anymore. Cleansing and detoxing.

Death appearing is typically a positive card, as it brings much-needed change which will allow you to open up to more potential and opportunities. These changes can be painful and may incur losses, however when this card appears it is significant that there are more positive things to come after. It is important not to resist these changes, as resistance can cause more pain.


Death can suggest you are not letting go of the past and instead resisting this transformation that is much needed. You will likely end up stagnating and eventually change will end up being forced upon you more brutally.

It is important to learn to release surrender and embrace change in whatever way it will present itself. Alternatively, Death can suggest changing on a more private and internal level, such as physical transformation and purging of one's belief system.



Death appearing in love and relationship readings can signify the ending of relationships or the endings of the old personas within relationships. This can mean you are stepping into a new stage to allow better and more positive love. Although this can be the end of relationships, this can also mean relationships changing and becoming stronger together on a deeper spiritual level.


Death can indicate relationships that are stagnant and need change. There may be internal pains and struggles in relationships that need shifting but are being resisted. It is important to allow change and transformation to happen and work through this deep transformation together.



In career, job, or business-related readings, Death can suggest a change or shifts in jobs, careers, or business. This can mean a change of environment or possible promotions/upgrades, and can also suggest job transitions.

You may be leaving your current career for a new opportunistic one, as the previous one you had may be unfulfilling. Death can also suggest the workplace or business itself going through some deep inner purging and transformation, such as brand redesign or office restructure - of course, for the better.


Death suggests a need for transformation and upgrades in your job, business, or career. This may be leaving you unfulfilled and cause a lack of growth within your career, and it is time for a transitional period. Alternatively, there could be changes being forced on you at this time, and you are resisting them when they are actually for the better.



The Death card's appearance in financial readings can suggest financial changes. This can be financial gains, but can also be financial losses. These changes are likely going to be big, and adaption to these losses and gains will be needed. There may be a struggle to accept your financial situation, and your perspective about money will likely change.


Death can suggest you are failing to adapt to your current financial situation. You may be unable to see a different perspective on money, which may cause you to carry on with your financial habits that originally brought your downfall.



Death appearing in wellness readings suggests big changes need to be made if you want to improve your well-being. Death also suggests that cleansing, detoxes, and purging are needed on a more deeper and internal level, so it is important for you to practice self-care during this time.


Death can suggest you are struggling to overcome your wellness issues, and may even be avoiding changes that are needed. You could be resisting your regular check-ups, and medications, or avoiding important situations to a detriment.


As an individual, Death incurs changes, these changes are usually positive but will bring about a sense of pain, suffering, or grief, however, they are vital for improvement and transformation. The lesson of Death appearing is to let go, surrender, and be open-minded to any change that occurs, it is also a reminder to adapt.


The Death card signifies a transformative journey akin to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. This change brings opportunities for profound growth and renewal, enriching the soul's evolution.


However, the Death card warns against resistance to change or clinging to outdated beliefs. It may indicate unexpected delays or obstacles slowing down the transformation process, urging acceptance and adaptation to facilitate progress.




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