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The Fool | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Fool | Tarot Card Meanings & Interpretations

The Fool is part of the major arcana in the tarot and is the very first card you will see when you open the deck. Representing the numerological number of zero, the fool holds the spontaneous energy of the planet Uranus, and the free-thinking quality of the air element in the zodiac. Giving him/her the characteristics of a spontaneous new beginning.


Upright: New beginnings, taking a risk and being prepared to succeed or fail, new opportunities, a child, the ultimate entrepreneur.

Reversed: Rushing into a decision, being naïve, taking a risk without preparation, being childish.

  • Numerology: 0 - Meaning the potential for anything.

  • Astrology: Uranus (planet), Aquarius (zodiac sign), Air (element), and Fixed (mode).

  • Timings: 20th January to 18th February.

  • YES/NO: Yes if upright, No if reversed.


The Fool card portrays a young male venturing off with his independence holding a bag on a stick and a white flower. He wears yellow boots and a styled outfit. Beside him is a small dog and unbeknownst to him, he is unable to see the cliff ahead. Behind him, a beautiful sun is shining and mountains are shown in a jagged and sharp motion. He looks upwards and is unable to see the path below.

The Fool
The Fool
  • White Dog: The white dog can symbolize innocence. Upon closer look, the white dog is wild and untamed. Yet, when you look at the dog in the 10 of Pentacles, you can see the dogs are tamed and well-groomed.

  • Yellow Boots: The Fool is wearing confidence, and standing with his willpower and inner strength. The colour yellow is significant in the solar plexus chakra.

  • Cliff Edge: The cliff edge is symbolic of taking risks, with the fool nearing the edge, but not seeing the cliff.

  • White Rose: Symbolizes purity, youthfulness, innocence, young love, transition, and loyalty. The white rose is also seen in the tarot card Death.

  • White Sun: Symbolizes purity of happiness and is a fresh colour. It symbolizes being at the start or beginning of a journey, like a fresh palate.

  • Mountains: The Mountains are symbolic of hardship and obstacles, and then being in a jagged position suggests that the Fool confronts multiple obstacles of a variety of difficulties. However, he looked confident in knowing this and is likely prepared to succeed or fail.

  • Yellow Background: The yellow background can symbolize the connection with the Solar Plexus chakra which denotes free will, strength, confidence and ambition, all of which the Fool embodies.

  • Bag on a Stick: The bag represents that the fool has prepared for this adventure, and has most likely got resources to help him out. We do not know what is in the bag, so it could be a bag of no resource, or resourcefulness, suggesting we do not know the outcome.

  • Cave: The cave in the background can be symbolic of regeneration and starting over again.




When The Fool appears upright in a general reading, it can indicate you are experiencing new beginnings and opportunities. It is now time to be more adventurous and open-minded to the future ahead and be willing to take risks. It is an amazing card for opportunities in any area of life and is a great card for achieving the unattainable and having the freedom and adventurous nature you need to achieve this.

REVERSE: The Fool can indicate that you are fearful of taking risks and may end up missing potential opportunities. You may be unwilling or lack ambition due to fear of failure. Alternatively, the Fool can also represent that you are naïve and diving headfirst into failure without taking the risks or necessary precautions.



The Fool upright in relationships indicates that it is likely to be the start of a new romantic relationship or friendship. There could be an opportunity nearby to form a budding romance, or there could be new beginnings and adventures awaiting within a current relationship. Sometimes The Fool can indicate that it is time to venture into new risks within a relationship to bring back a lost spark.

If single, this is a sign that there could be a new romantic partner nearby to start an adventure with.

REVERSE: Indicates a lack of spontaneous energy in the love sector. New risks and adventures are needed. There may also be fears of taking the next step or further commitment into a relationship such as marriage, proposals, and moving in together, particularly when paired with cards such as the Four of Wands and the Two of Cups. The Fool asks you to take a step back and become more realistic about your fears.



The Fool for careers can indicate that there are possible new work opportunities or jobs coming soon. The Fool is the ultimate entrepreneur card for taking risks and being prepared to be both successful and a failure. If starting up a business, the Fool is an amazing card to suggest you are willing to take the risks and investments needed for a business. This card also indicates great planning and innovation ahead of you.

REVERSE: Indicates an unattainable career in which you are heavily investing in without fully planning. It can indicate a situation of investments that hold huge risks and big potential failures to the business and your career. In the workplace, the Fool in reverse can signify being unable to think independently, and innovation needed to put forward new ideas for projects.



The Fool appearing in a financial reading can indicate there are potential opportunities for increases in the financial departments. Investments and risk areas are currently good to invest in.

REVERSE: Suggests a lack of risk-taking or business investments, out of fear of failure. It can also represent being foolish, naïve, or childish when it comes to keeping finances.



The Fool in regards to health can indicate a spontaneous recovery of a current health condition and is a good sign of good health. The Fool can indicate a new beginning in pregnancy or fertility when paired with a related card.

REVERSE: This can signify looking for new or alternative methods for health treatment. The fool is opportunistic, meaning any unique therapies, medication, or treatments can seem to draw you in.



The Fool can represent a carefree and spontaneous child in some cases and can be an indication of pregnancy if paired with a related card such as a Page or The Empress. This archetype is often spontaneous, carefree, adventurous, loving, open-minded, and willing to give everything a try.

REVERSE: Can be a young naïve childlike personality who rushes into situations without planning. They can be lacking planning and strategy, and also may alternatively be fearful of risks and adventure, making themselves reclusive and lacking the development of self and ambition.



The Fool is ambitious and holds adventurous risk-taking energy, and can be prepared to win or lose in his ventures. As a positive, The Fool can suggest an opportunity and adventure on the horizon that will bring positive beginnings.


As a negative, the fool can mean being 'foolish' or 'childish' when it comes to important decisions, and also reckless or fearful of new adventures.

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