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Multi-Dimensional Dragon Colour Healing | What is this Healing Modality?

What if I told you that dragons are real? Surprising? No? Dragons are beautiful mythical beings that have been represented throughout history in many cultures around the world, and in many time periods. The way they are portrayed can vary from gigantic beasts who burn villages, to friendly assistants who offer support, comfort, and great protection to those who need it most.

Dragon energy is a powerful and protective healing energy that is starting to make its way back to the physical plane. They are Multi-Dimensional beings, which means they can enter any dimension they wish to show themselves to and can also send their energy there. This also includes being able to enter much denser areas such as past lives, the inner child, deep emotional roots and many more.

The main role of dragons is to clear dense, negative, and stagnant energy that no longer serves the world or us for our highest good, this also involves destruction and the creation of powerful forces of energy. They are similar to spirit guides; however, they are closer to working with the angelic realms than anything. They work on the same energetic level, frequency, and wavelength as unicorns and angels. Dragons are also known as elementals, like fairies, which are beings who work with the earthlier matters of the universe.

Dragons can be accessed and seen through meditation, visualization, our dreams, and also through their energy. The more clairsentient the person is, the more likely they are able to feel and sense these beings around them.

According to the works of Diana Cooper, a psychic and author who has been communicating with dragons for several years, the dragons are coming back to help us prepare for the New Golden Age of Atlantis in 2032. This is a huge frequency of a return of energies from the once lived Atlanteans from Atlantis, a highly developed and spiritually advanced culture that once worked with many beings alike.

Multi-Dimensional Dragon Colour Healing is a modality of energy healing which I offer as a distance healing service here. You may be quite curious about how this modality works, and what is in store for you when you receive this type of healing.

As I said before, dragons are amazing for clearing negative energies around us, and within a distance healing, dragons will be sent directly to you.

One of the amazing and wonderful things about dragons and this healing modality is that dragons love to use colour to give and provide messages. During healings, I have had many dragons appear black, white, blue, red, green, and a mixture of two or three, and even multi-coloured. These colours can indicate certain messages of areas that need healing, or both.

When a session commences, the dragons work with the 12 chakras, to cleanse and clear them, and work on the auric field layers. Sometimes during a session past lives are brought up, other times I have seen clients personal spirit guides and many messages are brought through from the dragons in the client's session.

One of the amazing things I feel and experience during sessions is I can feel the dragons fly around me. As I said before, the more clairsentient an individual is, the more likely they are to feel these wonderful beings.

Dragons are here to work with us and help our world recover what was once lost. If you are interested in receiving a personal distant dragon healing session with me, click here.


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