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Four of Swords | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Four of Swords depicts a person resting in a chapel or church environment. They have put their hands together in a prayer position whilst one sword sits below them, and three swords appear above.

Four of Swords Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meanings

Rest, rebalance, breaks, healing, solitude, serenity, peace, exhaustion, assistance, overwhelm, vulnerability, meditation, recovery, relaxation, therapy, stress, healing.

Recovery, instability, forced isolation, charging, discharge, clearings, relapses, break-downs, clouded judgement.

Imagery & Symbolism

Four of Swords
Four of Swords

Swords: In tarot, swords represent intellect, conflict, wisdom and strategy. The position of the swords can sometimes reflect the phrase: as above, so below.

Mosaic Window: Mosaic windows are commonly found in places of religion and spirituality. They are a sign of hope.

Sleeping Position: In divination, sleep represents rest, recuperation and healing.

Praying Hands: Putting hands together in a prayer position can represent faith and hope. This can also be a sign of spiritual healing being requested.

Grey Colour: As a predominantly grayscale card, this can signify dullness, sadness, and loss. Alternatively, grey colours can signify neutrality and balance.


Four of Swords Tarot Card Meanings


The Four of Swords signifies that you need to take a break and rest from your current situation. This can include taking time out away from a situation that you feel is causing you stress and imbalance. You are too overwhelmed and need time for yourself, going into solitude for a brief period. Stay away from conflict, and request assistance from your spiritual healing guides and ancestors.


The Four of Swords can indicate that you are burnt out due to not taking a break or adequate rest. It may be that you lack faith or hope at this time, or you are not feeling supported in your current situation. You may be avoiding seeking help at this time as well. Alternatively, the Four of Swords can indicate a period of healing and rest. It is important to take time out for healing and recharge. You need to release any negative energy or emotions and clear your mind.



In a relationship reading, the Four of Swords suggests that it is time to take a break from your relationships. This does not mean a break-up, but just a period where both parties take a moment of solitude. You both need to separate and think things through. In this situation, no blame should be placed on another, as this is about your healing journey and growth. It is possible that stressors in your relationships, whether it is within love, family or friendships, are causing tension and exhaustion. Step away from this for a brief time.


The Four of Swords can indicate that you are in a position of vulnerability in your relationships. You find yourself in a position where you feel your partner, friend, or family member is not being supportive, and you are becoming overwhelmed and exhausted. This individual is not helping and could be creating more problems than solutions. Take some time away for healing for your soul, and no one else.



In a reading that is work-related, the Four of Swords will depict that your work environment or your career and job role is causing significant overwhelm and exhaustion. It may be that there is general negativity going on in the workplace, or that the job itself is too demanding. This can cause significant mental stress and conflict. You must take enough breaks when you can, and if you feel that your work environment is putting too much pressure on you, it may be time to seek some support.


The Four of Swords will signify imbalance and lack of motivation in the workplace. It is likely that you are bored, exhausted, unenthusiastic and overwhelmed in your career and are stuck. Sometimes, your job itself may be stuck with no room for growth, which can leave you feeling unfaithful to your job. It may be an unstable position, and this is weighing heavily on your mind and emotions.



In a financial-related reading, the Four of Swords indicates exhaustion from a financial situation. It may be possible that you are overworking or stressing yourself out about paying bills or saving your money. You may find yourself in a position of financial vulnerability, and it may be time to seek support if you can. It is important to take time out to rest, but also plan and devise a financial strategy that could be beneficial for your future finances.


The Four of Swords can indicate that you are unsatisfied with your finances. This could be due to paying off a large sum of money and being exhausted as an aftermath. You may be lacking financial support from those around you and are making unclear and clouded judgements regarding your financial decisions.



In a health reading, the Four of Swords will typically indicate conflicting mental stressors that can influence your health. This can be mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and mood disorders that cause conflict within the mind and body. It is important to seek professional help, support and advice regarding these circumstances.


The Four of Swords can indicate a period of forced recovery or healing, You may be burnt out or overwhelmed to the point where intervention is needed. Alternatively, it may be time to seek out help and support for yourself, whether this is professional. Alternatively, if you are already going through a period of recovery, the Four of Swords can indicate healing or discharge from hospitals and clinics.



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