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King of Pentacles | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Imagery & Symbolism

King of Pentacles
King of Pentacles

Throne: Symbolises authority and power.

Crown: The King is established and of high importance - he is well respected.

Grapes: Symbolic of fertility, pleasure, and prosperity.

Castle: Represents security and safety of home and possessions.

Characteristics & Personality

The King of Pentacles is a family man. He is caring and responsible and great at providing for his family. He tends to form good relationships in both his personal and professional life.

He is resected and has great discipline and structure around his career and finances. He is principled and ethical and holds great wisdom and guidance. He likes to take things slow and steady and believes he will be faster with consistent small efforts, rather than inconsistent bigger steps.

Positives & Advantages

The King of Pentacles is a great leader in both business and general leaders. If he appears, you can be sure that either you or someone around you is respected and has an established reputation in a specific field.

The King of Pentacles means that you have good safety and security in your life. You are able to think smarter by reaching or setting realistic and attainable goals.

Negatives & Disadvantages

The King of Pentacles can have deep insecurities. This can lead them to be obsessed with their work, or be slightly corrupted in the choices they make. They want to achieve great things and be successful but believe that they always need something to prove themselves.

With his appearance, it can sometimes mean you need to be careful and cautious of the decisions you make. Take a practical and realistic approach, and don’t place too much work on yourself.

Sometimes, in worst-case scenarios, the King of Pentacles, can end up throwing money, or gifts toward others or even his romantic partner in order to get what he wants.

Situations & Themes

RELATIONSHIPS: The King of Pentacles is a family man and has a great relationship with his partner and children. He knows how to set boundaries with his work and have a balance with his relationships.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The King of Pentacles is in an established position within his work or career. He is excellent with his money and knows exactly what he should be doing in his role.

FINANCES: The King of Pentacles is great when it comes to managing his finances. He likely has financial goals and plans in place and takes consistent steps toward achieving them.

Tarot Card Combinations

King of Pentacles + The Devil = Overworking, addicted to work.

King of Pentacles + Justice = A situation involving ethics and principles.

King of Pentacles + The Hierophant = A teacher or leader.

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