The Magic of the Fairies and the Fae Folk

Fairies are fascinating creatures that I have had the pleasure to connect with. I believe anyone can connect with them and request their help through healing or manifestation. They help us connect with nature and the natural earth more, and teach us many old folk teachings that we may have lost in ancient times.

Who are the Fairies? Are they real?

Fairies, also known as the fae folk, are beings who are present in the 4th-dimensional realm within the 'fairy realm', also known as 'fairyland'. They are elemental beings, which means they are the master of the element they reside in and are here to help the planet move forward in its evolution.

Fairies aren't exactly what the Disney stereotype depicts them to look like, they are actually far from what you may think.

As elemental creatures, the Swiss philosopher Paracelsus claims there are four elementals residing within the four natural elements.

The water element holds the undines, which are the mermaids and water sprites.

The air element holds the sylphs, the ones with wings and can fly.

The earth element holds the gnomes, who reside in the caves below.

The fire element holds the salamanders, who appear only through fire or electricity.

These aren't the only elementals out there, multidimensional dragons are also elementals, as they can transmute, cleanse and clear energy.