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How Spell Jars Help With Manifestation

Spell Jars, also known as ‘Intention Jars’ and sometimes a ‘Witch Bottle’ are a type of charm or amulet that believers carry around with the belief that the jar will attract and manifest the desired intention or goal.

These jars are typically small glass bottles, where the creator will place specific herbs, crystals, notes, materials, charms, and oils associated with their desired intention. Once the ‘ingredients’ have been placed in the glass jar, the wax will then be melted over the cork in hopes of sealing the desired intention into the jar.

Once complete, the jar can be held during meditations and visualizations to help attract the intended energy or can be worn as necklaces and carried around like a charm or amulet.

Spell Jars are associated with witches, or as a form of Wicca when it comes to creation. Although I do not identify as a witch myself, the jars are still a powerful tool when it comes to manifestation.

What ‘Ingredients’ Are Placed In The Jars and Why?

The ingredients are placed because there are specific purposes associated with them. Certain herbs such as chamomile and lavender have relaxing properties, so they may be placed in a sleep or dream jar, or an anti-worry jar.

Certain charms are symbolic for specific meanings. The peace symbol, for example, signifies peace of all kinds. Some creators like to place Reiki symbols to attract the energies of Reiki into the jar.

How Do They Work?

The belief is that the intentions you place in the jar will attract the desired intention or manifestation, and by sealing the jar with wax, you are setting the intention in stone. By putting your intention out into the universe, the hope is that the universe will receive your wish and return the favour.

The jars are also there to help with motivation and for you to achieve your goal. By having something created near you to help attract the energy, with the belief the brain takes note of this, it can help the nervous system respond positively. For example, an Anti-Worry jar may promote feelings of safety and release of fear. With that knowledge, the receiver can believe that they are safe with the jar, and with their brain telling them this, the nervous system will respond and start to calm down. Although this theory isn’t a ‘woo-woo’ one, it is still valid in terms of how powerful the placebo effect works.

Colour psychology has an important role in the jar. The wax that is melted on the cork of the jar to seal in the energy is usually varied in colour depending on the intention and what the individual associates their purpose to which colour.

For example, yellow wax tends to signify positivity, upliftment, happiness and freedom. Whereas, blues are typical of calming feelings, the sea, the sky. Purple is associated with the third eye, spiritual development, and royalty. Green is seen as a healing colour and is associated with Archangel Raphael, and red is seen as the colour of love, romance, passion, energy, and excitement. Darker colours such as black and brown can be associated with grounding and protection. The colour of white is associated with clarity, healing, and purity.

By a person being able to visually see these colours on the jar, it is possible for the brain to respond to the colour properties associated with the jar, and create the desired effect solely based on them believing it works.

How Intention Works

The intention is one of the most powerful things you can use. The jars are made out of a manifestation of intention. They are extremely powerful in putting your intention out into the universe. Your spirit guides, ancestors, angels, ascended masters and passed loved ones will see this intention, and will help you achieve it.

How Do I Use a Jar?

  • The jars can be held or worn during meditation. They contain crystals, herbs, affirmations and charms, so the jar becomes a powerful amplification when it comes to meditating and manifesting with them.

  • The jars can be carried around or worn as necklaces or a keychain, depending on the size of the jar.

  • Placing the jar in the centre of a crystal grid is also a powerful way to manifest, particularly with the help of the fairies, as they are manifestation professionals.

  • You can place an intention jar beside you whilst you sleep, in your bedroom, workspace or in the room where you would like to manifest the energy.


I sell these jars on my website and in my Etsy shop for only £10 per jar. These are available to be shipped national (within the UK) and international for an extra small shipping fee.

These jars are personalised, with their own intuitively chosen charms, and can have your or the recipient's initials melted on top into the wax to set the intention.

The Jars available to purchase with me are:

  • Wishes & Dreams Jar

  • Spiritual Development Jar

  • Self-Love & Attraction Jar

  • Anti-Worry Jar

  • Grounding & Protection Jar

  • Money Manifestation Jar

Each Jar has a different set of herbs, crystals, charms, notes and ingredients inside for the intention to be made for you.

You can view the purchasable jars here:

Lots of love to you all,

Amber xx


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