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The Chariot | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Chariot | Tarot Card Meanings & Interpretations

Holding the forward-moving energy is the Chariot, signifying speed, velocity, and victory. This is a competitive card showing drive and conviction when it comes to holding situations together. A travel card, representing vehicles and moving. The Chariot is the card of the astrological sign, Cancer, meaning to control emotions as they progress up the social ladder.


Upright: Moving forward, success, speed, victory, taking action, willpower, control, being on the right path.

Reversed: Straying off the path, speeding past others, things not moving as quickly as expected, lack of control and willpower.

  • Numerology: 7

  • Astrology: Sun/Uranus (planet), Cancer (zodiac sign), Water (element), Cardinal (mode).

  • Timings: 21st June - 22nd July.

  • YES/NO: Yes if upright, Maybe if reversed.


The Chariot
The Chariot
  • Black and White Sphinx: Symbolizes opposing opposites working together and unity (Masculine/feminine, good/evil, light/dark).

  • Wand in Right Hand: Symbolizes power, control, and influence.

  • Crescent Moons: Symbolizes intuition, emotions, and flow.

  • Winged Sun and Crest: Symbolizes the Charioteer's status, divinity, and royalty.

  • Running Water: The water is running at a controlled pace, symbolising control over situations.

  • Armour: Symbolizes protection and preparation to overcome obstacles.

  • Crown with a Star: Symbolizes power, with the star being significant to the sun.

  • Square on the Chest: Symbolizes the Earth.




This card represents confidence and independence in all its success and glory. You need to focus, plan and hold the discipline to move ahead. Don't give up. The Chariot brings along control and willpower, and it is likely you have good control and focus over situations and obstacles, and are able to overcome them with ease.

REVERSE: The Chariot can signify straying off the path that you are meant to be on. There may be delays towards heading to success, or obstacles, and you may need extra willpower and determination to get there. This can be an indicator of you feeling powerless and out of control of the situation, or you are trying to force the situation to work for you.



The Chariot signifies relationships with others who have conflicting interests and ideas working together in harmony. A balancing of two opposing energies. You may value having your own independence in a relationship and have the ability to do what you wish in agreement with your partner. Sometimes the chariot can signify social climbing by using other people to reach your goals successfully. The Chariot is a great card to say that your love life is in control and moving forward. Now is a great time for taking action on romance.

REVERSE: The Chariot can signify relationships with partners who have opposite ideas and values. This can mean that there are possible conflicts and disagreements that can arise in the relationship that isn't working out as usual. There may be a lack of balance between the two opposing energies, and this can be due to lifestyle differences and beliefs.



The Chariot can signify being driven and motivated in business and career. Do not let emotions and personal issues sway you off your path. There may also be possible career and business movements and relocations or long-distance work and travel. Now is a great time to job-search for those looking, as you will have a motivated and strong-willed attitude. A very successful card.

REVERSE: The Chariot can signify losing focus and determination at work. There could be a project that is having more obstacles than expected, and you may have to take the long route to reach this. You may feel less ambitious and willing to take action, which can result in making mistakes in the workplace. Alternatively, you may be too forceful or aggressive when it comes to seeking to achieve your goals.



The Chariot typically signifies being in control of your financial situation and taking action toward reaching your financial goals. The Chariot is driven and motivated, so it can signify a good and steady consistent increase in finances as long as you don't lose focus. The Chariot can also signify income received from two completely opposite jobs. If in a relationship, the Chariot may also signify income from two partners coming together.

REVERSE: The Chariot can signify speeding past financial needs and decisions. You may not be in control of your finances or me be completely rushing into your financial goals without consideration.



In regards to health, The Chariot can signify that you will go through a speedy recovery for your health. Motivation and willpower will be needed and this is reflected in the solar plexus and where your core is. The Chariot also can sometimes bring along issues with the digestive system.

REVERSE: The Chariot can signify a decrease in motivation and energy. It is important to eat well during this time, as the Chariot is ruled by the astrological sign Cancer, which relates to digestive issues and emotional stress. They may be prone to gall bladder issues, gas pains, ulcers, gastritis, and nausea.



As an individual, the Chariot can be seen as someone who is in control of a situation, motivated and driven. They have strong willpower and are determined to achieve their goals. This individual is likely to overcome obstacles with ease and quickness.

REVERSED: The Chariot can be seen as someone who speeds past the needs of others, only focusing on their own achievements and neglecting their surroundings. They may be prone to making silly mistakes due to their aggressive nature to achieve their goals. This individual may be either too ambitious and driven or lacking willpower and motivation. They are also likely to be unable to control situations, and may even force themselves or others to achieve their goals for them.



A card of victory and discipline, being the leader who controls the ride is important when heading towards your destination. Having competitive advantages when it comes to pursuing goals.


This card can indicate a slowdown and disruption when it comes to heading toward goals. A card of straying off your destined path or lacking focus and discipline.

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