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The Different Types of Spirit Guides and How to Connect with Them

A spirit guide is a non-physical entity that acts as a guide or protector, offering wisdom, support, and assistance to individuals during their life journey. They are believed to reside in the spiritual realm and are often thought to have a deep connection with the person they guide, providing insights and encouragement through intuition, dreams, meditation, or various forms of spiritual communication.

They are commonly depicted in various cultures and spiritual practices as ancestral spirits, angels, deities, or enlightened beings dedicated to helping individuals navigate their personal and spiritual growth.

I believe we all have at least one or two spirit guides. Some of these guides are assigned to us from birth and stay with us our entire lives, other spirit guides may appear during certain times or events in our lives and may have specialised areas.

In my experience, I have multiple spirit guides—some I have connected with, and others I have yet to reach. Just like people, each spirit guide is unique, possessing different opinions and personality traits. They are often specialised in particular areas to assist you and may change over time based on your needs.

In this article, I will share my personal experiences with spirit guides and outline the various types of spirit guides that may assist you.

Your Spirit Guide Team

If you have ever connected with your spirit guides, you might consider referring to them collectively as your spiritual team, especially if you have multiple guides.

Your spiritual team is likely what you will call upon when partaking in any spiritual work or prayer. Most of the time, your spiritual team is there with you, looking after you behind the scenes and discreetly assisting you in times of need.

If you were to draw a comparison with a physical example, it's like being employed by a company and working within a team of about 5 people. Each member typically has roles dedicated to specific skills or tasks. You may have colleagues who remain consistently present, others who are permanent fixtures, and new members who join periodically.

Your spirit guide team operates on a higher energetic level of consciousness. Depending on your familiarity with them, you can discern their personalities, their areas of assistance, and their communication styles.

What are the different types of spiritual guides?

There are numerous types of spirit guides, including familiar ones like deceased loved ones, Buddhist monks and spiritual teachers, native ancestor guides, and animal spirit guides. This article will explore each type, with the understanding that there are likely many more varieties beyond these.

  • Your Main or Primary Spirit Guide

  • Animal Spirit Guides or Totem Guide

  • Ancestor Spirit Guides

  • Galactic Spirit Guides or Interdimensional Beings

  • Elemental Spirit Guides

  • Angel Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels

  • Ascended Masters

  • Power Spirit Guides

  • Healing Spirit Guides

Your Main or Primary Spirit Guide

Based on my personal experience, your primary spirit guide is typically assigned to you from birth and remains with you throughout your entire lifetime. They often possess diverse skills, and I consider the main spirit guide as the 'leader' of your spiritual team. While this may not always be the case, your main spirit guide usually has a deep understanding of you and can coordinate with other guides to assist you effectively.

There are some beliefs around whether or not spirit guides ey are "contracted" to assist us before birth, or if your spirit guide chooses you personally. I don't have a strong opinion on this, but I do believe there is some form of prior connection between yourself and your main guide.

Personally, my main spirit guide is the one I have managed to connect with the most, and honestly, she feels like a long-time friend who has been by my side for a very long time. As a medium, I sense various energies among my guides. Depending on your sensitivity and experience, you can discern different types of energies, which helps you understand the nature of the beings you interact with.

From what I have picked up on, my main spirit guide does not have the same "earthly" energy as I pick up on when I connect with passed loved ones or ancestor spirits. Her energy is much lighter and feathery, which leads me to believe she is possibly an elemental or galactic spirit guide.

Animal Spirit Guides or Totem Guides

When discussing spirit guides, many people are familiar with the concept of spirit animals, also known as Totem guides. There's often a belief that animal spirit guides and totem guides are distinct entities. It is up to your discretion what you believe.

I have encountered a few personal animal guides. I tend to view animal spirit guides more as symbolic entities rather than integral parts of your spiritual team. I've also observed instances where spirit guides manifest themselves as specific animal guides to convey symbolic meanings.

One of my spirit guides once manifested physically as a white rabbit in my home to convey a message to me, and my personal power guide tends to manifest as a wolf when making an appearance. Whether or not this spirit guide is a wolf himself, I have yet to discover!

Many cultures and spiritual traditions recognise the significance of animal spirit guides as allies that offer lessons and guidance aligned with the qualities and behaviours of their respective animal counterparts. Usually, the traits of the animal could be representative of a behavioural trait you are experiencing or lacking in a particular area of life.

Ancestor Spirit Guides

Your ancestor spirit guides are typically departed loved ones who are biologically related to you in some way. Many people report that one of their spirit guides is a deceased grandparent, sibling, or another close relative.

Ancestor spirit guides usually help us connect to our heritage, family, and personal roots. They keep us grounded and have a lot of wisdom to share based on their life experiences. These guides can also assist in ancestral healing and traumas passed down through family lineages.

You may experience passed loved ones appearing in your dreams, communicating messages or just simply sending love along your journey.

Galactic Spirit Guides or Interdimensional Beings

Galactic spirit guides are a very interesting branch of guides to have. There is a lot we know and don't know about galactical energy, as they tend to feel 'other-worldly' in how they communicate.

If you have a galactic or interdimensional spirit guide on your team, they are likely from a different planetary or star system or may descend of a different plane of existence.

They are complicated to describe, as there are multiple differing schools of thought when it comes to these beings. Galactic spirit guides are believed to offer perspectives, wisdom, and guidance that extend beyond earthly experiences and understandings.

If you believe or are interested in the concept of star families, you may be familiar with these spirit guides.

Elemental Spirit Guides

Elemental spirits have been among the most loving and fascinating spiritual beings I've encountered. Having an elemental spirit guide can establish a profound sense of trust and love between you and these mystical entities.

Elemental spirits are found in the forms of fairies, mermaids, dragons, and other mythical beings believed to inhabit planet Earth, but they also encompass a broader spectrum of energies and forms within nature. These spirits are perceived as manifestations or guardians of the natural elements—earth, air, water, and fire—each embodying unique qualities and energies that influence the environment and those attuned to them.

I have personally connected with dragons and fairies, and these beings are magical wisdom keepers who hold profound knowledge of the earth. If you have a natural affinity with animals or are an animal lover, you will probably attract elemental spirits or have an elemental spirit guide.

These beings deeply care about the planet and its environment, diligently working to protect and nurture Earth to sustain healthy living conditions for all inhabitants.

Elemental beings assist in creative endeavours, healing practices, and fostering connections with nature.

Angel Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels

Angel spirit guides, commonly known as Guardian Angels, hold diverse interpretations across different belief systems. Many teachings suggest that a Guardian Angel is assigned to each individual from birth and remains a constant presence throughout their lifetime.

The Temperance tarot card depicts an angelic figure, symbolising a Guardian Angel
The Temperance tarot card depicts an angelic figure, symbolising a Guardian Angel

Unlike other types of spirit guides who may intervene or guide without being summoned, it is often believed that Guardian Angels require a conscious request or invitation for their assistance to intervene in human affairs.

This relationship with a Guardian Angel is seen as deeply personal and protective, with the angel serving as a steadfast companion and protector. The idea of actively seeking their aid through prayer, meditation, or specific requests reflects a belief in their responsiveness to human needs and intentions.

Guardian Angels are separate from the beliefs surrounding Archangels and the broader angelic hierarchy. While they share the same spiritual framework, Guardian Angels are specifically believed to be assigned to individuals throughout their lifetime.

Ascended Masters

Ascended masters, as their name suggests, are beings who have walked the earth and achieved significant spiritual accomplishments or enlightenment. They possess profound philosophical knowledge and are revered in various belief systems and religions.

In my healing sessions, I have directly experienced the transformative energies associated with specific ascended masters such as Thoth, Quan Yin, and Priestess Isis. These encounters have deepened my spiritual understanding and enriched my healing practices.

There exist numerous ascended masters, and while some books and authors document many of the well-known ones, it's probable that there are countless other enlightened beings who have lived on this earth and remain undiscovered by us.

Power Spirit Guides

Power spirit guides, often referred to as strength or resilience guides, are less commonly recognised compared to other types. They can be called upon to bolster your confidence and spiritual energy.

In mediumship terminology, "power" signifies the energy of spiritual entities. It enhances your ability to sense and perceive spiritual energies. When I encounter difficulty connecting with spiritual energies, I occasionally invoke my power spirit guide to increase my spiritual "power". This allows me to increase my sensitivity to spiritual energy and better feel the energies around me.

Your power spirit guide is an important guide for increasing your confidence, resilience and determination.

Healing Spirit Guides

It is quite common to include a "healing" spiritual guide as an integral part of your spiritual team. Such spirit guides are particularly prominent among those engaged in spiritual or physical healing practices. Your healing spirit guide may have previously lived as a healer on Earth, perhaps as a shaman or a sage, possessing extensive knowledge of the natural world and natural healing techniques. These guides offer profound wisdom and insights that can greatly enhance your healing journey.

Just like other healing methods, your healing spirit guide may specialise in a specific area of healing. This specialisation can align with the different healing modalities you explore, each offering unique energetic characteristics. For instance, you might notice distinct energetic qualities when practising various modalities, each resonating differently with your energy and the guidance provided by your spiritual companion. Exploring these differences can deepen your understanding of both the healing arts and your spiritual connection.

From my personal experience, I find that receiving healing energy from my spiritual guide or invoking elemental spirits aligns better with my spiritual needs compared to Reiki, a widely recognised healing practice. Based on my past encounters with Reiki, I feel that elemental healing or direct spiritual guidance resonates more harmoniously with my spiritual energy.

How do I connect with my Spirit Guides?

To begin connecting with your spirit guides, it's essential to first be open to the idea. Setting an intention to welcome their presence, energy, and assistance is key. Just as you wouldn't enter someone's home without permission, spirit guides also respect your willingness to engage with them. They typically won't make their presence known unless invited or acknowledged.

Engaging in meditation, especially mindfulness or guided meditations focused on connecting with spirit guides, is an excellent starting point. Initially, you may experience scattered or minimal information, or perhaps none at all. Patience is key; allow insights to unfold naturally and gently over time.


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