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Reviews: Testimonials


Carolyn Hyland, UK

This was the first time I had experienced a mediumship and found my reading/session, recorded and shared privately, was not only fascinating but resonated deeply on several levels. Amber explained many things as she communicated with the person I had asked her to connect with using different decks of tarot and crystals and her spirit guides. The beauty of having the recorded reading is that on a private link, I am able to access the session and watch and listen many times. I highly recommend Amber and want to thank her for the amount of time and effort she puts in to connecting with passed loved ones.

Jess Murray, UK

Amber has a very beautiful and kind soul. Although my reading was a very intense one as I knew it would be. She powered through it. Approached delicate details and events with pure empathy and understanding. She was very thorough and provided accurate descriptions and details. I also found comfort in knowing that the energy I felt that I was recieving all along from the otherside was very much abundant and full of love and positivity. I definitely reccomend this mediumship reading to anyone who would like to connect to a lost loved one. Amber is a shining star. I will 100% be purchasing another reading from her very soon!

Cailan Toohey

So so happy with my reading! I got into tarot not too long ago and have been trying to explore different readers. You were thorough and intuitive, and I felt like you really took your time. I also appreciate that you kept explaining what cards were indicating a certain message and what they represent. I will definitely be coming back for more readings in the future!

Makalah Perry, USA

Amber was absolutely so amazing. When I first got introduced to tarot I went to many readers, but none of them has come close to the precision, thoroughness & spot-on as Amber. You definitely have a customer in me 🤍

Kellie Allen, UK

I had amazing mediumship reading with Amber yesterday where Amber connected to one of my Spirit Guides. She was able to help me with guidance and confirmed things Amber wouldn’t have known. Blown away! Highly recommend Amber. Thank you so much. x

Kavya, India

I contacted Amber for an Oracle reading, and it was an amazing experience! Her observations were accurate and quite informative. Every single thing she said resonated with me and was true to my situation. She also gave me some excellent advice on how to move forward. I'm super excited to see how this situation unfolds in the future. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in life and wants some guidance.

Irene Skouloudis, NY

As a beginner Tarot reader myself it is hard to read yourself without overthinking your cards. I found Amber from Lisa Boswell’s Instagram and thank god I did! She was honest, raw and gentle with the information that she received for my love reading. She shares with you insights on what you can do to achieve your goal and gives you hope at the same time. It was extremely on-point and accurate. Thank you, Amber.

Lynn Monica, USA

I had a psychic medium session with my mother in love Julie she discussed everything clearly and accurately. Said some very current situations that are happening right now with family asking for $. Talked about my pup and how she is not eating well and needs more water. I feel so Uplifted as I knew she is in a good place and I can always reach out to her. Hugs 🤗 Amber is so kind-hearted and gentle I love her light and how she shines with the world.

Bryanna Reyes, USA

I’ve had a few readings from amber now, I can hands down say she’s the best! If you considering getting a reading I 100% recommended Amber. (:

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