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Page of Wands | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

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Page of Wands
Page of Wands
  • Desert: The desert is large and vast, which indicates a craving for adventure and risk.

  • Mountain: The distant mountains symbolise obstacles and hardships that need to be overcome.

  • Wand: The figure holding the wand indicates that they acknowledge they have weaknesses and need help to hold themselves up.

  • Figure: The figure faces to right, which means there is motivation to only move forward.

  • Clear Sky: The sky is clear, which means the path ahead is clear to move forward.


The Page of Wands is spontaneous and adventurous, ready to risk it all and venture into the world! As a fire sign, this indicates there is a spark of energy and activity in the young page, which brings along youth and vitality. As a page, it can indicate an eager and ready-to-learn character who prefers hands-on action. The Page of Wands traditionally depicts a young female full of energy.


The Page of Wands is a great card for travel and good health. If you receive this card, it is a positive prediction you will have high energy and be busy for the time being. Your passion will be high and you have the spirit of youth. The Page of Wands is a great card that predicts travel and a time of passionate learning. Popularity will come naturally to you and you will have a solid social circle. When it comes to their interests, the Page of Wands is focused only on their own goals.


The Page of Wands can be immature and naive when it comes to their hobbies and passions. They are still at the stage of learning, which means they are prone to making small mistakes. Pages are young at heart and immature, in relationships, this can mean they move around a lot and cannot commit to one thing, person, or group of friends. This procrastination and irresponsibility can cause the Page of Wands to easily give up and not complete goals.


The Page of Wands can indicate traveling and being focused on a hobby or passion. Sometimes, this card can indicate pregnancy or a new perspective or horizon. This can allow the Page to open itself up to the world around them and create a spark of a new beginning.

RELATIONSHIPS: The Page of Wands in a relationship loves adventure and risk. They are ready to take a relationship one step further and crave passion and excitement. The Page of Wands is always ready to try new things so that the relationship speedily moves along. If single, the Page of Wands is ready for a partnership that will ignite passion.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Page of Wands is a go-getter and goal-setting, they are ready to risk it all to achieve their dreams, and they are eager to learn about new passions that spark interest.

FINANCES: The Page of Wands is likely to spend frivolously on material things or hobbies that spark interest to them. They are immature with money and finances.


Page of Wands + Two of Wands = Preparing for traveling, or gaining the courage to go travelings.

Page of Wands + The Empress = Possible pregnancy, the birth of a baby girl who may be a fire sign.

Page of Wands + Four of Wands = Moving house or home.

Page of Wands + Ace of Pentacles = Moving job or transition of career.

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