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Temperance | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

A card of long-term planning and difficult patience, Temperance brings balance to the overindulgent energies within your life. This card with Sagittarius energy shows us the duality of a masculine and feminine balance. Slow movement and moderation are emphasized whilst perseverance is admirable. Don't stomp on what you have started to build.

Temperance Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

Balance, moderation, patience, calmness, middle road, alchemy, healing, life purpose, harmony, perspective, flexibility, planning

Overindulgence, imbalance, impatience, lack of moderation, recuperation, ungrounded, lack of calmness, health, extreme

Imagery & Symbolism

The imagery of the Temperance card in tarot typically features an angelic figure pouring liquid from one container to another. The figure is often depicted with one foot on solid ground and the other in a body of water, symbolising the harmonious balance between the material and emotional aspects of life.

The liquid being poured flows in a continuous, balanced stream, illustrating the importance of moderation and blending opposing forces. The background often includes a path or landscape, reinforcing the idea of a journey toward balance and harmony.

The angel's calm demeanour and the seamless mixing of elements convey a sense of patience, moderation, and the pursuit of equilibrium in all aspects of life.

Water: The water is relaxed and steady, which symbolises calmness and contentment.

Archangel Gabriel: Gabriel is known as the messenger of God.

Cups Flowing with Water: This symbolises the flow and alchemy of the emotional self and is symbolic of life.

Crown at the End of the Path: This is symbolic of the attainment and mastery of a goal.

Feet: One foot in water and one foot on the earth suggests the connection between the spirit world and the natural world.

Yellow Irises: Symbolises a connection to the divine, happiness, and optimism.

Halo: The halo is seen glowing around the character's head - this is symbolic of spirituality, enlightenment, and divine intervention.


Temperance Tarot Card Meanings


When Temperance appears in a general reading, you must see things from the long-term perspective and teaching and learning will be important whilst focusing on goals. This is a card to suggest that healing is needed, and you may also need to consider your health.

As a card of balance and moderation, you must take the middle path in situations to make sure you are having a fine equilibrium. Temperance is typically seen as a positive card, particularly when things start to come back into control and balance and return to how they once were.


Temperance can indicate an imbalance of energies and situations. It may be that there is a lack of control in situations that you are trying to bring back into harmony, or there could be scattered and reckless energy. In some cases, Temperance in reverse can indicate overindulgence or taking things to the extremes.



Temperance appearing in love and relationship readings can suggest a relationship in which you are opposites, but manage to make it work and blend. Interests may be different, but time and patience are of value in this long-term commitment. Temperance is also a card of comfort, so Temperance appearing can suggest you are stable in a love-term and comfortable relationship.


Temperance can indicate impatience within a relationship and a lack of balance and harmony. It may be that your and your partner's differences in lifestyles are hindering relationship progress, and are causing your relationship to fall out of harmony. Alternatively, you may be overindulging in romance and going to extremes for your partner, particularly without understanding the consequences.



In a career, job, or business reading, Temperance can indicate a need to start planning for long-term goals and career/business changes. Patience, long-term planning, and preparation are needed and it is important to learn to manage to balance your resources.

Moderation is important in your career, and you will likely make slow and steady progress. It is important to be patient and not rush into goals. A career in which patience is highly valued is also what Temperance can indicate, or a holistic healing career.


Temperance can indicate a work-life imbalance that is causing tension and stress to your health. You may be feeling a bit under the weather in your work environment and may be making reckless moves and decisions in your career.



Temperance appearing for finances can indicate a need to balance your financial situation. It is likely that your finances right now are comfortable, and you are content with this. However, Temperance can also indicate very little change in your financial situation, and staying where it is.

If you are looking to increase your finances, it is important to not overindulge in expenses, and make long-term financial goals. This is where the lesson of Temperance will then allow you to diligently save money slowly and steadily.


Temperance can suggest you are struggling to balance your finances in a long-term perspective. You may be overindulging or spending an excessive amount just to satisfy your happiness in the short run.



Temperance is a strong healing card to receive and can suggest your health will start to fall back into balance if you hold consistent moderation over your habits. It is important not to overindulge in activities that hinder your health recovery. Temperance is also the card of the Archangels, so it is a beautiful sign that your angels and spirit guides are watching over you.


Temperance can indicate unhealthy habits of overindulgence and excess that are causing disruption and imbalance in your life. There could be a focus on one particular area, and neglect on another which harmony needs to be brought back into.

It is important to call upon your angels, ancestors, and spirit guides to help you during this time. It is also likely that healing will progress slowly and steadily as long as you do things in moderation.


As an individual, Temperance can be a person who is balanced and does things in moderation. They are content where they are and feel satisfied to progress on a slow and steady level.


Temperance is a card of intense spiritual healing, wisdom, encouragement, and progress. If embraced and listened to, powerful results will be presented to you slowly. Events will unfold in divine timing. Stay grounded and protected.


There could be disharmony or clashing of interests between individuals. A lack of moderation and overindulgence may be present. Being unable to see long-term vision and impatience.


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