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The Hermit | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Hermit | Tarot Card Meanings & Interpretations

With the Virgo energy, The Hermit signifies reflection and meditation through entering the mind of oneself. Finding the answers within is where you will find your greatest teacher. The Hermit is a card of isolation, journeying, spiritual growth, and contemplation. Finding your light as you go within yourself away from your chaotic life by 'hermitting'.


Upright: Going within to find the answer, being reserved, isolation, loneliness, self-inspiration, meditation, contemplation, inner guidance, you are your own mentor.

Reversed: Hiding, abandonment, feeling left out, misfit, rejection, anti-social, needing time alone, withdrawal, isolation, deep inner healing.

  • Numerology: 9

  • Astrology: Mercury (planet), Virgo (zodiac sign), Earth (element), Mutable (mode).

  • Timings: 23rd August - 22nd September.

  • YES/NO: I would interpret both upright and reversed as a no.


The Hermit
The Hermit
  • White Beard: Symbolizes the individual being wise and in reflection.

  • Grey Cape: Symbolizes the hermit in it's shadow-side. Grey is significant for feeling sad, upset, dreary, and burdensome. The cape also includes a hood, which is placed over the Hermit's head, this can suggest the Hermit does not want to be seen from behind.

  • Looking Downwards: The Hermit is looking down at the ground beneath in contemplation.

  • Eyes Closed: This symbolizes the hermit focusing on his thoughts and meditating to find the truest answer.

  • Holding Lantern: The lantern is significant of a glimmer of hope. It is alight and inside resides a yellow star, suggesting there is beautiful hope and happiness if the hermit looks up.

  • Star: The star is caged inside of the lantern, which can suggest the Hermit is cold and closed off, as well as withdrawn from other people. It would be hard to break down these walls.

  • Staff/Wand: The staff can be seen as a walking stick, to help the Hermit along in his journey, as he is gripping hard. The staff can also be seen as a wand, and the hermit is holding onto the wand as the only energy he has left for now.

  • Snow: Symbolizes the coldness and unapproachability of the hermit.

  • Facing left: You could read the hermit facing left as him reflecting on his past actions to find the answers to move forward.




When the Hermit appears in a general reading it can suggest it is time to enter a quiet space where you can find the answers and solutions to your problems. It is a time of healing and reflection to find your next step. Meditation and contemplation is important at this time, as you are needing to take a break to find answers from within. This card appearing can actually suggest you are able to find the answers on your own, and you may already have the answer if you seek advice from within.

REVERSE: The Hermit can suggest that you may be withdrawing from daily life to your detriment. You could be feeling lonely or may have feelings of abandonment and low confidence. Although time alone may be needed, deep self-reflection and inner healing are also needed. It may be time to come out of your shell, and spend some valuable time with others. Alternatively, the Hermit can suggest that you may not be spending the alone time that you need.



The Hermit appearing in a love or relationship reading can suggest that now is an important time to withdraw from your relationships to gain spiritual insights and answers. You may be feeling alone when it comes to relationships or you may be lacking the support you need, causing you to go into a social recluse. When in a relationship, it may be that you feel it is one-sided, or that a break is needed. This doesn't necessarily lead to a breakup, however, deep inner reflection is needed for both partners. Alternatively, if you are single, you may be feeling too lonely and are seeking a relationship. In this case, it would seem more as though your loneliness is due to feeling dependent on a relationship or partner, rather than feeling independent.

REVERSE: The Hermit can suggest that a break from your relationship is very much needed. There is a possibility of you being isolated from others in your relationship, particularly where one partner may be controlling the actions of the other. The Hermit reversed can also signify being forced into a period of loneliness. This can be in circumstances such as long-distance relationships.



The Hermit appearing in career, job, or business readings can suggest that you will find your answers by reflecting on past experiences and lessons. You know the answer already and you are wiser than you think. Alternatively, you may be feeling unsupported in your work environment or lonely, particularly if you work alone. Sometimes, the Hermit can suggest that you are not embracing your true self in the workplace.

REVERSE: The Hermit can suggest that you may be feeling like a misfit at work, or possibly an outcast. Your job may be seen as unique or different from what society deems as a 'stereotypical' daily job, and it may be affecting your self-esteem and confidence negatively.



In financial reading, The Hermit appearing can suggest it is time to do some serious and deep meditation in regard to your finances. You may be contemplating how your finances relate to your life purpose and internal goals, and what steps you need to make next in order to achieve them.

REVERSE: The Hermit appearing can suggest you need to think about your finances seriously and consider the implications your actions can bring depending on the steps you take.



The Hermit appearing in a health reading can suggest the need to reconnect with the mind, body, and spirit aspects of your health. You may need to take a period of rest to clear your mind and do some deep mindfulness practices and meditation. This may also indicate a period of rest is needed for healing and reflection.

REVERSE: The Hermit can signify certain mental illnesses or fear-inducing emotions that are causing internal difficulties. You may also be feeling alone and unable to open up to others about how you are feeling or your health condition. Time out is needed and consideration of professional help may be necessary.



As an individual, The Hermit is seen as a prickly and cold-hearted withdrawn person. This person is seen as shy and a social recluse. They are likely to have an unapproachable aura, or maybe awkward and feel uncomfortable in a busy situation. They are introverted and seek to find enjoyment in smaller and more mundane things.



The Hermit shows that you are your own spiritual mentor, and brings you great spiritual growth on your path. Your higher self and spirit guides are there to present you with your light from within.


In its negative form, the hermit can represent isolating oneself from their community, or feeling excluded and like a misfit. It can also represent avoidance of healing.

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