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The Magic of the Fairies and the Fae Folk

Fairies are fascinating creatures that I have had the pleasure to connect with. I believe anyone can connect with them and request their help through healing or manifestation. They help us connect with nature and the natural earth more, and teach us many old folk teachings that we may have lost in ancient times.

Who are the Fairies? Are they real?

Fairies, also known as the fae folk, are beings who are present in the 4th-dimensional realm within the 'fairy realm', also known as 'fairyland'. They are elemental beings, which means they are the master of the element they reside in and are here to help the planet move forward in its evolution.

Fairies aren't exactly what the Disney stereotype depicts them to look like, they are actually far from what you may think.

As elemental creatures, the Swiss philosopher Paracelsus claims there are four elementals residing within the four natural elements.

The water element holds the undines, which are the mermaids and water sprites.

The air element holds the sylphs, the ones with wings and can fly.

The earth element holds the gnomes, who reside in the caves below.

The fire element holds the salamanders, who appear only through fire or electricity.

These aren't the only elementals out there, multidimensional dragons are also elementals, as they can transmute, cleanse and clear energy.

Fairies are very skilled beings and help us in many ways. They help the animals and the wildlife, as well as heal and revive the earth.

On a more spiritual level, fairies are master manifesters and help with love and romance. They are also natural skilled healers, as they spend their time working closely with herbs and plants.

Fairies are often compared to Angels, however, Angels have a much higher vibration and fairies have a lower vibration. Fairies are seen as closer to humans than Angels in a practical sense, which means they hold good grounding and protection abilities.

They are very playful and imaginative creatures, and I love connecting with their energy, particularly for healing, and whenever I do a crystal grid, I request the fairy's help in manifesting my intentions.

Although we don't necessarily see them on a physical level, it is not impossible to. I have seen a fairy before, and it was a very unexpected experience as it was quick and brief. However, fairies value trust and communication in building relationships with them.

The easiest way to connect with the fairies, or the fairy realm is through meditation, I have met faeries a couple of times there, and they are always lively, bright and colourful creatures.

As with all things spiritual, when working with the fae, you do need protection. There are both light and dark aspects when it comes to any spiritual work. Faeries have free will, which does mean they have an ego, an opinion, and can feel offended quickly. So never offend a fairy.

Fairies are found everywhere around the globe. However, some areas are more populated than others. The most common places fairies are sighted are:

  • Amongst trees, forests and wooded areas.

  • Areas populated with animals, birds and wildlife.

  • Large fields, open planes, and hills.

  • Waterfalls, lakes, rivers and beaches.

  • In gardens.

  • Underground – caves.

  • Heritage and ancient sites, such as stone circles.

  • In meditation, or astral travel.

So, why are the fairies returning to us now?

Fairies are returning to us now due to the condition of the planet. The fairies are here to help us take care of nature, the earth, and our environment, as well as the beings that reside in it. The fae holds love, kindness, and generosity towards all living beings, and they expect us to do the same.

The main message the fae would love to get across to us is to respect the trees, water, forests, plants, animals, and insects. Much of the waters around the earth are now becoming polluted and contaminated due to our arrogance, causing sewers and drains to become blocked. This is because we are not disposing of our waste carefully and are instead disrespecting the environment the fairies have been working so hard at taking care of.

The trees and forests are becoming desolate, as deforestation continues, and the ozone layer weakens. The fairies are becoming disheartened by our uncaring actions and believe they need to come back into our lives to give us these messages.

The fae originally was working in the background quietly taking care of nature and not associating with humans, however, they feel as though they need to reappear, due to the lack of responsibility humans are being with the environment.

If you would like to learn a bit more about the fae folk, you can download my 20-page E-Book Guide to the Faery Realm and Fairies here:

Lots of love,

Amber xx


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