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Knight of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Imagery & Symbolism

Knight of Cups
Knight of Cups

White Horse: White horses are a symbol of purity and gentle strength.

Armour: Symbolises protection and defence.

Lake: Symbolises emotions flowing with ease.

Mountain: Symbolises obstacles that need to be overcome.


The Knight of Cups is extreme when it comes to romance and emotional pursuits. He is highly likely to be a romantic and sees things through rose-tinted glasses. The Knight has a lot of love to give and can be extreme in romance, this can be shown through dedication to his love interest. Sometimes, the Knight of Cups can be seen as a heart-throb or casanova, attracting many romantic pursuits around them.


The Knight of Cups can indicate a romantic individual coming into your life, allowing you to open your heart up to love. He is your prince charming, who is devoted to loving you.

The Knight of Cups can also mean that if you are already in a relationship, your partner is devoted to you and is faithful. You can trust them and advance steadily in your relationship.


Although the Knight of Cups signifies a partner who is devoted and loving, he can sometimes lack the commitment to the relationship, or may not be ready to settle down with you. This can create issues in moving to the next step of your relationship.

Also, the Knight of Cups will easily attract other romantic pursuits and individuals, which can cause tension in your relationships. They may not like to be tied down to one thing, and instead are experimenting with different connections.


RELATIONSHIPS: The Knight of Cups signifies a romantic partner who is loyal and devoted to entering your life.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Knight of Cups can indicate a career that you care about being your focus for now. Alternatively, you may be dating someone in the workplace.

FINANCES: The Knight of Cups can indicate your ability to care about your money and be devoted to spending it on things you care about.


Knight of Cups + Ace of Cups = A new love is entering your life.

Knight of Cups + Six of Cups = Old loves and ex-flames.


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