Nine of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Nine of Cups | Tarot Card Meanings & Interpretations.

The Nine of Cups shows a display of happiness by the cups positioned on the podium behind the extravagant man.

Keyword Meanings

Upright: Confidence, pride, contentment, satisfaction, a manifestation of dreams, respect, trophies and winning, attainment, fame, pleasure, luxury, knowing your worth, abundance, wishes and dreams, fulfilment.

Reversed: Arrogance, being overconfident, overindulgence, unrealistic ideals, pessimism, seeking approval from others, feeding the ego, being ungrateful, demanding respect, forcing opinions onto others.

Symbology & Imagery:

Eight of Wands
  • Red Beret: The hat symbolises that the emotional heart is balanced at the crown chakra.

  • Position: The man's position can be described as open and displaying cockyness.

  • Crossed Arms: Crossed arms can suggest being closed off from others and enjoying happiness by themselves.

  • Nine Cups: The cups are displayed to represent emotional fulfilment being shown to others.


Nine of Cups Meanings:

General Meanings: The Nine of Cups is a blissful card of being able to make your dreams and wishes come to fruition. The Nine of Cups will typically indicate that whatever you have previously desired is now in the palm of your hands. This card brings along confidence, success and attainment at all levels.