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The Sun | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

A beautiful card of happiness, purity, success, and the inner child. The Sun represents playfulness in all forms. The Sun appearing is a great card of emotionally fulfilling one's life purpose. It is the card of receiving abundance and having a healthy immune system. The card brings warmth, love, confidence, and security. Card of Leo.

The Sun Keywords

​Upright Keywords

​Reversed Keywords

Happiness, purity, confidence, childhood, warmth, inner spirit, playfulness, positivity, courage, fun, trust, security, and life purpose.

Pessimism, lack of happiness, negativity, weak spirit, anticipating celebration, happy facades, lack of fun, repressed inner child, lack of warmth.

Imagery & Symbolism

The imagery of The Sun card in tarot typically features a vibrant and radiant sun shining in a clear blue sky. In the foreground, there may be a child or two dancing or playing joyfully in a field of sunflowers. The sunflowers symbolize growth, vitality, and the positive energy derived from the sun.

The overall scene exudes warmth and happiness, with a wall or a garden in the background representing a secure and protected space. The Sun card's imagery evokes a sense of positivity, success, and the sheer abundance of life.

Naked Child: Nakedness is a sign of vulnerability and a free spirit. The child is symbolic of each of our own inner children and playful nature.

Sunflowers: These symbolise adoration, loyalty, and longevity.

Red Cloth: Can symbolise passion, excitement, energy, and action.

Sun: The sun represents health and vitality, and is a bringer of life.

White Horse: Symbolises purity and innocence of spirit, as well as divine connection to source.

Grey Wall: The wall can be connected to having strong boundaries and courage.


The Sun Tarot Card Meanings


The Sun appearing in general meaning is an extremely positive card that you are reaching a point of self-actualization, it is time for joy and celebration. High creative energy is revealed at this time. Be confident and value your skills and efforts. If you are looking to see if something will be successful, there is a high probability it will be if this card is received.


The Sun can signify a temporary pessimistic outlook. The sun is generally a positive card, so in reverse, it can mean a lack of optimism in a positive situation. It may be that you a pretending to display a false sense of happiness to others, but internally you are feeling more negative. This can result in a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.



The Sun can signify pregnancy or children, so if you are surrounding cards related to pregnancy, this can be a strong indicator of a new inner child within you. Your aura radiates joy and attracts a potential partner if you are single and looking for a relationship. If you are in a relationship, then it is a nurturing relationship where both of you promote loving energy toward each other.


The Sun can indicate feeling temporarily pessimistic about your love life. You may have had a small disagreement with your partner that is making you feel the relationship is spiralling downward when in reality it is not. The Sun can also be a card for anticipating happiness, or a positive event - such as a proposal. Sometimes, The Sun can indicate events or situations that have become negative.



The Sun can signify that your career is aligned with your life purpose and is full of positive outcomes. This is a positive card that can suggest you will flourish in your job, career, and business. It is a great time to have value in yourself and to know your skills are worthy - great for confidence.


The Sun can indicate a lack of internal happiness in your professional life. You may be in a job position or career that is not aligned with your life or soul purpose. You may be desiring a career change in this situation or need some more passion or creativity in your current career. Your position is likely to be secure and safe within your job, career, or your business, however, your feeling of satisfaction and confidence in your ability to achieve and progress may be weakened.



The Sun can indicate stable material assets coming into your finances, which will help them move in a positive direction. The Sun is also a good sign of finances and fortune, as well as the material aspect of the world. Alternatively, The Sun can be interpreted as income or financial profit coming in. It is a card of safety and security with your finances.


The Sun can indicate your financial situation taking a brief and temporary dip, causing hardship. However, it is important to remember this is only temporary and your finances will soon come back into balance. The Sun can also indicate being egocentric or materialistic about your finances. This can be going on financial splurges or shopping sprees to satisfy your desires.



The sun appearing in a healthy position is a positive card indicating health and vitality. The Sun correlates to the Solar Plexus chakra and the immune system, and pulling this card is a good sign of a healthy immune system. This card can also suggest freedom and release, and embracing your inner child and creative aspects of yourself that will heal and nurture you. The Sun can also suggest health issues related to vitamin deficiencies.


The Sun can indicate that you need to be optimistic about your health or recovery. However, as a card of vitality, energy, and action, it may be that you need to work on recovering the physical aspects of your health or be proactive in your recovery. Alternatively, the Sun can indicate unplanned pregnancies or issues around fertility.


The Sun as an individual is an optimistic and confident person. They likely radiate positive energy and are proud and confident in themselves and their abilities. The Sun can indicate a playful and spontaneous individual, who loves adventure and the outdoors. Correlating to the zodiac sign Leo, this individual is an ambitious leader rather than a follower.


The sun indicates you are manifesting your dreams and happiness. You feel as though you can express yourself freely and have lots of room to grow more.


Holding onto a pessimistic mindset, self-doubt, or imposter syndrome. You need to seek inspiration as you are having creative blocks.


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