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Queen of Swords | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Imagery & Symbolism

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords

Crown: Symbolises the crown chakra, and relates to intelligence and power of the mind.

Direction: The direction the character is facing is forward, showing she will only move forward toward her goals.

Wind: Notice in the background the trees are being blown, symbolising the pace of the card.

Clouds: The clouds represent thinking and the mind.

Hand: Notice her hand is pointing ahead, showing her adamant nature.


The Queen of Swords is very smart, and honest and knows how to use her knowledge to her advantage. She cares about intellectual pursuits as this is what she uses best to her advantage. She is more mature about conflicts, but that doesn’t mean she shy’s away from them. Instead, she is more tactical and perceptive than most, and will likely win an argument.

She has a powerful way with words, and can easily sway decisions and arguments based on facts and intellect. She is more of an introvert and can seem cold and distant when you first get to know her. She is very cautious of other people, as she knows they could betray her at any time.


The Queen of Swords can be very advantageous at a time when you need to put your foot down. She is easily able to disregard other people's feelings and set up strong boundaries if she needs to and has an argument for everything.

When she appears, it may mean you need to use her traits to your advantage. This means being honest and to the point, and having a strong defence when it comes to attacks. You may need to be more independent or do things on your own, which can be a strength in itself.


The Queen of Swords can easily come across as passive-aggressive. Her personality can make her vulnerable to shutting people out of her life and being isolated or lonely. She may be too cautious of those around her and instead puts herself first as she is afraid of getting her.

She can be difficult to open up to, and her abrupt nature can be mistaken for shutting people out. Sometimes, the Queen of Swords can indicate a person around you who wants love but has difficulty showing it, and instead may come across as rude or cruel.


RELATIONSHIPS: The Queen of Swords can be a sign of distance in a relationship. This can represent a female who is causing problems due to being cold and not caring, and always putting themselves first.

CAREER & BUSINESS: The Queen of Swords can be a sign of strictness and ruthlessness when it comes to decision-making in a career or business. It may mean that you need to think more logically and use your cleverness to your advantage. Your co-workers may view you as cold and distant.

FINANCES: The Queen of Swords means that you need to be more calculating and stricter with your finances. You may need to be more independent and adopt better boundaries when it comes to borrowing or lending money.


Queen of Swords + Six of Swords = Making a decision to remove a negative or toxic person from your life.

Queen of Swords + Four of Pentacles = Having strong boundaries around your finances. Not willing to share or borrow.

Queen of Swords + The Empress = A cold-hearted or uncaring mother figure.


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