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How to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are a huge part of our lives, and at first, I wasn't entirely sure I had any, let alone believing they could exist. However, I have now come to the conclusion that we all have spirit guides with us and I would love to share with you some amazing tips about how you can connect with your spiritual guides, or spiritual team to receive guidance and intuitive insight.

Bear this in mind, I am currently writing this from my own experiences and thorough research I have found and can validate that worked for me. It is all a process of patience and allowing. I have spent so much time and dedication attempting to connect with my spirit guides, sometimes even doubting I have any. However, now I can tell myself that I am able to connect with my guides with much more ease because I have been consistent.

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What is a Spirit Guide?

According to Wikipedia,

"A spirit guide, in western spiritualism, is an entity that remains as a disincarnate spirit to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being."

A spirit guide from my understanding is a being who has formed a contract with us before birth. This is when our soul would have had a conversation with our higher self, guides and other spiritual beings to form a contracted soul relationship to help us learn our lessons and overcome hurdles and challenges during this lifetime as a spiritual beings having a human experience.

A spirit guide can come in multiple forms, such as a spirit animal, ancestor, ascended master, a galactic being, fairies, dragons and many more. Some popular examples include Native American beings or Monks, as traditionally these cultures were very dominant in the past and also very spiritual.

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Are Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals the Same?

They are similar, but not necessarily the same. From my understanding, a spirit animal tends to be a representation of what characteristics from that animal presented you may need to embody or learn from. For example, if your spirit animal is an owl, it may be possible you need to learn about patience and wisdom or observe your surroundings more. If your spirit animal is a horse, it may be that you need to embody the characteristic of freedom and forward movement.

I have also heard that your spirit animal could be your spirit guide transforming into the animal to convey the animal's message across, however, with this idea, I do feel it's more symbolic in nature.

Personally, one I my spirit guides like to transform into a white rabbit. He is quite a jokester in nature. I was in the kitchen one day making a cup of tea, and believe it or not I turned round and saw what I believe was a white fluffy rabbit running across my living room. Honestly, it looked so realistic and happened so fast that I couldn't process what I saw. It wasn't until I visited a medium, who connected in with my guides and clarified that it was my spirit guide trying to get my attention.

I have also seen this white rabbit when performing mediumship for clients. At first, I was confused, but I managed to realize that it was in fact the same spirit guide helping me during the session.

What if I don't have a Spirit Guide?

Rest assured, everybody has at least one spirit guide if not, more. Some people like to refer to their spiritual team as their soul family, who are beings that have been with us before birth, and sometimes in our previous lives. We are incarnated beings and whether we have a new or old soul we each have spirit guides that help us throughout our time as spiritual beings. Most have at least 1 or 2 main spirit guides who work with their needs directly, other spirit guides can sometimes come or go, particularly to help you in particular areas of your life, such as career, or health.

Spirit Guides

Does my Spirit Guide Have a Specific Purpose or a Goal?

Most of the time, yes. From my personal experience with my spiritual team, each of my guides seems to step forward at a specific moment in time or for a specific purpose. For example, many of us may have a spirit guide who specializes in a specific area, such as healing, wisdom, achieving career goals and confidence to name a few. A student studying to become a doctor may possibly have a spirit guide who was once in the same profession, or possibly a healer from ancient times.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, so our guides are there to help our souls develop whilst we are in human form. As soul beings, we have many past lives in which our soul has been developing time and time again known as the process of reincarnation. The development of the soul and these lessons are so said to lead us down the path of spiritual enlightenment.

How Can I Connect with my Spirit Guide?

There are so many ways you can connect with your spirit guide, and each method honestly depends on your energy and the amount of effort you take into developing and building a relationship with your spiritual team. There are so many methods, and of course, what I suggest you can take and ignore what works for you. However, to see results you must remember that building and forming a relationship with a spirit guide means that you must put in consistent effort and take time to form this.

Nowadays, it can be a lot harder to connect with spirit guides. I believe this is because we are not as connected and in tune with nature as our ancestors were. Also, belief and forming a connection with your spiritual self, guides and the other world is not seen as important or can easily be neglected due to belief systems, modern technology, and being stuck in what can be known as the modern work era.

Many people are so busy focusing on their daily life, going to work, watching their favourite shows, and making a living to take a pause, remember and tune into who we are as a soul, our roots, our ancestors and much more.

Luckily, there has been an amazing increase in many people turning to spirituality as a means of self-discovery, healing and insight. Many people are understanding and learning to unlock their natural magick and power that was always hidden within them, such as building their intuition, meditating, healing and more.

I have put together a list of different ways you can use to connect to your spirit guides from my own personal experience.

Meditation - This by far is the number one way to connect with your spirit guide. There are so many types of meditations out there. Such as guided meditations, mindfulness, or specific 'meet your spirit guide' meditations. The trick here is that you need to find the right one that works for you.

Educate Yourself About Spirit Guides - There are a large number of courses both online and offline you can join to learn about connecting with your spirit guides, and this can tremendously help and encourage you to understand who they could be.

Using Crystals - Crystals are an amazing addition to work within connecting with your spiritual team or a specific guide. Following your intuition and using crystals you are drawn to when setting your intention to meet your spirit guides can help, but there are also spirit guide-specific crystals you may like to use when it comes to connecting with your guides. Some that I tend to use are Labradorite, Amethyst, Angelite, Selenite, Spirit Quartz, and Clear Quartz. There are many crystals out there but finding one that works with your spirit guides and your energy will be best.

Set Your Intention to Meet Your Guide - This is absolutely crucial when it comes to forming a bond and connecting with your spirit guide. Many people miss this step or do it half-heartedly or outright incorrectly. An intention is a clear message that your spirit guides or spirit/source/universe can hear and understand what you want to manifest. If the intention isn't clear enough, the connection with your spirit guide may not be felt or clearly understood.

Ask For Signs - Asking for specific signs in your daily life such as seeing an animal, colour, song or message can be used to identify that your spirit guide is close by. You may also see reoccurring numbers known as 'Angel Numbers' on the radio, your phone screen or other devices. These numbers tend to mean something in a numerology stance, and some messages can be taken simply as a feeling of calmly knowing someone is looking out for your highest good. You may also spot other well-known signs such as an Angel Feather or a specific bird, such as a Robin or Butterfly.

Ask For or Set a Calling Card - So you may be thinking that a 'calling card' is similar to a sign, however it is not. A calling card is more of a confirmation from your spirit guide of them being around you at that moment in time. For example, when I ask one of my spirit guides to step forward, I ask them for a calling card so I can understand who it is and if they are next to me.

Usually, I will feel some movement in energy and this is where your clairsentience can be developed to be more intuitively inclined to 'feel' them. A calling card can be a feeling, a tingle, a light touch, or a sensation you may feel around you, which can confirm they are there. Next time you meditate, ask your spirit guides to step forward and give you a sensation you can feel so you know they are there. It's okay if you do not feel anything, it can take time to build a relationship with your guide just like it does a friendship.

Name Your Spirit Guide - This one doesn't have to be done, but it can sometimes work. Some spirit guides have a name, and some don't. Sometimes they may just call themselves a random name that you can associate them with and other times they don't bother naming themselves. Spirit guides do tend to have names, but they are usually names from their past life or who their soul was known as before they became your spirit guide. However, giving them a name can just make is easier to identify a specific guide to call upon and sometimes your spirit guide can take that name on board - like one of mine!

Develop Your Clair-senses - This one is a huge biggie! Your clair-senses are a list of intuitive psychic abilities that can be developed overtime to heighten your sensitivity and awareness to the spirit world. You can ask your guides to help you develop specific clairs and work on them, such as clairsentience (clear-feeling) or clairvoyance (clear-seeing).

Cleanse/Balance Your Chakras - This is hugely important! Cleansing and balancing your chakras can be done using meditations, crystals, or healing modalities such as Reiki or Atlantean Healing. This will help unblock and cleanse any areas that may be blocking or hindering your ability to connect with your spirit guides.

Cleanse and Clear your Auric Field - So the auric field doesn't get as much spotlight as the chakras. The reason being is because people tend to think that your chakras and your auric field is the same. So they automatically assume that cleansing and balancing your chakras does the same to the aura.

I will tell you this right here, right now. IT DOES NOT! When cleansing your chakras it can unblock and release toxins and negative energies that no longer serve you, however these energies don't always go away. Many of the energies can be released into the aura, suggesting that there are so many layers of the aura that needs to be cleansed and cleared before that energy is removed.

Asking your spirit guide to step forward and setting the intention to do an auric field cleansing and healing session can be done. Other methods of cleansing your chakras and auras can include a shower visualization, using selenite or meditating on the idea.

Write a Letter to Your Spirit Guides - This one may sound farfetched, but they really do receive them! Working hard to write or type up a good well-thought out letter to the spirit world or to your spiritual team is an amazing way to form a connection and bond. You can ask any questions you have and ask for help in areas of your life. Writing a letter can also feel quite therapeutic to those who struggle to communicate their feelings across. Make sure your address the letter and give your spirit guides permission to read it!

Raise Your Vibration - Both our spirit guides and us as spiritual beings are vibrating and specific energies. As our guides tend to be on a higher vibration then us, it can make it a lot harder for those who have lower vibrations to pick up sensations and sometimes struggle to feel them. This is why doing high vibrational activities will help with strengthening your connection with your spirit guides. Things that can raise your vibration include: Meditating, eating healthy, staying fit, being creative, doing things you enjoy, social media detoxes, staying hydrated, lighting a candle and many more.

Use Spiritual Tools - Spiritual tools can be used to connect and receive guidance from your spirit guides. Tools such as the Tarot I love to use to ask questions such as "What do I need to know about from my spirit guides?" or "What advice do my spirit guides have for me about this situation?" Some other people also like to do spirit writing or drawing, which is using art or writing as a means of communicating, and others like to use methods such as scrying or oracle decks.

Visiting a Professional Psychic or Medium - Some people might like to hear about who their spirit guide is or any messages they have by going to a professional psychic or medium. As much as I love this idea when it works, truly connecting and forming a bond with your spirit guide must develop from within.

Most people visit a professional psychic or medium when they can't trust the answers that their guides may be giving them. This is understandable, but you must be very careful of who you receive readings from as spirit guide readings are a lot more harder to validate than receiving readings from your passed loved ones. This is because passed loved ones can give evidential messages that it's them, whereas when it comes to your spirit guides, you don't actually know them.

It can be easy to get scammed by a psychic or medium who claims to be able to identify your spirit guides. So be careful who you visit to receive a reading from.

Trust - Forming trust is a huge must when connecting with your guides, when you receive a message, many people can be reluctant to accept it thinking that it is coming from their own mind. I struggled so much with trust, as I couldn't differentiate between spirit and my own thoughts.

However, after developing myself spiritually, putting the effort in, meditating, and cleansing thoroughly, I have come to the conclusion that it has become a lot easier for me to identify whether it's coming from spirit or myself. At times, I still can find it hard, but making sure you have faith and trust in spirit will allow your connection and bond with them to dramatically grow.

Help! I've Tried Connecting to my Spirit Guide but It's Not Working!

This is very common, however connecting with your spirit guide takes time depending on you, the guide, and also the energies that could be blocking or hindering both of your connections. As humans, we have to higher our vibrations so that we can meet our guides in the middle, and then our spirit guides also work hard by lowering their vibrations so that we can somehow interact between the different realms.

Young Girl Praying

Putting the effort in and working hard cannot be expected to receive results overnight. Forming a connection can take weeks, months and sometimes years. It may also be the case that you as a soul being are not ready yet to meet your spirit guide and could be a case of divine timing. It could also be that your spirit guide may not be ready to form a connection with you yet. Spirit guides also have personalities too, and some can be more open than others, so it truly does take time just like a friendship.

Wishing your journey in connecting with your spirit guides the best.

Lots of love, light and healing from, Amber.


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