What Makes Me Different to Other Psychics?

If you are wondering, "why should I receive a tarot reading or healing from Amber?", and "what makes her different to other readers that I should choose her over them?" then you have come to the right page.

Choosing a psychic, healer or medium is a personal choice and every psychic is different in how they work. There is no set standard for how someone uses divination and interprets the meanings they receive. This is because any form of divination, reading or healing is typically stylized to suit the reader's way and methods. Not only that, but every reader is different, and has different beliefs about how systems work. So it is only natural that you would choose a reader with whom you feel comfortable with.

It also comes down to many other different factors when choosing your personal reader. These factors can include:

  • Pricing and affordability.

  • Skills and experience.

  • The type of divination method used (tarot, Lenormand, tea readings, mediumship, healings).

  • The length of time a psychic reading can be (such as an hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.)

  • The format readings can be received in, whether it's face to face, over zoom, email, or video recording format.

  • The character of the reader themselves.

  • Reputation and reviews.

When I receive readings from psychics, mediums and healers, I always make sure they are experienced first and have the knowledge to do what they need to do. This is why I am going to give you a useful explanation as to why you should choose me as your personal reader.


First of all, who are you?

My name is Amber Benjamin, and I am a psychic medium and healer. I have been trained professionally in these areas and also undergone my own personal development for myself in multiple areas. Psychic tarot readings, healings and mediumship is a loved interest and hobby of mine.