How to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are a huge part of our lives, and at first, I wasn't entirely sure I had any, let alone believing they could exist. However, I have now come to the conclusion that we all have spirit guides with us and I would love to share with you some amazing tips about how you can connect with your spiritual guides, or spiritual team to receive guidance and intuitive insight.

Bear this in mind, I am currently writing this from my own experiences and thorough research I have found and can validate that worked for me. It is all a process of patience and allowing. I have spent so much time and dedication attempting to connect with my spirit guides, sometimes even doubting I have any. However, now I can tell myself that I am able to connect with my guides with much more ease because I have been consistent.

What is a Spirit Guide?

According to Wikipedia,

"A spirit guide, in western spiritualism, is an entity that remains as a disincarnate spirit to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being."

A spirit guide from my understanding is a being who has formed a contract with us before birth. This is when our soul would have had a conversation with our higher self, guides and other spiritual beings to form a contracted soul-relationship with to help us learn our lessons and overcome hurdles and challenges during this lifetime as a spiritual being having a human experience.

A spirit guide can come in multiple forms, such as a spirit animal, ancestor, ascended masters, a galactic being, fairies, dragons and many more. Some popular examples include Native American beings or Monks, as traditionally these cultures were very dominant in the past and also very spiritual.