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The Star | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

Following the chaos represented by The Tower card, The Star card ushers in a sense of faith and optimism through its soothing, healing energy. As the card associated with Aquarius, the Star symbolises renewal and reconstruction after enduring significant challenges.

The Star tarot card surrounded by crystals
The Star Tarot Card

This card brings profound serenity and inspiration, serving as a divine blessing from the universe in the form of a new opportunity. It signifies that your life is realigning and falling back into place, offering a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Embrace this moment, as it heralds a period of growth and positive transformation.

The Star Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

Hope after chaos, optimism, recovery, healing, creation, peace, spirituality, life purpose, things coming together, inspiration, renewal, faith, hopefulness, serenity, universal blessings, spiritual insight

Lack of faith, feeling hopeless, loss of purpose, apathy, discouragement, lack of motivation, feeling like giving up, insecurity, lack of confidence, pessimism, lack of trust

Imagery & Symbolism

The imagery of The Star card in tarot often depicts a naked woman kneeling beside a body of water, typically a stream or pool. She is usually shown pouring water from two containers, one onto the land and the other into the water, symbolising a balance between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Above her, a large star shines brightly in the night sky, surrounded by smaller stars. The woman may be surrounded by lush greenery or have one foot in the water and one on the land, representing a connection to both the spiritual and material realms. The overall scene exudes a sense of serenity, hope, and a profound connection to higher guidance.

The Star Tarot Card surrounded by crystals
The Star Tarot Card

Eight Stars: The large yellow star represents the character's core essences, and the seven surrounding stars represent the seven chakras.

Naked Female: Nakedness is a common sign of vulnerability and exposure, suggesting that this is a vulnerable situation for the individual yet she has nothing to hide.

Five Streams of Water: These represent water being poured into the five senses. Five is also a number symbolising changes within the Tarot and numerology.

Flamingo: The Ibis is symbolic of balance, adaptability, purity, mystery, and unity

One Foot in Water, One Foot on Land: Similar to the Temperance card, having one foot on the land can signify the connection with the conscious and reality, and the other foot in the water can signify being connected to the subconscious and the emotional world.

Brown Mountain: The mountain can signify overcoming obstacles and the brown can suggest staying rooted with the earth and reality.

Blooming Flowers: The flowers blooming on the grass are in their beginning stage of life, this signifies hope and renewal.


The Star Tarot Card Meanings


When the Star card appears in a general reading, it is a message from the universe to listen to your inner voice and trust that you are on the path to fulfilling your life purpose. Embrace the support offered to you, as this is a time for moving forward and making progress.

The Star frequently shows up after a stressful period, especially following the tumultuous Tower card. Its presence signifies a renewed sense of optimism and hope after a chaotic event, bringing a promise of tranquillity and healing.


The Star can signify feelings of hopelessness and pessimism about an event, person, or situation. This often follows a chaotic and negative experience, leaving you unmotivated to move forward, which hinders the recovery or rebuilding process. You might feel inclined to give up or find yourself in a state of depression triggered by recent events, leading to a sense of apathy.



When the Star appears in a love or relationship reading, it suggests you are in the process of rebuilding your relationships and regaining your footing. This card often emerges after a relationship breakdown or during a period of healing within a relationship. Seeking guidance and support from your spirit and ancestors is crucial during this time, as they are close and ready to assist you.


The Star can indicate feelings of insecurity and discouragement in relationships. If you are single, it might suggest a sense of hopelessness about finding 'the one,' possibly leading to a desire to give up. During such times, it's important to remember that spirit is on your side, guiding you behind the scenes. You might not be recognising their signs and messages clearly due to clouded thoughts and judgments.



When the Star appears in a career, job, or business reading, it can signify upcoming opportunities or sudden promotions. You might find yourself in the spotlight for a time, which can boost your morale and confidence, especially if you feel the universe is supporting you.

The Star also suggests a period of healing and recovery after business setbacks. Progress will be slow but steady, indicating a rebuilding phase. Additionally, it might suggest the presence of a business angel offering you support or an opportunity.


The Star can signify a period of hopelessness and lack of motivation following business setbacks. Rebuilding your business or career might seem challenging, and you could find yourself job-hunting if you've experienced job loss.

During this time, you may feel a loss of confidence and struggle to maintain a positive outlook. It's essential to seek guidance from your angels and ancestors to help you regain your footing and restore your business or career.



When the Star appears in a financial reading, it typically signifies that your financial situation has the potential to improve. You may have recently faced a financial setback or loss, leading to significant changes. Now, you can anticipate positive financial opportunities coming your way. Alternatively, the Star can also indicate a gradual and steady recovery from a period of recession.


In a reversed position in a financial reading, the Star may indicate a feeling of apathy and a lack of motivation to address your financial situation. External circumstances could be contributing to this inertia, but it's crucial to focus on bolstering your internal motivation and belief in the potential for financial improvement.



In a wellness reading, the Star represents a positive sign of recovery following illness. This card embodies healing and patience, indicating the importance of allowing yourself time to replenish your energy and regain stability. Additionally, the Star can signify a phase of heightened optimism and emotional well-being.


The Star suggests that your wellness journey is steadily progressing, though there might be slight delays in the timeline. Your well-being could be influenced by your optimism regarding recovery or your level of motivation to take necessary actions.


The Star embodies the persona of an optimistic and opportunistic individual who maintains unwavering faith in positive outcomes. This person has likely encountered challenges and setbacks in the past but views them as valuable lessons and catalysts for personal growth. They harness these experiences as stepping stones towards their envisioned future, resiliently moving forward with hope and determination.


Be attuned to the subtle messages from the universe, and don't hesitate to seek guidance from your guides, angels, and ancestors. Engaging with nature, particularly with water elements, can prove profoundly beneficial for you.

The Star tarot card brings forth a period of renewed hope and optimism, signalling the emergence from challenging times into a brighter, more promising future. It instils a sense of assurance that despite past difficulties, better days are on the horizon, encouraging you to maintain faith in the universe's benevolent guidance. This optimistic outlook serves as a beacon of light, illuminating the path forward and infusing your journey with newfound positivity and possibility.


The Star tarot card, when appearing as a negative or disadvantage, may indicate a significant lack of faithfulness and trust in the universe's guidance. It suggests a state of disillusionment where you've grown disheartened and may even have relinquished belief in the supportive forces at play.

In this state, you might overlook or dismiss the signs and synchronicities the universe offers, leading to a sense of disconnect and confusion. It's a signal that you need to realign your energies, possibly through auric cleansing or spiritual practices, as you may have lost touch with your sense of purpose and direction in life.




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