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Strength | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Strength | Tarot Card Meanings & Interpretations

A symbol of infinite power, courage, and strength, this card holds the astrological energy of Leo, where leadership and willpower are important to overcome obstacles. It is a card of calmness and compassion and portrays and well-respected and graceful leader. Harnessing the animal instinct is highly valuable when this card appears.


Upright: Power, control, grace, respect, leadership, authority, balance, courage, accomplishment, success.

Reversed: Weakness, cowardice, self-doubt, lack of confidence, vulnerability, self-esteem, lack of courage, lack of leadership.

  • Numerology: 8

  • Astrology: Sun (planet), Leo (zodiac sign), Fire (element), Fixed (mode).

  • Timings: 22nd July - 22nd August.

  • YES/NO: Yes if upright and reversed (with gentle power).


  • Lion: The lion is being tamed by the character, who is holding its jaw with one hand a stroking the head of the lion with the other.

  • Lemniscate Symbol: Symbol of holding infinite potential and power over strength.

  • Mountain: Signifies obstacles to overcome.

  • White Dress: Signifies gentleness, purity, and innocence.

  • Flowers: Represent a growth of abundance and connection with nature.




This card represents that you need to tap into your extra reserve of willpower to push through difficult situations. You are fighting fears and doubts which are trying to control you, but you are stronger than you think. Strength appears as a card of courage, bravery, and conviction, and is a great sign of your inner ability to pull through obstacles.

REVERSE: Strength can signify a lack of confidence and self-doubt in your ability to overcome difficult obstacles and situations. There is also a possibility of an attempt to force situations into control when in reality, all that is needed is gentle strength.



The strength card can suggest an element of control within relationships, however, it can also represent needing to take back your power of independence or individuality. It can also portray relationships that need extra strength and courage to move forward. Typically, these relationships are strong and caring and each partner will have a healthy amount of confidence and independence with each other.

REVERSE: Strength can signify an unhealthy power balance in relationships. This can mean that one partner is taking control and possibly using their power and position to dominate and overpower the other. This can signify that the other partner feels powerless and dependent on the other. Alternatively, this card can signify insecurity and self-esteem issues in relationships, leading to a lack of confidence.



Strength can represent a graceful and respected leader who is able to take risks with confidence and assurance. You are likely able to work confidently towards your career goals and pull through upcoming obstacles with grace. Alternatively, if you are within a workspace, this card can suggest those who need to display gentle strength and courage, and not be too submissive to orders.

REVERSE: Strength can signify being insecure or lacking confidence in the workplace or career. You may be susceptible to imposter syndrome, where you doubt your ability and feel like a possible fraud. In these situations, it is important to be mindful and trust in your higher power. Self-love and creating boundaries are important.



Strength can signify making bold financial risks and investments, as well as large financial purchases. They are likely to be confident purchases and controlled in a responsible sense.

REVERSE: Strength signifies irresponsible overspending when you don't have enough money or spending compulsively. This can cause a lack of control and power over your financial situation. Alternatively, you may be hesitant about financial risks and making big purchases.



Strength is a great card to receive to say that you are regaining your power and control over your health. You have good control of your inner power and will start to regain your personal confidence to overcome any difficulties.

REVERSE: Strength can signify a lack of inner control and power over your health. This is still a positive card, as you have the strength to overcome health obstacles, however, there may be bad habits or a lack of control when it comes to taking care of your health.



As an individual, Strength can be perceived as a graceful and respected individual who has skillful leadership qualities. This individual leads by earning respect and is courageous and confident.



A card of victory and discipline, being the leader who controls the ride is important when heading towards your destination. Having competitive advantages when it comes to pursuing goals.


Can indicate fear blocking you and self-doubt. Impulsive tendencies or using force to dominate control.

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