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The Magician | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Magician is all about manifestation, creation, and the ability to use the tools you have to create what you desire. This card represents the number one in the tarot, where you begin to manifest your goals.

The Magician Tarot Card
The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician is a great card to receive and suggests you have talents at your disposal and high potential. The Magician's ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication, which can sometimes manifest as deception.

Mercury is known for communication, intellect, adaptability, and skilful expression. The Magician embodies these qualities, representing the ability to communicate effectively, think on one's feet, and utilise one's skills and talents to manifest one's desires.

Moreover, the Magician also aligns with the zodiac sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. Gemini is known for its versatility, curiosity, and quick-witted nature, traits that resonate with the Magician card. The duality and adaptability of Gemini are reflected in the Magician's ability to work with different elements and tools at their disposal to manifest their intentions.

The association with Mercury and Gemini underscores the Magician's communicative prowess, mental agility, and skilful manipulation of the tools and resources available to achieve their goals.

The Magician Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Manifestation, infinite potential, communication, having the tools you need to create, the law of attraction, you attract what you think.

Lack of motivation, being lazy, not willing to try and manifest things, lacking the tools you need, having the tools you need but not using them, lack of communication, manipulation.

Imagery & Symbolism

The Magician portrays a figure in front of a table adorned with pentacles, a chalice, a wand, and a sword. The figure raises his right arm toward the sky and on his left, he points to the Earth. Surrounding the figure is an assortment of flowers. They wear white robes, with a red cloak, and can be seen with ouroboros around their waist. Above their crown chakra is the lemniscate symbol.

The Magician tarot card surrounded by crystals
The Magician Tarot Card

Infinity/Lemniscate Symbol: Symbolising infinite potential, as well as continuous cycles and endless manifestation. This symbol also appears in the tarot card Strength.

White Robe: Symbolising purity, the white robe signifies the purity of intention and the clarity of purpose that the Magician possesses. It suggests a clean, untainted approach to manifestation and utilising power for positive outcomes.

Red Cloak: Representing power, passion, and authority, the red cloak embodies the energy and assertiveness of the Magician. It signifies the confidence and determination needed to wield one's abilities and manifest desires.

Pentacle: Has the resources of material, security, and finances.

Wand: Has the resources of passion, willpower, and action.

Sword: Has the resources of logic, intelligence, and communication.

Chalice: Has the resources of intuition, emotions, empathy, and psychic knowing.

Snake biting tail/Ouroboros: Signifying infinity and the cycle of birth and death, this symbol emphasizes the eternal nature of existence and the interconnectedness of all things. It represents the cyclical nature of life and the continual process of creation and transformation.

Gesture: One arm is raised to the sky, whilst the left is pointing to the earth. This signifies "as above, so below" and is connected to both the spiritual and material realms.

Flowers: Symbolising abundance and attainment, the flowers represent the richness of resources available to the Magician. They signify the potential for growth, success, and fulfilment in the manifestation process.


The Magician Tarot Card Meanings


The Magician in general is highly positive. It suggests you have the ability and skills to manifest your desired wishes and goals. The Magician is a strong card of communication and taking action, so it is a great time to act.


Suggests manipulation of situations through communicative skills. The Magician can also depict wasted talents and illusions. This can be internal (caused by you), or external (someone else).



The Magician is a great card in love to suggest that relationships need growth to achieve their potential. It can also suggest communication will be of high importance.


Suggests tricks being pulled or deception within a relationship. The Magician can also suggest a lack of communication or a lack of willpower and enthusiasm for progressing relationships.



In a career, job, or business reading, The Magician means that you have the skills, work ethic, and capabilities in your desired job/career. Your business goals will be able to be manifested with great ease.


This can suggest you are not using your skills within the workplace or for your career progress. This card can suggest the work environment you are in doesn't use your skills to their greatest potential, and could also be wasting your talents. The Magician in reverse can also suggest a lack of communication or deception regarding careers, jobs, and businesses.



In a financial reading, The Magician can represent using your skills and abilities to create financial opportunities. You can set financial goals and strategically take action to pursue them.


The Magician can mean you are missing financial opportunities by not taking action or setting realistic goals. This can also mean you are not using your skills for financial progress.



The Magician in a wellness card position or reading can suggest willpower and strength are returning. The Magician can also represent a powerful healer or chemist who can create powerful remedies and cures.


The Magician can signify needing to seek professional medical advice or gain willpower and strength back to heal. This is a card that suggests action needs to be taken to improve and better your wellness.



The Magician signifies an individual who has all the skills and resources needed to manifest their goals. This individual is motivated and has strong willpower and intuitive abilities. This individual may be a psychic, a powerful healer, or a creator.


The Magician can portray a deceptive and manipulative individual, who uses trickery and communication to manipulate others.


Pulling the Magician card in a tarot reading brings forth a wealth of positives and advantages. It signifies an individual who holds immense power, skill, and potential. This card heralds the ability to manifest dreams into reality through sheer willpower and resourcefulness.

It speaks of initiative, confidence, and creative prowess, suggesting that the querent possesses the necessary tools and capabilities to achieve their goals. The Magician embodies adaptability, intelligence, and effective communication, indicating a time ripe for taking action and making significant strides.

Moreover, this card symbolises the alignment of the spiritual and material realms, highlighting a harmonious balance that allows one to tap into higher wisdom while grounding ideas into tangible existence.

Overall, pulling the Magician card in a reading signifies a period of empowerment, where one has the opportunity to utilise their skills and resources adeptly to bring about positive transformations and successful outcomes in various aspects of life.


The Magician can be a card of deception, lies, or manipulation to some degree. This can show up when someone is taking the reigns and manipulating others with their skills of communication. The Magician can also suggest not having all the skills or potential to manifest.

Sometimes, the Magician's energy can manifest as overconfidence or manipulation. This card warns against using one's skills or resources in a manipulative or deceitful manner. It can indicate a tendency to rely too heavily on one's abilities, leading to a lack of authenticity or an overestimation of one's capabilities.

Additionally, the Magician in reverse might suggest a misuse or underutilisation of skills, causing missed opportunities or stagnation. This card can also signal scattered energy or a lack of focus, where the individual may struggle to channel their talents effectively.

Moreover, it might highlight a need for caution in communication, as an excess of intellect or a sharp tongue can lead to misunderstandings or conflicts.



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