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Seven of Wands | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Seven of Wands is a card of conviction and resilience. It is time to stand your ground in terms of what you believe in and stay rooted in this. Others may try to place their opinions and expectations on you, but you are able to deflect this!

The Seven of Wands Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meaning

Courage, resilience, pressure, competition, protection, boundaries, challenges, responsibilities, defence, standing your ground.

Offensive, judgment, surrender, conflict, losing control, lack of faith and belief, exhaustion, tiredness, lack of confidence, and weakness.

Imagery & Symbolism

Seven of Wands
Seven of Wands

Cliff Edge: Symbolises pressure and feeling on edge about situations.

Green and Red Clothing: The green is symbolic of love and compassion, and the red symbolizes passion, motivation, and action.

Mismatched Shoes: The shoes represent the differing opinions of the character and those on the offense, and also represent feeling rushed and pressured to the point of making mistakes.

Posture: The stance of the character has his legs spread out and is grounded into the earth. This symbolizes having a firm, strong belief system and standing up for what they believe in.


The Seven of Wands Keywords


The Seven of Wands appearing in a general reading will typically indicate a difficult situation in which you may be feeling pressured or vulnerable. This is a situation in which courage and conviction are needed, and it is possible that your differing beliefs or opinions have put you into a corner where you feel you need to defend yourself. In this situation, it is important to hold true to your beliefs and stay away from any pressure or stress that may add to or hinder your plans. If you do this, you are likely to stay on the advantage.


The Seven of Wands can indicate that the pressure of conflict and being on the defensive is causing you to lack self-belief and faith in yourself. You may be inclined to give up, admit defeat, or surrender to the other person or situation due to being exhausted from a long battle.



The Seven of Wands appearing in love or relationship-related tarot readings can indicate bickering or arguments with your partner or someone with whom you have a relationship (be it friends, family, etc). It can indicate jealousy or rivalry in relationships and aggressive arguments that are snowballing into bigger and more negative issues. These conflicts can be due to differing beliefs, opinions, and lifestyle differences, or can be even smaller petty issues. When paired with the Page of Swords, this can suggest a jealous individual spreading gossip.


The Seven of Wands can represent relationships that are pushed over the edge due to the pressure of arguments and conflict. It can also be that rather than being on the defensive, you are the one on the offensive and need to be more aware of what your actions and words do to others.



The Seven of Wands appearing in a career, job, or business-related tarot card reading can indicate arguments or hostility within the workplace. It is highly possible there is jealousy among your co-workers and hostility against you in your environment where your competitor wants to see you fail or fall from grace.


The Seven of Wands can indicate giving in to pressure within the workplace due to being overwhelmed. You may also surrender to competition due to feeling exhausted and defeated. You may have failed to hold your position and stance in your work environment and may have shown vulnerability that was taken advantage of.



The Seven of Wands appearing in a financial-related tarot reading can indicate needing to protect your finances and money more than you usually do. It is possible you feel financially threatened, or there is an external risk that could pose a threat to your financial situation.


The Seven of Wands can indicate giving in to the idea of holding onto your savings, causing some loss of savings. This can be due to wanting to buy something and giving in to this desire. Alternatively, the Seven of Wands can suggest a passing of a stressful financial situation and needing rest due to exhaustion from protecting your boundaries.



The Seven of Wands appearing in a health reading can indicate having the courage to overcome an illness or having to consistently try to overcome your health issues and maintain good health.


The Seven of Wands can suggest surrendering or giving in to health issues. It can also indicate a feeling of hopelessness when it comes to healing or bringing yourself to good health.


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