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Six of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

A card depicting the reminiscent past and what could be holding you back from moving forward. The Six of Cups is a beautiful card to receive if you wish to keep hold of the nostalgic memories that made you become who you are today.

The Six of Cups Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meanings

Reunions, past memories, old romances, old friendships, previous jobs, past influences, nurturing and caring relationships, visitors, fond memories, childhood, gifts and support, being a carer, homes, and environments you used to live in.

Emotional immaturity, being childish, lack of support from others, ex-lovers being invasive, not focusing on the present, feeling emotionally unaligned with your path, repressed inner child, being stuck in the past, unable to move on from emotional attachments.

Imagery & Symbolism

Six of Cups
Six of Cups

Hat, scarf, and gloves: Typically, any warm accessory can be associated with safety, comfort, and the warmth of security.

White Flowers: Flowers symbolise beauty and their being white signifies innocence, purity, and youthfulness.

Courtyard: In divination, courtyards symbolise a safe space in which you may find comfort and call home.

Guard: If you can notice the guard walking away in the background, this can signify being protected. The guard can also signify the adult version of being let go for your inner child to be let in.

Pedestal: In divination, a pedestal can symbolise structure and stability. Pedestals are also associated with being elevated and a form of heightened spirituality. With the cup being on top, it can signify that embracing your inner child and reflecting on your past is a significant step to take spiritually.


Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings


The Six of Cups can predict a situation from the past resurfacing. This can bring both positive and negative connotations, as this card tends to be neutral in meaning. I like to interpret this card depending on the position it is in. If this card is in a past position, it will indicate that your past or childhood is influencing you positively. If this card is in the present or future or any other position, it can predict that situations from the past are resurfacing.


The Six of Cups can suggest that you are unable to move on from a past situation, event, or person. You may be feeling emotionally attached to this past and are feeling uncomfortable with moving forward consistently and confidently. Depending on where this card is positioned in a reading it can predict situations and people from your past resurfacing in the present or future to cause drama or conflicting emotions.

If this card appears in the past position, it can mean you are stuck in the past and are unable to move on. When this card appears in the present or future position, it can predict past situations coming into your life to cause trouble.



In a relationship reading, the Six of Cups can suggest an ex-lover coming back into your life. This can be positive if you are hoping to get back together with your old flame. You may also visit or coincidently meet an old friend or family member whom you have fond childhood memories with. This will bring comfort and joy into your life. You may receive an offer or some heartfelt gifts from others, suggesting an anniversary or event coming up. If you are looking to bring another child into your life, this is a great supporting card with The Empress.


The Six of Cups can suggest that you are struggling to move on from an old romance you once had. The previous relationship you had may have been filled with comfort and joy, however, this relationship was weak in its ability to move forward, and there was likely no advancement in the relationship. Alternatively, the Six of Cups can predict an old relationship coming back to stir up trouble.



In a work, career, or business-related reading, the Six of Cups can suggest that you will receive an opportunity to work where you are comfortable. It may be your career or work environment within your hometown or the place you grew up in during your childhood.


The Six of Cups can predict old emotional conflicts or people within your workplace or career coming back to cause issues or emotional turmoil. This can be old co-workers or authoritative figures with whom you previously did not have a good relationship. It can also indicate work-related romances coming back to cause trouble.



In a financial-related reading, the Six of Cups can suggest receiving a lucrative gift or offering that involves money from a supportive friend or relationship. Rather than being an exchange like the Six of Pentacles, the Six of Cups is more of a friendly offering with no expectation of returning the favour. Alternatively, you may be spending money to give gifts out to others, such as during an anniversary event like a birthday.


The Six of Cups can represent old financial habits coming back into your life. This can be overspending on materialistic or luxury items that make you or others feel comforted or simply falling back into old patterns of not managing your money wisely. This card can also serve as a warning of someone to whom you have given money before coming back to ask for more. So be careful not to be easily used by others.



In a health reading, the Six of Cups will predict that you will have lots of support and help around you when it comes to taking care of your health. The people around you will care about and invest in your wellness, allowing you to feel comforted and protected. Alternatively, you may have to resort to old healing methods and medicines to improve your health.


The Six of Cups can suggest a lack of emotional support from those close to you when it comes to improving your health. Alternatively, the Six of Cups appearing can indicate a past illness or emotional loss causing health issues. Very rarely, this card can suggest past life traumas, illnesses, and connections with others that are reappearing and need healing.


In the world of love languages, you or your partner loves to receive and give gifts to show their love.

The Six of Cups can often link in with past life connections, traumas, and emotions that will resurface. This can be supported by The Devil.


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