Ten of Cups | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Ten of Cups | Tarot Card Meanings & Interpretations.

The Ten of Cups portrays a loving scene where a family is enjoying and celebrating the present moment. Usually, the Ten of Cups will represent, family, friends, tribes, and communities.

Keyword Meanings

Upright: Family, friendships, attainment, happiness, children, marriages, tribes, towns and communities, support from others, structure and stability, joy and belonging.

Reversed: Lack of community, unacceptance, broken families, family gossip, root issues, environmental changes, disagreements in a community, high expectations being broken, unstable partnerships.

Symbology & Imagery:

Eight of Wands
  • Rainbow: In divination, rainbows symbolise holding onto hope. Rainbows are known to appear as the 'calm after the storm.

  • Children: The appearance of two children can symbolise the inner child coming out to play, as well as family environments.

  • Adults: The adults can represent the parents of the children playing, symbolising a happy family.

  • River: The water in the river symbolises the healthy flow of emotions.


Ten of Cups Meanings:

General Meanings: The Ten of Cups making an appearance in any reading means that you will be experiencing the final stage of happiness. This means the happy fairytale ending you desire is right at your feet. It is an exciting time full of hope, fortune, and luxury as you can bask in all its glory. You can expect this card to resonate well with happy families, marriages, relationships and children.