Earth Angels | Are You One?

In a summarised form, Earth Angels are angels who have reincarnated down on the Earth plane as humans and usually live amongst us. It's unlikely that all humans are earth angels, but a select few are.

Some well known Earth Angels include Diana, Princess of Wales. She was extremely well known for her charity work in her life, loved by most people around the world and also broke the disheartening stigma around AIDS being contagious, by shaking the hands of one of the patients with the illness.

Diana's charitable work makes some absolutely certain she was an Earth Angel, here to help the world become a better place. Mother Mary is also another incarnation believed to be an Earth Angel.

An Earth Angel is a person sent to Earth to guide humans. Similar to the concept of spirit guides. They are also frequently referred to as humans whose souls have ascended to a higher level.

There are so many ways to describe an Earth Angel, and some like to associate them as being 'lightworkers'. However, the biggest and most important thing which makes a person an Earth Angel is their ambition to serve humanity for its highest and best good.

An Earth Angel is someone who vibrates and radiates happiness to those around them and seems to enjoy and appreciate everything beautiful. They tend to be the understanding, nurturing empaths who seek to find the beauty in life, and whilst they are on their path helping others find their truth, they expect absolutely nothing in return.

This is not to say that every Earth Angel is perfect and is always happy. They are still souls that are having their own personal human experiences. However, they do tend to care more about others' needs rather than their own.

These beautiful souls are highly evolved and typically embody the qualities of being sensitive, gentle, unconditional in their love, caring, seeing the best in others, and sometimes naïve to a fault.

Their ultimate goal is to bring happiness to not only themselves but also to the people around them. They care so much that they want everyone to radiate pure, loving, and beautiful energy.