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Queen of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Queen of Cups tarot card surrounded by crystals
Queen of Cups Tarot Card

Imagery & Symbolism

Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups

Throne: Symbolises that the Queen rules over her emotions.

Water: Symbolises emotions flowing with ease.

Chalice: Symbolises that the Queen has her emotions in the palm of her hands, they are in control.


The Queen of Cups is a loving, caring individual who devotes her time and effort to her relationships, family, and friends. She is seen as the ultimate 'mother figure' and nurturer who loves unconditionally. The Queen of Cups is a sensible person and puts others' needs before her own, which can cause her to easily neglect her own emotions.


The Queen of Cups indicates a caring individual will enter your life to support you. Alternatively, the Queen of Cups can indicate you will take a more caring role in your life. You may be in a position of being a nurturer, or it can be a sign that you will take a more active role in your own self-care.

The Queen of Cups can indicate an improvement in your relationship with mother figures or your children. This can be supported by The Empress.


The Queen of Cups can be seen as overbearing with their emotions and nurturing ability. They have good and kind intentions, but can come across as too smothering to their children, or have a tendency to be a 'helicopter parent'.

The Queen of Cups appearing in the advice position can indicate you lack the ability to take care of your own emotional needs. You need to take care of your own emotions before taking care of anyone else. You may also be investing your energy into others too much, neglecting yourself.


RELATIONSHIPS: The Queen of Cups signifies relationships in which you are being taken care of, or you will take care of others. This is a nurturing relationship built on emotional connection.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Queen of Cups can signify a caring individual in your work environment. You may take a caring role for others.

FINANCES: The Queen of Cups can indicate having a heart-centered point of view on your financial situation. This means putting your finances and investing in areas that are good and sensible.


Queen of Cups + The Empress = Pregnancy or the role of the mother.

Queen of Cups + Any Page Court Card = Child and Mother.

Queen of Cups + King of Cups = Traditional mother and father.


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