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The Moon | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Moon | Tarot Card Meanings & Interpretations

The Moon represents Pisces and the unconscious emotional state, through hiding hidden truths under the surface. It represents illusions and mystery through the forms of symbols and metaphors. The moon brings heightened dream states, visions, and spiritual experiences. Your shadow side is revealing itself to the surface, honor this and heal your fears.


Upright: Intuition, uncertainty, unconscious, illusion, secrets, fear, healing, shadow-work, occult, hidden.

Reversed: Repressed internal fear and emotion, confusion, the release of fears, internal healing, silence.

  • Numerology: 18

  • Astrology: Moon (planet), Pisces (zodiac sign), Water (element), and Mutable (mode).

  • Timings: 19th February to 20th March.

  • YES/NO: No


The Moon
The Moon
  • Moon: A symbol of intuition, emotions, dreams, and the unconscious. The Moon is shown in its three phases - full, crescent, and half-moon.

  • A pool of Water: Represents the unconscious mind.

  • A Domesticated Dog and Wild Wolf: These animals howl at the moon. The dog is tamed and trained, which represents the tamed aspects of our mind, and the wolf is untamed and represents the wild aspects of our minds.

  • Two Pillars: Towers represent pillars of safety and stability, however in this case The Tower can be an illusion.

  • Crayfish: This links to the astrological sign of Cancer, and also reminds us of our primordial origins.

  • Path: Represents the future that is ahead is unknown.



The Moon appearing in a general reading can signify your fears and uncertainties creeping up to the surface and revealing themselves. You need to face your shadow self, which is the part of you that holds your deepest worries and insecurities. Your dreams and visions will be heightened during this time, and messages from the spirit will also be appearing in your dreams. Shadow work is needed. Alternatively, The Moon rules the subconscious, and what is hidden from us, so this can suggest deception, or appearances not being as they seem.

REVERSE: The Moon can indicate that there is more confusion and fear on an internal level. This fear may be suppressed and bottled up in a negative way. This can be related to traumas, past-life fears, or crippling anxiety-inducing circumstances that do not help you. The Moon can also indicate a period of psychic or intuitive overload, so it is important to protect yourself from negative energies and set boundaries.



The Moon appearing in a relationship reading can suggest you could be jumping to conclusions about your partner, or why you are single due to your own insecurities. Your emotions are making you feel overwhelmed, so take some time to heal. Your past wounds and traumas could be coming up to heal (as well as past life). These can include previous relationship traumas, that are reoccurring or being highlighted in your current relationship. As The Moon is also a card of deception, it may represent people around you deceiving you or not being entirely honest.

REVERSE: The Moon in reverse can indicate fears and paranoia surrounding being deceived in a relationship. These fears may be appear and reflect itself in your relationship with others negatively. It is also important to consider if you have any fears surrounding your relationship, which you need, to be honest with your partner. Are you deceiving your partner? Or do you need to be honest with yourself? Make sure you a truthful, as eventually, the truth will spill out. Alternatively, The Moon reversed can indicate the clarity and a release of confusion and fear.



In a career, job, or business-related reading, The Moon can indicate work-related fears are crippling. It may be possible that you lack confidence in the job or there is possible confusion and fear around career decisions. You may fear deception around work, so it is important to be cautious of who you trust.

REVERSE: The Moon can indicate deception or trickery within the workplace or surrounding your co-workers and employees. You may have internal fears surrounding your life purpose and career aspirations and may need to do some internal soul-searching to find the answers to reduce your fears and worries.



The Moon appearing in a financial reading can indicate fears and confusion around your finances and financial decisions. You may lack financial knowledge, which is causing you to worry. It is not a good time to make any big financial decisions, as there is too much confusion and worry around them. The Moon is also a card of deception and illusion, so there are likely things surrounding your financial situation which you do not know about. If you are dealing with a financial institution, a bank, or legal action around finances, make sure you ask questions and get clear answers to remove any confusion and uncertainty. It is important to know as much detail before you make any decisions.

REVERSE: The Moon can indicate deception around finances and financial institutions. It is important to be careful when considering important financial transactions with anyone. Alternatively, you may be gaining clear clarity around your financial situation. Fears and worries may be slowly reduced as more understanding and clarity are gained.



When The Moon appears in a health reading. It is important to tune into your intuition to find out what your body needs. Sometimes, The Moon can signify certain mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders, depression, or PTSD. Nightmares and vivid dreams may be heightened as well. In these cases, it is important to seek professional medical advice. The Moon is also a card related to ovulation, the menstrual cycle, and hormonal imbalances.

REVERSE: The Moon can suggest a release of illness and health issues. There may be a period of clarity and calmness after fear-inducing situations and worries. Alternatively, The Moon reversed can suggest more worsening health conditions, that may be hidden.



The Moon as an individual or archetype may be someone who is cautious and perceptive. The Moon can be interpreted as a highly psychic and artistic individual, who is connected to their emotions, which can also make them vulnerable. These individuals may be easily deceived or worried about situations, which may be reflected in their daily or professional life.



You are connected to the moon cycles, and are very psychic, artistic, and creative. Trust your intuition and pay attention to your dreams.


Fears are holding you back, you could be misinterpreting situations and expecting the worst. There could be mental blocks and confusion. There could be dishonesty and suppression of emotions.

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