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Four of Pentacles | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Four of Pentacles shows a figure sitting down comfortably clasping four pentacle coins, whilst behind them, is a city environment.

Four of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Keywords

Stability, holding onto resources and money, grounded and safe, earning their keep, focused on income and growth, securing investments and savings, fear of losing money, greed or possessiveness.

Lacking financial fulfilment, becoming vulnerable, spiritually ungrounded, losing control over resources and finances, financial instability, insecurity, letting go of greed and possessiveness.

Imagery & Symbolism

Four of Pentacles
Four of Pentacles

City: The city can be symbolic of work life and making an income.

Four Coins: The coins are below the character, representing spiritual grounding, and above the crown chakra which indicates stable enlightenment.

Crown: In divination, crowns are symbolic of power, authority, and reputation.

Sitting Position: When a character is sitting, it can represent being comfortable and secure. Sitting is a sign of resting after hard work.


Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings


The Four of Pentacles appearing as a card in any tarot reading will indicate that you are in a comfortable position of growth and earning. What you have around you has been earned through your hard work and effort. You are comfortable and stable, but you are not willing to share what you have for fear of losing that stability. What you have now, will make a solid groundwork to build on for your future.


The Four of Pentacles in reverse means you are becoming vulnerable to losing what you currently have. Although things are safe and stable, you may be more open to sharing what you have and releasing control. Sometimes, this is positive, as it makes you less greedy and more selfless, however, it can also be negative if you are giving up your time, money and resources for something not worthwhile.



In a relationship reading, the Four of Pentacles means that your relationship is solid and stable. For now, your relationship with the person you are asking about is comfortable. You both have a good structure and routine, which balances around each other. Both of you give equal amounts of effort and are working towards more financial and materialistic goals.


The Four of Pentacles in reverse can suggest you are letting your guard down in relationships. You are becoming less cautious of others and more vulnerable. You are gaining trust in others, which is great, however, it also opens you up to the possibility of heartbreak due to your shields broken.



In a reading that is work-related, the Four of Pentacles means you are in a stable job or career position. For businesses, this also means your business is in a stable position. This stability is consistent and holds a good framework for career and business growth. You are focused and conservative and may be resistant to growth and change, as what you have currently works for you.


The Four of Pentacles in reverse means that you are more open to change and growth in your career, job or business. This is a positive sign that you are more likely to go for opportunities, however, this also means that you will hinder the consistency and stability that your current position holds.



In a financial-related reading, the Four of Pentacles means that you are possessive over your money and earnings. You are unwilling to share what you currently have and are unlikely to borrow or let others borrow your resources. If you are interested in investing, these will be secure.


The Four of Pentacles in reverse can be a bad omen for your finances. It likely means that your finances are open to vulnerability, or that you are doing something which is hindering your financial situation. This can be getting yourself into situations that involve greed or addictions, such as gambling or betting. This is particularly true if The Devil also makes an appearance in your reading. Alternatively, you may be too generous to others, or have a giving nature in which you are letting go of your finances.



In a wellness reading, the Four of Pentacles is a sign that your health is consistent with how you treat and take care of yourself. Your current health is based on how much you dedicate.

Usually, the Four of Pentacles will indicate your health is okay, it's not under, nor is it over, it's just on the bare minimum. However, this also depends on consistency. If you dedicate time to the betterment of your health, you can expect consistent improvement.


The Four of Pentacles means there is a lack of consistency with your well-being. You may be struggling with routine and consistency which prevents your health from improving. The Four of Pentacles can also be a sign of overindulgence or greediness, such as overeating, consuming too much, or addictions. This is particularly true if the card of The Devil or Temperance appears.