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Judgement | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Judgement card signifies a reveal of truth and clarity in your life. It is the epiphany and the reckoning part of your spiritual awakening. This card reveals the true nature of others and brings transparency to situations. Be true to yourself, and you will realise your truest calling. The messenger of God, Archangel Gabriel, is calling for your evolution. The card of Pluto.

Judgement Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

Clarity, higher knowledge, truths revealed, receiving answers, higher knowledge, evolution, an awakening, resurrection, redemption, reincarnation, renewal, transition, karma.

False promises, guilt, lack of clarity, lack of self-awareness, evaluation, meditation, inner critic, lack of judgement, hastiness.

Imagery & Symbolism

The imagery of the Judgment card in tarot often depicts angelic figures blowing trumpets in the sky, signalling the awakening of the dead below. People, often depicted naked, are seen rising from their graves with outstretched arms, symbolising rebirth and spiritual awakening.

In the foreground, there may be water or a body of water, signifying emotional purification and renewal. The overall scene suggests a moment of divine intervention, with the figures rising from the dead being called to judgment. The imagery of the Judgment card conveys themes of resurrection, renewal, and a spiritual reckoning.

Archangel Gabriel: Known as the messenger of God, Gabriel is bringing messages to the people below.

Trumpet: This is symbolic of accepting higher knowledge from the divine.

Blue Clothing: The clothing of the angel is blue, which is symbolic of truth, calmness, communication, and integrity.

Flag of St. George: The flag symbolizes protection and integrity.

Clouds: Signifies the mind, communication and thought.

Naked Individuals: Signifies vulnerability as there is nothing to hide, honesty and truthfulness.

Coffins: The coffins the individuals rise from are symbolic of an ending, but also a new beginning.

Mountain Range: Symbolises obstacles and the impossibility of avoiding judgment by the universe. The mountain is covered in snow, which symbolizes an ending.


Judgement Tarot Card Meanings


Judgement appearing in a general meaning usually indicates that the truth about any situation, known or unknown, will be revealed soon, and you should honour this. Now is the time to be honest with anyone else around you as well. Look to your past lessons to find the answers to current problems.

Clarity is coming very strongly. Judgement is a card of resurrection and awakening, where we come to a part of a life full of enlightenment and higher consciousness. This card means that you need to self-reflect to be able to move forward with clear judgements.


Judgement in reverse can mean you lack the self-awareness you need to understand situations and make fair and honest decisions. You may be doubting yourself too harshly which can cause you to have difficulties moving forward in life. You may not have time or are avoiding reflecting on your life, which is very much needed during this time, so you can use these past lessons to move forward.

You need to spend time meditating and reflecting to achieve a state of higher consciousness and awakening, rather than focusing on your mistakes. Alternatively, judgment in reverse can be a sign of not being honest with your truest self.



When Judgement appears in a relationship reading, it can be a symbol of a relationship that holds deep karmic bonds - this means that this relationship has been put together for growth, or larger plans by the universe. It is important to reflect on your past actions when it comes to romance and see what it teaches you about yourself and your partner. Relationships are likely shifting, transforming and changing, for better or for worse. However, a result will be revealed at the end of the lesson.


Judgement can indicate that you are not being self-aware about your relationship. It is important to learn from your mistakes and understand how your past actions may be reflected in your current relationship. Whether single or in a relationship, you may not take responsibility for your actions, and instead, resort to blaming your partner or others for a mistake you have made. You need to be entirely honest with yourself and your partner. Don't avoid it.



Judgement appearing in a career, job or business-related reading can indicate that you will have better judgement of career choices and decisions. You will be called to honour your life purpose and soul's calling. Take time to reflect and honour your truest you. Judgement appearing can be a sign that your career job, or business idea is in alignment with your life and soul's purpose, which is a great card to receive. It is also a sign of destiny and strong growth.


Judgement can indicate that you may be failing to take responsibility for your mistakes in the workplace, and could even be shifting the blame to your colleagues. In this instance, you must understand that your actions will have consequences, as the truth will be revealed eventually and it won't look promising for you if you aren't honest.

Judgement can also be a symbol of your career, job or business not being in alignment with your life's purpose. You may not be able to truly express your honest self in your work, which is causing a slight façade in front of your co-workers.



Judgement appearing in a financial reading can suggest that you are reflecting on your past financial actions, and are using these previous lessons to make choices in the present. You may be at an important stage in your life where your choices can affect your future in the long term, so you may be considering investment or savings or making financial plans. In this way, Judgement will allow you to honestly reflect on your finances and where to put them.


Judgement can indicate that you are not learning from your past mistakes, and these are having a negative influence on your finances. When this happens, you may be denying responsibility for your financial situation. This can come across as you being immature with your finances. You may have negative habits with spending or saving, which need to have a dramatic shift.



When Judgement appears in a health reading, it can signify coming into self-awareness after a health issue. Judgement typically suggests that answers will be revealed soon and an outcome will be given. These answers can be both positive or negative if you are awaiting results, however, an answer and truth will be given. Judgement can signify spiritual awakenings and awareness as a person, particularly during a healing period. You have likely learned from difficult times and used this learning to help your recovery.


Judgement can signify having a lack of self-awareness of your own health or health condition. There may be a self-neglect on your health and self-care. It is important to let go of any negative thoughts and emotions, and also release any regrets from the past as they may be holding you back from recovery and optimal health.


As an individual, the Judgement card can represent someone who holds good judgement. They likely have a sense of self-awareness and hold a positive awareness of others. These individuals are likely to take responsibility for their actions and look to their past mistakes for advice and growth. The negative aspect of these individuals is that they may not take responsibility and may even shift the blame to others.


Judgement can indicate you are arriving at a checkpoint in your journey and clearing any mistakes and regrets. You will receive answers, overcome obstacles and reach higher levels of success.


Judgement can indicate hiding behind a façade or mask, allowing your shadow self to roam free, and denying your soul's purpose, and your truest nature. Judgement can suggest suppressing sexuality or having identity issues that you are not truly honouring. Judgement can also mean giving false promises or not listening to the universe.