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The Fool | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Fool tarot card, a prominent member of the major arcana in tarot, serves as your initial encounter when you first open a tarot deck. The Fool represents 'beginnings', either positive or negative, and will appear when you are about to begin a new journey.

The Fool tarot card surrounded by crystals
The Fool Tarot Card

With a numerological significance of zero, The Fool exudes the uninhibited dynamism of Uranus and embodies the unbridled intellectual freedom associated with the air element in the zodiac. These qualities endow this card with the essence of a fresh, spontaneous start, symbolising a promising new beginning.

The Fool Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

​New beginnings, taking a risk, prepared to succeed or fail, new opportunities, a child, the ultimate entrepreneur, entrepreneurial spirit, freedom, break from the routine, fearlessness, beginner's mind, potential for success or failure

​Rushing into a decision, being naïve, taking a risk without preparation, being childish, foolishness, lack of planning, wasted opportunities, making mistakes, resistance to change, stubbornness, avoiding growth, staying in one's comfort zone

Imagery & Symbolism

The Fool card depicts a youthful figure, stepping into the realm of independence, carrying a simple bag slung over a makeshift staff, and grasping a white blossom. He dons stylish attire, complete with distinctive yellow boots.

The Fool tarot card surrounded by crystals
The Fool Tarot Card

At his side, a loyal canine companion accompanies him, while, unbeknownst to the Fool, an impending cliff lies in his path.

Behind this intrepid traveller, a radiant sun illuminates the surroundings, casting sharp and jagged mountain peaks into sharp relief.

The Fool gazes skyward, his attention diverted from the concealed path below, evoking a sense of innocence and anticipation of the uncharted journey ahead.

White Dog: The white dog symbolises innocence, though upon closer scrutiny, its wild and untamed nature becomes evident. Contrasting with this, when observed in the 10 of Pentacles, the dogs appear tamed and well-groomed.

Yellow Boots: The Fool confidently dons yellow boots, reflecting his inner strength and willpower. This colour holds significance with the solar plexus chakra, signifying qualities such as self-assurance and ambition that the Fool embodies.

Cliff Edge: The precipice's presence conveys the essence of taking risks, as the Fool draws near to the edge, unaware of the looming danger just beyond his sight.

White Rose: The white rose symbolises purity, youthfulness, innocence, and the transitions of young love. It also signifies loyalty, a theme echoed in the Death tarot card.

White Sun: A white sun represents the purest form of happiness and serves as a symbol of fresh beginnings, akin to a blank canvas at the start of a new journey.

Mountains: The mountains symbolize life's hardships and obstacles. Their jagged portrayal suggests that the Fool encounters numerous challenges of varying difficulties, though his demeanour reflects a sense of confidence, preparedness, and the acknowledgement of potential success or failure.

Yellow Background: The yellow background resonates with the solar plexus chakra, embodying qualities of free will, strength, confidence, and ambition—all of which align with The Fool's character.

Bag on a Stick: The bag on a stick denotes The Fool's readiness for his adventure, potentially stocked with resources that may aid him on his journey. The contents of the bag remain unknown, leaving the outcome uncertain.

Cave: The cave in the background symbolises regeneration and fresh beginnings, evoking the notion of starting anew.


The Fool Tarot Card Meanings


When The Fool appears upright in a general reading, it can indicate you are experiencing new beginnings and opportunities. It is now time to be more adventurous and open-minded to the future ahead and be willing to take risks.

It is an amazing card for opportunities in any area of life and is a great card for achieving the unattainable and having the freedom and adventurous nature you need to achieve this.


The Fool can indicate that you are fearful of taking risks and may end up missing potential opportunities. You may be unwilling or lack ambition due to fear of failure.

Alternatively, the Fool can also represent that you are naïve and diving headfirst into failure without taking the risks or necessary precautions.



The Fool upright in relationships indicates that it is likely to be the start of a new romantic relationship or friendship.

There could be an opportunity nearby to form a budding romance, or there could be new beginnings and adventures awaiting within a current relationship.

Sometimes The Fool can indicate that it is time to venture into new risks within a relationship to bring back a lost spark.

If single, this is a sign that there could be a new romantic partner nearby to start an adventure with.


Indicates a lack of spontaneous energy in the love sector. New risks and adventures are needed.

There may also be fears of taking the next step or further commitment into a relationship such as marriage, proposals, and moving in together, particularly when paired with cards such as the Four of Wands and the Two of Cups. The Fool asks you to step back and become more realistic about your fears.



The Fool for careers can indicate that there are possible new work opportunities or jobs coming soon. The Fool is the ultimate entrepreneur card for taking risks and being prepared to be both successful and a failure.

If you are starting a business, The Fool is an amazing card that suggests you are willing to take the risks and investments needed for a business. This card also indicates great planning and innovation ahead of you.


Indicates an unattainable career in which you are heavily invested without fully planning. It can indicate a situation of investments that hold huge risks and big potential failures to the business and your career.

In the workplace, The Fool in reverse can signify being unable to think independently, and innovation needed to put forward new ideas for projects.



The Fool appearing in a financial reading can indicate there are potential opportunities for increases in the financial departments. Investments and risk areas are currently good to invest in.


Suggests a lack of risk-taking or business investments, out of fear of failure. It can also represent being foolish, naïve, or childish when it comes to keeping finances.



The Fool appearing as a personal wellness card can indicate a spontaneous recovery of a current condition and is a sign of good wellness habits. The Fool can indicate a new beginning in fertility when paired with a related card, such as The Empress.


The Fool in reverse can signify looking for new or alternative methods for wellness treatments or building healthy new habits. The fool is opportunistic, meaning any unique therapies, medication, or treatments can draw you in. These are usually alternative and non-traditional.



As a personality, The Fool can signify a carefree and spontaneous child/individual and can indicate the potential for children if paired with a related card such as any Page court card or The Empress.

This archetype is often spontaneous, carefree, adventurous, loving, open-minded, and willing to try everything. They look towards the future and are opportunistic, making anyone who receives this card a risk-taker and fearless.


The Fool in reverse as a personality can indicate a young and naïve individual who rushes into situations without planning. They cannot plan and may fear risks and adventure, making themselves reclusive and lacking the capability of self-development and ambition.


The Fool card in tarot carries a host of positive connotations. This card symbolises new beginnings and the courage to take risks with a fearless and open-minded spirit. The Fool encourages embracing boundless opportunities and fostering optimism, which can lead to exciting adventures and personal growth.

The Fool inspires independence, initiative, and a break from routine while promoting trust in the journey, childlike wonder, and the potential for success. Incorporating the positive attributes of The Fool into your life can lead to a more fulfilling and adventurous journey, allowing you to face challenges with resilience and enthusiasm.


When The Fool card appears with negative connotations in a tarot reading, it suggests a tendency towards imprudence and recklessness in decision-making, akin to behaving in a childish or immature manner when facing important life choices.

This can lead to impulsive actions with potentially adverse consequences. Additionally, The Fool in its negative aspect may point to a fear of embracing new adventures and taking calculated risks, indicating a hesitancy to explore the unknown due to anxiety about the unfamiliar and a fear of potential failure.

In essence, The Fool's appearance in a negative light underscores the importance of maturity, prudence, and a more measured approach to navigating life's challenges and decisions.




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