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Justice | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Representing cause and effect, the Justice card holds a neutral position on how the fairest decision will be made. The card of Libra values honesty, rationality, and fairness when it comes to karmic justice. What you put out into the universe, will come back to you. Cause and effect will come into play, and the universe will not be swayed by external factors.

Justice Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Fairness, legality, order, honesty, fairness, the scales tipping in your favour, karmic justice, balance, contracts, marriage.

Corruption, being unethical, avoidance of karmic justice, dishonesty, divorce, unfairness, unaccountability, bias, prejudice.

Imagery & Symbolism


The imagery on the Justice card in a tarot deck typically features a seated figure, often a woman, holding a sword upright in one hand and a set of scales in the other.

The figure is usually depicted wearing a robe, and the overall composition exudes a sense of regality and impartiality. The scales are positioned evenly, and the figure's gaze may be directed straight ahead, emphasising a stoic and unbiased demeanour.

The sword and scales are the central focus of the imagery, and they are often held with a sense of balance and precision.

The figure may be seated on a throne, symbolising authority and the fair application of judgment. The background may include additional elements, such as pillars or architectural structures, contributing to the overall sense of order and structure.

Red and Yellow: Symbolises the balance of love and passion over reason and will.

Double-Edged Sword: Symbolises her characteristic of being logical and fair in her decisions. This sword can both destroy and consecrate.

Scales: Symbolises that her intuition will balance her logic and that she is impartial.

Crown: Signifies ordered and decisive thinking. The crown on the Justice card emphasises the idea that the decisions being made are not arbitrary but are grounded in a higher understanding of what is just and right.

Pillars: Symbolises balance, law, and structure as well as authority and higher power.


Justice Tarot Card Meanings


A card of karma and consequence, Justice signifies that the truth will be revealed through the eyes of the law of the universe. The fairest outcome will be revealed in a situation, so it is important to make sure you stay honest and truthful about your actions. This is an important card that tells you that it's time to take accountability for your actions.

This also means that there is a cause and effect that happens, so if you have acted for the greater good, there is no need to worry, however, if the universe decides that you have not acted appropriately, it will mean that you will be judged accordingly and treated fairly by the consequences.


Justice can indicate an avoidance of karmic justice that you won't be able to escape from, this can also suggest that you are not taking accountability for your actions. It is important, to be honest with yourself and be truthful. You need to remember to make balanced and fair judgments, as Justice can indicate corruption or unfairness happening to you or around you.



Justice can represent legal contracts, marriages, divorces, and long-term commitments. As a card of cause and effect, positive efforts within relationships are rewarded and can suggest fairness and compromise in relationships. As a card of balance, Justice usually signifies partners being able to treat each other equally and effort within a relationship is being given and received by both partners.


Justice can signify a lack of equality in relationships, as well as unfairness and lack of compromise. In some cases, Justice in reverse can signify legal battles such as divorce proceedings. Justice appearing can suggest that one partner may be putting all the effort into the relationship, and the other partner is not which causes a lack of fairness. Justice can also signify unfair treatment or blame put unfairly on one partner, as well as victim blaming.



Justice appearing in career, job, or business readings can signify that important business contracts and partnerships are coming into your life. If there are no contracts or partnerships, Justice is a card that suggests your hard work and effort is being recognized and will be rewarded fairly in the eyes of the universe.

This is a very positive card to receive if you have put in consistent effort in your job, and are being truthful, integral, and ethical, as this means you will likely reap the rewards you have sowed. However, this also means that any unethical or illegal activities within jobs will be revealed, and Justice will act accordingly.


Justice can signify corruption or illegal activities taking place within your job, a business, or your career. It is important to thoroughly check any jobs you may be applying for, and receive professional advice when it comes to contracts and partnerships, as there could be something you are not seeing.

Sometimes, Justice can signify corruption in the workplace due to a lack of equality, unfair dismissal, or being treated unfairly compared to other workers. In these cases, Justice asks you to step up and seek Justice - it is also important to know that when Justice appears, the Universe is overseeing the situation, so any corruption will be revealed so Justice can be served.



Regarding finances, Justice appearing can suggest important financial contracts, agreements and partnerships can be occurring. As a card of the astrological Libra, the scales in Justice represent the balance that both parties in a partnership must receive. It is important to stay truthful and integral to your contract and reach mutual decisions.


This card in reverse can indicate concerns about financial corruption, embezzlement, or illegal financial gain in the eyes of the law. It is an extremely important time to get professional legal and financial advice when it relates to your financial income and make sure you only receive financial income from legitimate sources.

Justice appearing is a sign that the truth will soon be revealed, so you need to shift your karmic justice in a positive direction and tip the scales in your favour so that you don't end up receiving financial repercussions.



Justice can suggest that balance is needed in certain areas of your life which may be out of balance, perhaps your physical body is out of balance, but your mental, emotional, and spiritual body is in balance. Justice can mean there are multiple reasons, but it is more of a card to remind you to have moderation and find balance within your life.


In reverse, Justice can indicate a lack of balance within your health and energy system which could be causing health issues. I would also interpret Justice in reverse as your work-life balance affecting your health, and maybe you are overindulgent in one area but are neglecting others, which is causing the imbalance.


As a personality, a Justice individual will be fair, righteous, and seek Justice in the eyes of the law. They most likely adhere to societal expectations and are unlikely to do anything out of the ordinary.

These individuals are very honest, and truthful, and seek to respect others in a way they will receive respect in return. Justice individuals know that their words and actions will bring consequences, so they think carefully before making any decisions.


Justice is honest and fair, meaning the universe will bring the fairest outcome depending on your previous actions. Of course, this means good actions will be positive outcomes for you.


Justice can suggest corruption and dishonesty, as well as acts of unaccountability. A card that can portray injustice, can bring to light the unethical actions and misdeeds of those who lack loyalty and honesty.


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