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Nine of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Nine of Cups shows a display of happiness through the cups positioned on the podium behind the extravagant man.

The Nine of Cups Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Confidence, pride, contentment, satisfaction, a manifestation of dreams, respect, trophies and winning, attainment, fame, pleasure, luxury, knowing your worth, abundance, wishes and dreams, fulfilment.

Arrogance, being overconfident, overindulgence, unrealistic ideals, pessimism, seeking approval from others, feeding the ego, being ungrateful, demanding respect, and forcing opinions onto others.

Imagery & Symbolism

Nine of Cups
Nine of Cups

Red Beret: The hat symbolises that the emotional heart is balanced at the crown chakra.

Position: The man's position can be described as open and displaying egocentric tendencies.

Crossed Arms: Crossed arms can suggest being closed off from others and enjoying happiness by themselves.

Nine Cups: The cups are displayed to represent emotional fulfilment being shown to others.


Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meanings


The Nine of Cups is a blissful card of being able to make your dreams and wishes come to fruition. The Nine of Cups will typically indicate that whatever you have previously desired is now in the palm of your hands. This card brings along confidence, success and attainment at all levels.


The Nine of Cups can suggest you are going through a period of greediness and overindulgence. It may be that you are over-confident, and you have self-esteem, but you are feeding the ego due to your arrogance. You may have what you desire, but there is no need to rub it in people's faces.



In a relationship reading, the Nine of Cups can indicate reaching the desired happiness levels you seek in your relationships. You are likely content and happy where you are, whether single or in a relationship, and have high self-esteem and confidence to move forward - knowing your wishes will manifest in due time.


The Nine of Cups can suggest that your current relationship or love life is not living up to your expectations. It may be that what you desire will not come about in the way you want it. Sometimes, the Nine of Cups can suggest you are a pessimistic person at heart, and because of this, you seek approval and satisfaction from material objects and other people.



In a reading that is work-related, the Nine of Cups is a fortunate card to pull. It suggests that you have a successful career ahead of you, and you may even achieve fame, fortune and winning achievements. These can be internal successes, or literal successes, such as certificates and trophies.


The Nine of Cups can indicate that you lack confidence and self-respect. This could be due to your ambitions to feed your ego on your career, or it may be that you come across as over-indulgent and arrogant to others. You may be acting like you are a leader, or bossing others around when you are not in the position to do so.



In a financial-related reading, the Nine of Cups is a positive card of fortune. Your hard work and efforts have paid off financially, and you have reached significant financial milestones. You may receive an abundance of money soon to spend.


The Nine of Cups can suggest that you are being over-indulgent in your finances. You may be acting as though you have money, fortune and power when in reality, you do not. You may come across as greedy and may be spending too much, or even spending too little. This can put you in an unfavourable position.



In a health reading, the Nine of Cups can indicate that your health and well-being are in a positive position. You have great energy and the ambition to go further, even though you are content where you are. If any health complications come up, you likely have the financial resources to help yourself get better.


The Nine of Cups can suggest being misfortunate in your health. You are likely pessimistic about your health, which can cause you to give up on the idea of improving your condition. Realistically, you have the resources to get better, but you aren't using them as they are overshadowed by your pessimism.


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