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How to Form The PERFECT Question to Create More ACCURATE Tarot Readings

A prevalent issue I often observe among tarot readers, including seasoned professionals, is their challenge in framing precise questions that lead to accurate tarot readings.

When receiving a tarot reading from another reader, I have previously asked about my love life. However, the reader could be sitting there and just shuffling, not asking a question and assuming the cards will get the gist of my question.

In the fascinating world of tarot readings, there's an art to asking the right questions that can unlock profound insights. Let me make it clear upfront – I'm not here to dismiss any particular methods or discredit the skills of various tarot readers.

Instead, I believe there's a golden opportunity for practitioners to elevate the accuracy of their readings by honing the craft of formulating better questions.

As someone who's delved into both giving and receiving tarot readings, I've noticed a common thread: the power of a well-crafted question.

Picture this – you're seeking insights into your love life, and the tarot reader starts shuffling the cards without delving into a specific inquiry. It's not about disapproving of their approach; rather, it's about recognising the potential for improvement.

The question is what leads a reading, so if you put an intention behind what you want to ask, you will be able to read the cards better as you expect the cards to be a reflection of that specific question.

It is important to understand what a client is asking, and formulating a good question will prove to yourself and the client that you understand what they want from a psychic reading.

You can be specific with your questions, and ask for advice, strengths, and weaknesses, depending on how you formulate your questions.

Your spirit guides or a higher power will understand what your intention is. If you don't know exactly what you are asking, the higher power (God, Spirit Guides, Holy Spirit, etc.) you believe in most likely won't know either.

There are many useful tips when it comes to formulating a good question for a reading, and I actually tend to spend a few minutes before actually performing the reading just to create a good question. I like to add as much detail beforehand to my question for my spirit guides to know what I truly want.

Here are some possible methods you could try:

  • Questions should be open, rather than closed. By this, you should be using questions that leave space for thought, rather than a simple yes or no answer. Tarot is made in a storytelling structure, and cannot be limited by simple yes or no answers, and it is also used for advice and guidance, so open questions give more space for guidance to come through.

  • Make sure you understand what question you are asking, and what the client is asking. Sometimes clients can give long paragraphs describing their situation, and leave you hanging. This can make you question what they truly want to ask. In these cases, you can simply ask them, but if they don't read the tarot themselves, it's more or less up to you to create the best question for them.

  • Practice writing down possible questions you may receive, and try to recreate how you can formulate a question to receive a good reading.

To give you a better idea of what I am talking about, here is a sneak peek of the recreated questions I have done in my FREE Guide to Developing Your Spirituality. You can receive it free to your email here.

What about Time Frames?

After seeing this image, you may be wondering about clients who ask the 'when?' question.

You must remember tarot isn't exactly designed to answer when things will exactly happen.

However, you can find that certain suits in the tarot correlate to specific seasons.

Wands: Spring

Cups: Summer

Swords: Autumn

Pentacles: Winter

Another method which I use is placing the time frame at the end of a question. This can simply be a 3 month, 6 month, or 1-year time frame.

For example:

A client named Rebecca comes to you and wants to ask you when they are going to get married. She hasn't given you a time frame but states she hopes to get married within the next year or so.

So simply asking "When is Rebecca going to get married?" in a tarot reading, isn't going to do the job as a professional tarot reader justice.

There are multiple things that could be improved here:

1) It is a closed question, which will only answer a specific answer such as '7 months', '30 days' answers. The tarot cannot answer these. Instead, you should formulate it around what Rebecca wants to happen.

"What does Rebecca need to know about successfully getting married?"

If you look closely, I've added two simple strategies here.

First of all, I have asked what Rebecca NEEDS TO KNOW. This will allow the spirit to know what she should know in the coming time before, during and after marriage.

Secondly, I have added the word successfully. We want Rebecca to see the possible success, and what steps she can take as an individual to successfully marry. If I removed that word, we may end up seeing a more negative or diverse path. However, with the tarot, we want to be looking at the BEST POSSIBLE PATH for Rebecca.

This allows the question to become more open to interpretation and answers.

2) Rebecca is asking a 'when' question. Although tarot doesn't directly give when answers, it can give us some hints.

If we structure the question within a time frame, this will allow us to give our higher power a plausible time limit on how far we want to see into a possible future.

Let's give it up to 12 months, a possible year is what Rebecca is looking for.

"What does Rebecca need to know about getting married successfully, within the next 12 months?"

Adding time frames at the end gives us a good base to see how far the cards are foretelling.

Another hint, as I said before, is seeing what cards are inside the spread.

Wands: Spring/Days

Cups: Summer/Months

Swords: Autumn/Weeks

Pentacles: Winter/Years

If you have a look at the cards you have pulled. Seeing what suit is more dominant can give subtle hints about the pace Rebecca should be looking out for before marriage.

Although these are simple methods, there are many more to look out for.

This was just to help you create a base for formulating good questions. I believe they are extremely important when interpreting readings.

Lots of love,




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