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Four of Wands | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Four of Wands is a joyous card of celebration and gatherings. It is a card of feeling supported in a comfortable and nurturing environment and a gathering of like-minded souls who bring harmony and balance.

Four of Wands Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meanings

Celebration, stability, safety, home life, decoration, events, gatherings, adoptions, happiness, ancestry, family, reunion, marriages, protection, and communities.

Lack of comfort, outside of comfort zone, cancellations, disharmony, negative energy in the environment, lack of community spirit, reclusion, instability.

Imagery & Symbolism

Four of Wands
Four of Wands

Sunset: The beautiful sunset in the distance is a reminder of the difficulties in the day coming to an end, and that there will be a new day tomorrow.

Sprouting Wands: Signifies growth, forward movement, and progress.

Castle Walls: These walls can signify protection and security in a nurturing environment.

Four Wands: These represent pillars, depicting the foundations and structure of the environment.

Two Characters: Can symbolise teamwork, or couples coming together. They are waving their hands, welcoming you in.

Garland: The hanging garlands are significant for decoration at significant events, abundance, and joy.


Four of Wands Tarot Card Meanings


The Four of Wands appearing in a general reading is a good sign of celebration and happiness. This card represents feeling safe and secure in a comfortable and nurturing environment and celebrating this. This card can suggest events and familial gatherings and get-togethers. This card represents tribes and ancestry of its highest form, where those loved ones get together as a community or possibly an institution.


The Four of Wands can signify instability due to stepping outside your comfort zone. This card can bring about a feeling of instability and lack of security due to unstable foundations in your environment.

You may be feeling a little less celebratory than usual, or you may be attending an event that is more upsetting, such as a funeral or anniversary of someone's passing. This can still sometimes be an occasion when families get together in a sense, but instead, there is tension in the air. The Four Wands can also signify feeling like an outsider or being unsupported.



When the Four of Wands appears in a relationship reading, it can indicate safety and security in a partnership. The Four of Wands can also represent relationship milestones such as moving in together or events such as anniversaries, marriages, proposals, or weddings.

There can also be significant events happening when this card is clarified with others, such as the new adoption of pets, or children in the family. This card is also a very strong card to suggest that your current relationship is safe and secure in the long-term view.


The Four of Wands can suggest a lack of teamwork or spirit when it comes to relationships. An individual may be hiding away inside the home, or there may be a significant turning point where someone leaves the home.

Alternatively, disharmony and imbalance can be an indication of the Four of Wands, as well as negative energy within the house. If the family is coming over to visit, it may be an unwelcoming event which is uncomfortable for a time. Sometimes, the Four of Wands can indicate issues within the home itself, such as structure issues, breakages, and destructions.



The Four of Wands can indicate a celebratory event in the workplace or reaching important milestones that need to be congratulated, such as promotions and landing a new job. It is likely that you are working in a supportive and friendly work environment, where your colleagues, co-workers, and leaders are making you feel safe, secure, and comfortable, as well as part of the family.

There may be significant work-related events or gatherings to attend as well, in which singing, music, dance, and artistic expression will be emphasized. Sometimes, this card can indicate working as a volunteer, or within a care home, and surrounding families.


The Four of Wands can indicate feeling uncomfortable within your work environment. It may be as simple as you leaving a job you loved, where everyone felt like family and home. However, this card can indicate a lack of stability and security in your job or career path - this could be due to issues relating to the business location or rent payments.

The Four of Wands appearing can also be a sign of working from home, which may be more difficult for you than being in the work environment. There may be a lack of teamwork, and you may feel like you are working independently with no help or support.



The Four of Wands can indicate momentous pay raises or promotions that will increase your finances. On the other hand, there may be payments made on house decoration or event planning, which will increase the feeling of comfort and financial safety around you, as well as celebration.

You may be spending on significant events, such as weddings, or joyous occasions, however, your finances do not need to be worried about as you have support around you. It is also likely that finances may come from multiple people working towards one thing, rather than the individual. When supported by the Ace of Pentacles, this can suggest the purchase of a new home.


The Four of Wands for a financial reading can suggest being unable to pay the bills or rent that is related to the home. It may be possible that you have a mortgage to pay off, but are spending more money than expected, which is making your living situation uncomfortable, but just bearable. There may have also been cancelled situations, events, or parties, and there has been a struggle with refunds or money problems.

If multiple individuals have to put money towards one thing, it may be that there are one or two individuals not keeping up, or slacking with this. It is important to not spend on unnecessary or materialistic items that are hardly needed for the home, or it may be possible that your environment needs a touch-up, and this card is representative of the lack of welcoming energy within the environment.



When the Four of Wands appears in a health reading, it can suggest a celebration of recovery after a period of illness. When related to pregnancies, it can be a celebration of being pregnant or going through a successful or healthy birth. Sometimes, the Four of Wands can suggest needing to be actively social with family members and friends, for one's mental and emotional health.


The Four of Wands can suggest instability or imbalance with one's foundational health. It may be possible that someone close to your heart is going through a difficult health period, and is lacking the support they need from their loved ones. The Four of Wands in reverse can also indicate someone hiding away in their house and not socialising due to a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health issue.



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