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About Amber's Utopia

Located in the county of Wiltshire and as the founder of Amber's Utopia, I am proud to be offering confidential psychic tarot card readings, psychic mediumship, and distance energy healings.

My aim as a reader is to encourage and empower you to embody who you truly are and uncover the things that could be holding you back within your unconscious.

Although I offer a range of services, my speciality is in reading the tarot. This allows me to help querents discover what they wish to know.

These readings come with honest guidance and show the strengths and weaknesses you may have on your path and how you can overcome these obstacles.

Interested in more? Read about me here.

Amber Benjamin

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  • Introduces you to the science and history behind crystals and their healing properties

  • Tips on developing your relationship with your spirit guides

  • Understand the basics of Astrology, including the planets, houses, and how to interpret your chart

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