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What Makes Me Different to Other Psychics?

If you are wondering, "why should I receive a tarot reading or healing from Amber?", and "what makes her different to other readers that I should choose her over them?" then you have come to the right page.

Choosing a psychic, healer or medium is a personal choice and every psychic is different in how they work. There is no set standard for how someone uses divination and interprets the meanings they receive. This is because any form of divination, reading or healing is typically stylized to suit the reader's way and methods. Not only that, but every reader is different, and has different beliefs about how systems work. So it is only natural that you would choose a reader with whom you feel comfortable with.

It also comes down to many other different factors when choosing your personal reader. These factors can include:

  • Pricing and affordability.

  • Skills and experience.

  • The type of divination method used (tarot, Lenormand, tea readings, mediumship, healings).

  • The length of time a psychic reading can be (such as an hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.)

  • The format readings can be received in, whether it's face to face, over zoom, email, or video recording format.

  • The character of the reader themselves.

  • Reputation and reviews.

When I receive readings from psychics, mediums and healers, I always make sure they are experienced first and have the knowledge to do what they need to do. This is why I am going to give you a useful explanation as to why you should choose me as your personal reader.


First of all, who are you?

My name is Amber Benjamin, and I am a psychic medium and healer. I have been trained professionally in these areas and also undergone my own personal development for myself in multiple areas. Psychic tarot readings, healings and mediumship is a loved interest and hobby of mine.

How did you get into this divination and psychic business?

Initially, I was sceptical as everyone else. I never grew up in a spiritual family, nor had a religious family. I was always open-minded from a young age and was a constant dreamer and visionary. My nan openly believed in the afterlife, and beings such as angels. However, as much as I was open-minded to these things, I was very much an "I'll believe it when I see it" type of person.

Growing up I had always been in and out of the hospital, my immune system has always been extremely weak, and I am a massive empath. I would sponge up other people's emotions instantly. All this chaos in my personal life took a toll on me as I reached my teenage years. I was hit with multiple health roadblocks at once, which took years to overcome. When I went to college, all the stress I had suppressed developed into an anxiety disorder with me also combating the obsessive-compulsive disorder. I underwent counselling privately for a long time and was being referred from building to building. I felt as though every day was a battle to survive for the next, and I was constantly crying, having miniature breakdowns, and just felt like my entire life was ending.

During all of this, I got to the point where I was praying to something, I didn't know what I was praying to, but I was just praying constantly for help, whether it was God, the universe, or my spirit guides. Whoever it was, I just wanted help.

I then decided to try to find healing within the holistic area of things, such as aromatherapy, and mindfulness meditation and even purchased my very first Tarot deck. Since then I have developed my beliefs based on all my experience.

You can read more about how I got into this by reading my About Page.

You are only young, how can I trust your experience?

This is very true. I am quite young so you may feel as though I lack a lot of experience in things. However, with youth there comes a useful perspective on certain topics. This makes me more open and receptive to topics such as emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, as in this day and age these things are looked at more so than ever. As they always say, you need to value quality over quantity. I have been to plenty of psychics to tell if the quality of the readings is not for me.

What do you believe in?

I believe that this world is full of multiple wonders, and I keep discovering new beings continuously. What I believe in is very much based on experience. I won't believe in something unless I have evidence myself. Even if other people don't see, hear, or feel it, as long as I do, that's enough evidence for me.

I believe in an afterlife of some sort, as when I bring through passed loved ones who have crossed over, the information is there. I also believe in spirit guides. I know they are as real as can be for me, as I feel them around me all the time. Fairies, dragons, angels and healers from other realms I also believe in, as I have worked with them before.

What are you qualified in spiritually?

I am qualified in tarot, I have done many tarot and advanced tarot courses, and am now at the point in which I self-teach myself based on my experience. I also have an accredited Golden Atlantean Energy Healing certificate and a Multi-Dimensional Dragon Colour Healing certificate. As well as this, I have received my Psychic and Mediumship Level 2 accredited certificate. Other areas I have dabbled in doing courses are Astrology, Reiki, Numerology and plenty more.

Do you read for anyone and everyone?

Yes! I am very inclusive in my readings and accept any beliefs, religions, orientations and political beliefs when it comes to receiving a reading from me. However, I do not read for anyone who directs hostility or is inappropriate toward me.

How have you chosen to price your services?

The price I have chosen for my services is affordable. I value the time, effort and energy I put into a reading, and a transaction for this energy needs to take place. I never offer free readings (unless I am live), nor will I directly message you asking for you to request a reading. If you would like a reading, it will be out of your own free will. I am comfortable and confident with my prices and have charged them the price I feel stands well with the quality I provide.

Do you do in-person readings?

I am unable to visit your location to provide a reading, and you are unable to visit me to receive a reading. However, I do offer one-to-one zoom sessions for an hour where you can ask any questions.

I also offer my services over email for those who would rather not talk directly and are restricted with time, and a video recorded footage option if you choose this preference.

What type of readings do you specialize in?

I am confident in doing readings to do with a variety of different themes. These range from business, financial situations and career to romantic questions, soulmates, and family issues. I am also able to conduct readings on specialty areas such as diving into past life scenarios, the inner child, the unconscious and more.

What tools are you able to use?

I use tarot cards, oracle cards, dice and charms mostly. However, I also incorporate crystal readings and mediumship into readings if the spirit wishes to do so.

Overall, there are multiple reasons why you should choose a specific psychic, medium, or healer. These are some of the reasons why I could be the perfect reader for you.

If you wish to receive your very own personal reading, healing or mediumship with me, please have a look at the services I offer here.

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Unknown member
Sep 14, 2021

Loved this article! It is great you are highlighting your qualities.


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