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Knight of Wands | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Knight of Wands embodies an adventurous spirit, brimming with high energy and enthusiasm. This individual is often eager to charge into action, sometimes without considering the consequences. Their impulsive and distracted nature can lead to a lack of direction, causing them to occasionally lose focus on their goals.

Knight of Wands tarot card surrounded by crystals
Knight of Wands Tarot Card

While their dynamism and passion can be inspiring, it also means they may struggle with consistency and long-term planning. This card encourages harnessing that fiery energy and channelling it into more structured and thoughtful pursuits to achieve lasting success.

Imagery & Symbolism

The Knight of Wands is illustrated as a man riding a galloping horse, moving towards the left. Clad in full armour and a helmet for protection, he holds a sprouting wand in his right hand. The scene is set in a desert, with pyramids in the distance against a clear sky.

Knight of Wands tarot card surrounded by crystals
Knight of Wands Tarot Card

Knight on a Horse: The knight is depicted riding a horse, often rearing up or in mid-gallop, symbolising action, movement, and forward momentum. The horse represents the drive and determination of the Knight of Wands.

Desert: The background frequently features a desert or barren landscape, symbolising the knight's challenges and obstacles. Despite the harsh environment, the knight’s energy and enthusiasm remain undeterred.

Horse: The distant mountains symbolise obstacles and hardships to be overcome.

Wand and Leaves: The knight holds a wand with sprouting leaves, symbolising growth, creativity, and new ventures. The wand represents the element of fire and the knight’s ability to bring new ideas to life.

Direct of Figure: In tarot and symbolism, figures facing right symbolise forward thinking and progress. The figure on the Knight of Wands faces left, which portrays his characteristic of being reckless and directionless.

Armour and Helmet: The knight wears armour, signifying readiness for action and protection. The helmet, often adorned with red plumes or feathers, symbolises vitality, passion, and the fiery nature of the knight.


Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings


The tarot court cards encompass Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings, each symbolising individuals or specific personality traits. They may also reflect qualities we lack, offer guidance, or highlight traits we need to embrace.

Interpretations of court cards vary among tarot readers, impacting readings significantly. Some view them solely as representations of people, while others use them as significators, reflecting the seeker's circumstances.

Traditionally, Knights in tarot readings signify those in progressive and consistent positions which challenge their focus. Knights are traditionally 'working-class', as they are at a stage where they are working towards a goal. For example, the Knight of Wands represents an adventurous and high-energy person who is consistent with their hobbies and travel.


The Knight of Wands gives off a strong aura of confidence and action. Traditionally, the Knight of Wands is seen as a fast-paced person who cannot settle down in one place. The Knight of Wands is adventurous, goal-driven, and loves to jump head-first into the action.

The Knight of Wands is often perceived as a Casanova-like figure, in contrast to the romantic and idealistic Knight of Cups. His confidence and charisma are highly attractive, sparking romantic tension and chemistry. This knight's bold and adventurous nature makes him alluring, captivating others with his dynamic presence and passionate energy.


The Knight of Wands can suggest that you are ready to take action on things that need to be done. You are in a very productive position to complete tasks and boulder through strongly.

The Knight of Wands is a sociable personality, who is likely to draw in crowds of popularity and likes to be in the limelight. Sometimes, the Knight of Wands can represent movement and travel. You are heading in the direction your heart tells you to.


Traditionally, the Knight of Wands can be seen as reckless about his choices and decisions. As this individual is someone who likes to jump head-first into action, it can suggest you cannot think about decisions before you act, which can make you easily lose your temper and argue.

The Knight of Wands struggles to know their limit, and due to rushing in and out of scenarios, he can easily burn himself out without realising it.

The Knight of Wands struggles with commitment when it comes to their friends, hobbies, and relationships. This can cause tension which may make those around them view them as someone who 'gets around' often.


RELATIONSHIPS: The Knight of Wands can be seen as a charismatic person in relationships. You will likely be charmed and swept off your feet. However, this will not last long - the Knight of Wands is not ready to commit and is consistently seeking more adventure and excitement. Your relationship may not last if your partner does not decide to settle down. If you are single, the Knight of Wands can suggest you are not ready to settle down and are seeking short-term romances.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Knight of Wands gets the job done, no matter if it's wrong, right, or rushed. You are moving forward in your career/business, and it is a time of business and excitement. Don't burn yourself out.

FINANCES: The Knight of Wands can be extreme when it comes to their finances. This card can suggest that you or someone else will spend money excessively on meaningless pursuits. This can be hobbies, interests, or social activities that will not last long.



Knight of Wands + Four of Wands: This combination suggests a sudden and urgent move or relocation, often involving a change of residence or home environment.

Knight of Wands + Strength: This pairing signifies a surge in physical energy and strength, typically representing a highly active and athletic individual or a group engaged in vigorous activities.

Knight of Wands + Six of Wands: This duo indicates a team or group of people striving for victory and recognition, united in their pursuit of success and achievement.

Knight of Wands + The Lovers: A passionate and adventurous romance, or a decision that requires balancing headstrong actions with heartfelt choices.




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