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Ten of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Ten of Cups portrays a loving scene where a family is enjoying and celebrating the present moment. Usually, the Ten of Cups will represent, family, friends, tribes, and communities.

Ten of Cups Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Family, friendships, attainment, happiness, children, marriages, tribes, towns and communities, support from others, structure and stability, joy and belonging.

Lack of community, unacceptance, broken families, family gossip, root issues, environmental changes, disagreements in a community, high expectations being broken, and unstable partnerships.

Imagery & Symbolism

Rainbow: In divination, rainbows symbolise holding onto hope. Rainbows are known to appear as the 'calm after the storm.

Children: The appearance of two children can symbolise the inner child coming out to play, as well as family environments.

Adults: The adults can represent the parents of the children playing, symbolising a happy family.

River: The water in the river symbolises the healthy flow of emotions.


Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meanings


The Ten of Cups making an appearance in any reading means that you will be experiencing the final stage of happiness. This means the happy fairytale ending you desire is right at your feet. It is an exciting time full of hope, fortune, and luxury as you can bask in all its glory. You can expect this card to resonate well with happy families, marriages, relationships, and children.


The Ten of Cups appearing in any reading can depict a false display of happiness. Although your goals, your dreams, and your fairytale ending may be at your feet, there is likely something deeper at play causing conflict. This card can indicate internal family breakdowns, relationship struggles, or realising that your hopes and ideas are almost impossible to achieve.



In a relationship reading, the Ten of Cups is a beautiful card to receive to suggest that your relationship is ready to go to the next step. Although this is not a significant milestone card, such as the Two of Cups in marriages, this card can indicate that emotionally, you feel ready, happy, and content to go further.

You may feel the happiest you have felt in a long while and are ready for whatever is next with open arms. If you are expecting a child, the Ten of Cups is an amazing supporting card alongside The Empress.


The Ten of Cups can indicate relationships that are struggling to stay together. This is typically when one's feelings may be wavering, or when one party is anxious about the future. Although receiving the Ten of Cups is positive, it is not temporary, and you may feel overwhelmed about the next steps your relationship could take. The Ten of Cups may also suggest that you are seeing your partner with rose-tinted glasses. Maybe your expectations of them are way out of reach.



In a reading that is work-related, the Ten of Cups means that you are experiencing great happiness in your work. You are surrounded by positive people who are impacting you in a beneficial way. It may be possible you are in a dream career, as you are experiencing great fortune at this time.


The Ten of Cups can suggest that there is a lack of respect and community in your work. You may feel out of place, as though you do not belong, or you may be being shunned directly. It is possible that the career you dreamed about is harder than expected, and you are having a difficult time settling into the environment.



In a financial-related reading, the Ten of Cups will signify that you have a comfortable financial situation. You are happy and content with your finances and you feel you can achieve your financial goals with a good plan. You also have the opportunity to spend your money on the things you love, such as celebrations, your family, and your passions.


The Ten of Cups will suggest that although you have financial goals, you are realising that it is becoming more difficult to achieve them. Perhaps the expectations you set for yourself were too high in the first place, and you will need to replan your financial goals.



In a health reading, the Ten of Cups is one of the best cards you can receive in a health reading. Your health is great, and you have the opportunity to live in luxury for the time being. Your emotional health is at its highest, so it is important at this time to spend it enjoying the things you love.


The Ten of Cups can signify that someone close to you, such as a family member is experiencing ill health. Alternatively, if you are experiencing illness yourself, it is possible you are not feeling supported in your recovery. Take time out for personal self-care and spend it with the loved ones who do value you rather than those who don't.



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