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How Tarot Can Help Your Business Move Forward

Tarot is a tool that is used by many businesses when making big financial decisions and finding out the potential outcomes. Readings are typically requested within the business, and the clients will ask questions related to the financial situations of the business, or choices that could impact the development of the business in the future.

Whether you read tarot for yourself or get a reading from another person, the cards can show a clear indication and insight into how your business is growing, the strengths, weaknesses and progress the business is making.

I personally do readings for my business every couple of months, to see where my business is heading and any shortcomings and pitfalls I need to be prepared for. I also read for more niched down questions, such as marketing specifically on Instagram or how a specific choice on my website will impact my growth rate.

Timing is another massive thing that impacts businesses over the globe and having a reader who can predict timings and events for the foreseeable future is a major competitive advantage against other businesses. Questions related to investments, merging, developments, and finances are some of the most common asked questions.

Why Receiving a Business-Related Psychic Reading is a MAJOR Advantage for YOUR Business!

  • Predictions and forecasts for the near future and long-term future are major advantages that businesses can prepare for in advance. Even if what is described doesn’t come to terms, being prepared gives you that competitive edge for being risk-free to investors.

  • Financial situations can be looked at deeply, and strategies can be implemented to help achieve the optimal outcome for the business.

  • We can look at what is going on inside the business ENVIRONMENT – this is described as looking into employees’ happiness levels and productivity, as well as teamwork ability.

  • You can understand the shortcomings of your business and make stable improvements for the long term.

  • Underhanded or sneaky motives can be identified, such as frauds, risks, and illegal activities, particularly when it comes to doing business with others.

  • See what IS WORKING for your business and know to keep up the good work!

  • Large decisions and choices can be investigated, which will be able to tell a detailed story of how each choice may play out. From then, you will be able to make an easier decisions regarding your business.

  • You can investigate and compare the competition between your business and others.

  • You can gain insight into YOUR personal skills as an employee or business owner, this will help you identify any personal shortcomings which you can work on and develop.

  • Can gain a clear idea of where your finances are being spent excessively or not enough. This can help cut costs where you can reinvest into an area which is helping you progress.

  • Business readings can help you gain more creative ideas to help push your business forward.

  • Psychic readings are not set in stone, you can have free will as an individual and make your own choices and decisions. This can mean being able to take steps to avoid foreseeable undesired circumstances and work around them BEFORE they happen.

These are only SOME of the advantages a psychic or tarot reading can have for your business.

You now have read (this far) and maybe considering purchasing a business reading, but you are unclear about how you should ask your question for the best possible benefit. Don’t worry, as I am here to help you!

The things you need to look at when asking a business-related question consist of these things:

1) Timing – you need to understand and figure out how far into the foreseeable future you would like your reading to be read for. Tarot readings are done based on a business’s CURRENT energy. Which will mean that the cards that will show up will be impacted by the PRESENT situation of your business.

As a client, you will want to see at least the present situation and short-term future for your business. I would recommend requesting up to 12 months of a time frame. This will allow you to work on your business plan and strategy and put into action what the reading has come forthwith.

2) Theme – knowing what you want to ask is important. Asking for a general reading is okay, but misses out on a lot of the major details and can be quite vague for a reader to interpret. For example, in a general reading of “what do I need to know about my business?” the interpretation will be messy and unstructured. Multiple messages may come forward at once about finances, location, environment, forecasts, disadvantages, etc.

Approaching a business reading like this will make it harder to tune into the finer details and get a more quality reading for a particular theme. I would recommend themes such as financial situation, marketing, investments, choices, employee welfare, teamwork, advantages, next steps, etc.

3) Intention – this is all about what YOU as a client want to receive out of the reading. Your end goal is important. Forecasts on what is going to happen in the next 6 months is great, but if you have a card such as the Tower there, you will want to know how to prevent or overcome this obstacle. This is why knowing your intention is important. Phrasing questions is important, some readers will rephrase them for you to help get the best question, others may not.

What do I need to know about my financial situation within my business in the next 6 months?

How can I increase my financial profits within my business in the next 6 months?

Which one seems like the better option? I think option 2.

You need to know how to navigate barriers within your business, and a reading can help you with that if approached in the correct manner.

Example Questions to Ask:

  • What do I need to focus on for the best improvement in my business over the next _ months?

  • How can I increase the financial profits of my business within the next _ months?

  • What weaknesses do I need to know about my business? How can I overcome them?

  • How can I improve employee productivity and happiness levels within my business?

  • What do I need to know about making this financial investment for my business long term?

  • How can overcome or improve my weaknesses as a leader or employee within my business?

  • What do I need to know about to improve the progress of my business?

I hope this helps you when it comes to making business decisions as a client.

Stay safe,



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