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Image by Anthony Tran

Elemental Fairies Workshop

Dive into the faery realm by joining my 4-hour workshop on connecting with the elemental faeries. 

What is included in the workshop?


Workshop Contents:

  • The Faeries We Know of Today

  • Who and What are the Fairies?

  • Fairy Culture & History

  • The Conflicting Opinions Surrounding the Fae

  • Using Correct Fae Terms - Faerie? Fairy? Fae Folk?

  • Fairy Beliefs, Religion & Wicca

  • Paracelsus and the Elementals

  • Sylphs, Undines, Gnomes & Salamanders

  • Trooping and Solitary Fairies

  • What Fairies Do & Their Roes on Earth

  • Fairies and Manifestation

  • Faeries, Devas & Crystals

  • Beliefs Around Fairies Impacting Health & Healing

  • Fairy Wings and Wands

  • Where you can Find Faeries and Elementals

  • The Concept of the Fairy Realm or 'FairyLand'

  • Faeries and the Atlantean Civilisation

  • Fairy Sightings and Hoaxes - Cottingley Faeries

  • Theories of the Origins of Fairies

  • Fairy Culture and Lifestyle

  • Fairy Gardens & Fairy Doors

  • Fairy Rings and Folklore

  • Fairy Themed Decks - Tarot & Oracle

  • Why  the Fairies are Returning to us Now

  • How you can connect with the fairy beings

  • Crystals you can use to connect with the faeries

  • The Good VS the Bad Fairies

  • Protection Against Negative and Mischievous Fae


Faery Facts #1

Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, believed in the existence of faeries. He even wrote a book called 'The Coming of the Faeries'.

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