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Page of Wands | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Page of Wands represents youthful enthusiasm, creative exploration, and the willingness to embrace opportunities and risks in pursuit of one's passions and dreams.

When this tarot card appears, it will indicate exploring a new venture involving some physical energy or action-focused progress. As a Page court card, the Page of Wands can suggest that the querent or someone around them is young, inexperienced, immature or naive in this particular suit.

The Page of Wands tarot card surrounded by crystals
Page of Wands Tarot Card

Although young, the Page of Wands is determined and willing to learn. They are a risk-taker and are not afraid to tackle a difficult situation headfirst. Although this can, at times, be seen as reckless, it allows the young Page of Wands to grow through real-life experience.

Page of Wands Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Enthusiasm, exploration, creativity, new beginnings, adventure, Inspiration, courage, eagerness.

Impulsiveness, recklessness, lack of direction, delays, missed opportunities, immature.

Imagery & Symbolism

The Page of Wands depicts a young person, often a teenager or youth, standing with one foot slightly forward as if ready to step into action. They hold a wand upright in one hand, symbolising potential and energy.

The page is often depicted wearing vibrant clothing, signifying enthusiasm and creativity. Behind them, there may be a landscape or distant mountains, suggesting a journey or adventure ahead. The overall imagery evokes a sense of youthful vigour, curiosity, and readiness to explore new opportunities.

The Page of Wands tarot card surrounded by crystals
Page of Wands Tarot Card

Desert: The desert is large and vast, which indicates a craving for adventure and risk.

Mountains: The distant mountains symbolise obstacles and hardships that the Page may encounter on their journeys.

Wand: The wand indicates that the Page acknowledges they have weaknesses and need help to hold themselves up during their adventure.

Figure: Traditionally, a tarot figure which faces towards the right direction indicates forward movement.

Clear Sky: The sky is clear with no clouds in sight, which signifies the path ahead is clear to progress forward.


Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings


The tarot court cards encompass Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings, each symbolising individuals or specific personality traits. They may also reflect qualities we lack, offer guidance, or highlight traits we need to embrace.

Interpretations of court cards vary among tarot readers, impacting readings significantly. Some view them solely as representations of people, while others use them as significators, reflecting the seeker's circumstances.

Traditionally, Pages in tarot readings signify youthful energy and fresh endeavours within their respective suits. For instance, the Page of Wands embodies a spirited, ambitious young person prone to impulsive actions and high energy.


When the Page of Wands appears in a tarot reading representing the characteristics of an individual or personality trait, it signifies a spontaneous and adventurous person. This person, whether you or someone else, is ready to risk it all and venture into the world!

The Page of Wands creates a spark of energy and vitality that is needed to bring out the extroverted sides of other people. They are fun, sociable, and are eager to learn new things. The Page of Wands has a hands-on personality, preferring action to planning. They are more likely to venture into physical pursuits and are eager to try new things and advance quickly.

Traditionally, The Page of Wands represents a younger male due to the Wands suit being more masculine in energy. They are usually younger, or if not, hold an extremely youthful and vital energy.


The Page of Wands is a great card for travel and wellness. If you receive this card, it is a positive prediction you will have high energy and be busy for the time being.

The Page of Wands is a great card that predicts travel and a time of passionate learning, this can be supported by cards such as the Two of Wands and The World. Popularity will come naturally to you and you will have a solid social circle. When it comes to their interests, the Page of Wands is focused only on their own goals.


The Page of Wands can be immature and naive when it comes to their hobbies and passions. They are still at the stage of learning, which means they are prone to making small mistakes.

The Page of Wands is young at heart and immature when it comes to pursuing goals. In relationships, this can mean they move around a lot and cannot commit to one thing, person, or group of friends.

They may also experiment with their likes and dislikes in people. This procrastination and irresponsibility can cause the Page of Wands to easily give up and not complete goals. They may also jump around often, and not stick with one ambition.


TRAVEL: The Page of Wands can indicate travelling to new places. This can be supported by the various travel-themed cards in the tarot, such as The World and The Two of Wands.

NEWS/MESSAGES: Another interpretation of the Page of Wands is its association with the rapid dissemination of news, messages, or gossip facilitated by social interactions. This information tends to carry a positive connotation when surrounded by positive cards but can convey negativity when surrounded by negative cards.

FERTILITY: Sometimes, this card can indicate fertility or a new perspective or horizon. This can allow the Page to open itself up to the world around them and create a spark of a new beginning. In a tarot reading about children, the Page of Wands can represent young males.

RELATIONSHIPS: In relationships, the Page of Wands embodies a love for adventure and risk-taking. This individual is eager to escalate the relationship, seeking passion and excitement. Typically surfacing in new relationships' early phases, they are constantly seeking new experiences to propel the relationship forward swiftly.

For singles, the appearance of the Page of Wands suggests a readiness for a passionate and adventurous partnership. Conversely, in the context of an existing long-term relationship, its presence may imply immaturity within the relationship, signalling a reluctance to settle down for either partner.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Page of Wands is a go-getter and loves goal-setting, they are ready to risk it all to achieve their dreams, and they are eager to learn about new passions that spark interest. This is a very positive card to receive in any work-related reading.

FINANCES: The Page of Wands tends to indulge in spending on items or activities that capture their interest. While this can fuel their aspirations, they may also exhibit immaturity in managing finances.



Page of Wands + Two of Wands: Preparing for travelling, or gaining the courage to go travelling to a new place you haven't experienced before.

Page of Wands + The Empress: Possible fertility and the birth of a baby girl or boy who may be a fire sign. This can also signify quick news of fertility.

Page of Wands + Four of Wands: Relocating swiftly, possibly indicating a hurried decision that pushes you beyond your usual comfort boundaries.

Page of Wands + Ace of Pentacles: Transitioning careers or changing jobs, heralding the influx of new income. Alternatively, it signifies embarking on entrepreneurship or the inception of a new business venture.




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