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The Chariot | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Chariot embodies the dynamic force of progress, symbolising swiftness, momentum, and triumph. It exudes competitiveness, illustrating determination and resolve in maintaining cohesion amidst challenges.

As a symbol of travel, it emphasises vehicles in motion. Aligned with the astrological sign of Cancer, it urges mastery over emotions while ascending the social hierarchy.

The Chariot tarot card surrounded by crystals
The Chariot Tarot Card

Representing balance and harmony amidst opposing forces, The Chariot urges the seeker to stay focused and confident, driving forward with purpose and assertiveness. It symbolises progress, victory, and personal growth, reminding individuals that they have the power to navigate life's journey and emerge victorious through perseverance and self-belief.

The Chariot Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Moving forward, success, speed, victory, taking action, willpower, control, being on the right path, drive, ambition, balance, leadership, self-discipline, conquest

Straying off the path, speeding past others, things not moving as quickly as expected, lack of control and willpower, directionless, overconfidence, delay of progress, misuse of power, ego issues

Imagery & Symbolism

The Chariot card often depicts a triumphant figure riding a chariot. The figure is usually shown holding the reins and steering two sphinxes or horses, representing opposing forces or elements that need to be balanced. The Chariot symbolises victory, determination, and control over conflicting forces.

The card may also feature symbols of duality, such as black and white sphinxes, representing the balance of opposing forces. The charioteer may wear a crown or laurel wreath, signifying triumph and success. Additionally, there may be symbols of the sun and moon, representing the conscious and unconscious mind.

The Chariot tarot card surrounded by crystals
The Chariot Tarot Card

Black and White Sphinxes: Symbolise the harmonious integration of opposing forces, embodying unity amidst duality such as masculine/feminine, good/evil, and light/dark.

Wand in Right Hand: Represents power, control, and influence, reflecting the Charioteer's mastery over their circumstances.

Crescent Moons: Signify intuition, emotions, and the fluidity of life's currents.

Winged Sun and Crest: Denote the Charioteer's elevated status, divine essence, and regal bearing.

Running Water: Depicts controlled motion, symbolising the Charioteer's adeptness in navigating challenges.

Armour: Symbolises protection and readiness to overcome obstacles with resilience.

Crown with a Star: Represents potent authority, with the star symbolising celestial power.

Square on the Chest: Symbolises grounding in the earthly realm, anchoring endeavours in stability and practicality.


The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings


The Chariot embodies confidence and independence amidst its triumphant aura. To succeed, one must maintain unwavering focus, meticulous planning, and disciplined determination. Persistence is key; never surrender. With the Chariot's influence comes heightened control and willpower, indicative of one's ability to navigate challenges with adeptness and overcome obstacles effortlessly.


The Chariot can signify straying off the path that you are meant to be on. There may be delays towards heading to success, or obstacles, and you may need extra willpower and determination to get there. This can be an indicator of you feeling powerless and out of control of the situation, or you are trying to force the situation to work for you.



The Chariot symbolises the dynamic interplay of relationships, where individuals with divergent interests and ideas collaborate harmoniously. It represents the delicate balance between contrasting energies, highlighting the value of maintaining independence within partnerships while aligning goals with a significant other.

At times, the Chariot suggests the strategic leveraging of social connections to achieve personal objectives. In matters of love, it denotes a sense of control and progress, signalling an opportune moment for proactive steps in romantic pursuits.


The Chariot may indicate partnerships characterised by contrasting ideas and values, potentially leading to conflicts and disagreements outside the norm. Such dynamics can disrupt the usual harmony within the relationship, often stemming from disparities in lifestyle choices and beliefs, thereby creating a lack of equilibrium between the opposing energies at play.



The Chariot can signify being driven and motivated in business and career. Do not let emotions and personal issues sway you off your path. There may also be possible career and business movements and relocations or long-distance work and travel. Now is a great time to job-search for those looking, as you will have a motivated and strong-willed attitude.


The Chariot can signify losing focus and determination at work. There could be a project that has more obstacles than expected, and you may have to take a long route to reach this. You may feel less ambitious and willing to take action, which can result in making mistakes in the workplace. Alternatively, you may be too forceful or aggressive when it comes to seeking to achieve your goals.



The Chariot often symbolises mastery over one's financial affairs and proactive steps towards achieving monetary objectives. With its drive and motivation, it suggests a steady and consistent growth in finances, provided one maintains focus and determination.

Additionally, the Chariot may represent income stemming from dual employment endeavours, or in the context of relationships, it could signify financial contributions from both partners converging to support shared goals.


The Chariot may indicate a tendency to hastily bypass financial obligations and decision-making processes. It suggests a lack of control over one's finances or a propensity to rush towards financial goals without due consideration.



In terms of wellness, The Chariot can suggest a swift improvement in your overall well-being. It indicates that you will undergo a rapid recovery, requiring motivation and willpower, as reflected in the solar plexus area, your core of strength. However, The Chariot may also indicate potential challenges related to the digestive system.


The Chariot may indicate a decline in motivation and energy levels, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good nutrition and self-care for overall wellbeing. Governed by the astrological sign Cancer, which is associated with emotional stress and digestive concerns, individuals under this influence may experience issues such as gall bladder problems, gas pains, ulcers, gastritis, and nausea.



As an archetype, the Chariot embodies qualities of control, motivation, and drive. Individuals represented by this card are characterised by their strong willpower and unwavering determination to accomplish their objectives. They possess the ability to navigate obstacles swiftly and with ease, demonstrating their capability to overcome challenges effectively.


The Chariot archetype may manifest as someone who prioritises their accomplishments over the needs of others, often disregarding their surroundings. Their aggressive pursuit of goals can lead to careless errors, fueled by their relentless drive.

This individual may oscillate between excessive ambition and a lack of motivation, struggling to maintain control over situations. They might resort to exerting undue pressure on themselves or others to achieve desired outcomes, highlighting a potential inability to manage circumstances effectively.


The Chariot card embodies a powerful symbolism of triumph and discipline, portraying the seeker as a determined leader who steers the course towards success. It signifies the importance of maintaining control over one's journey, ensuring that every step taken is deliberate and purposeful.

With a competitive edge, The Chariot heralds the ability to excel in the pursuit of goals, leveraging strengths and skills to overcome obstacles with finesse. This card encourages the individual to embrace their inner strength and drive, empowering them to navigate challenges with confidence and emerge victorious in their endeavours.


In its negative aspect, The Chariot card warns of the potential pitfalls of unchecked ambition and a lack of control. Instead of leading with discipline, the individual may become overly aggressive or domineering, seeking victory at any cost.

This can lead to a disregard for the needs and perspectives of others, creating conflicts and discord in relationships and endeavours. The competitive drive may transform into ruthless behaviour, causing harm to oneself and others in the relentless pursuit of success.

Additionally, the individual may struggle with impulsivity and recklessness, making hasty decisions without considering the consequences, ultimately derailing progress towards their goals.

Overall, the negative aspects of the Chariot caution against losing sight of balance and integrity in the pursuit of victory, emphasising the importance of tempering ambition with wisdom and compassion.




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