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If Faeries Exist, Why Can't We See Them?

A small cottage in the woods.
Faery House

The existence of faeries has been debated for so long. But, if faeries do exist, why can't we see them?

When I first started learning about my own spiritual path and developing my own unique philosophies, I would have never dreamed of educating myself on creatures and beings seen as just a myth by modern society.

However, being the curious person I am, I love to understand things that have not been proven to be an actual physical existence. This includes my love and fascination for lost or mythical cities, paranormal and occult understandings, and creatures and beings not yet proven to exist.

Just like the city of Atlantis remaining to be known as a lost or non-existent city by the rest of the globe, Faeries are also seen as creatures of myths.

What are Faeries?

Faeries, also spelt as Fae and Fairy, are portrayed in the media as mythical beings who can fly, have magical abilities and live a relatively cautious and quiet lifestyle. At least, this is what the media states, particularly in movies, children's stories, and folk tales.

However, during the time I was fascinated and decided to research and learn about these creatures, I discovered there is a whole fae world out there. There are faerie religions, people who go faerie spotting, and believers who claim they see them regularly.

This brings up the question; Why is it some people can see faeries, and others can't?

I'm not claiming I'm an expert on the subject of 'faeries' at all, however, to bring it back to basics for those reading this, Faeries are part of the group of creatures known as elementals.

The elementals are creatures said to reside in the element which they have been manifested in; commonly known as the earth, water, fire and air elements.

Better yet, faeries aren't just creatures who fly around. The term 'Faeries' is actually an umbrella term for the multitude of creatures that live in these elements, known as 'elementals'.

Commonly known creatures who fall under the umbrella term 'Faerie' include:

Water Elementals:

The faeries who belong to the water elemental group are also known as water sprites, undines, or most commonly, mermaids. These creatures live close to lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and water sources.

Earth Elementals:

The faeries who belong to the earth elemental groups can also be known as goblins, gnomes and creatures who live underground. From my understanding, I believe this is the type of group of fae that is most discovered, as they reside in woodland areas, trees, natural forests, and fields.

Fire Elementals:

The faeries who belong to the fire elemental group are also known as salamanders. I have read that these are the most difficult to see and sight, and there is probably the least information about these elements.

Air Elementals:

The faeries who belong to the air elemental group are also known as air sprites or sylphs. These creatures have the ability to fly and control the air. They have wings, which probably make them the most widely commonly known form of faerie.

The fae inhabit these areas of the elements and are also able to control the flow of the elements. There are plenty of folk stories describing natural events of nature being caused by faeries, or attempts of warnings being provided by the faeries to humans to warn them in advance of natural disasters.

So if faeries exist, why can't we see them?

To answer this question, let me talk about the first and only time (so far) I have ever seen a faerie.

When I first saw a faerie, I was in my bedroom, which was a shocker as usually they are sighted in environments such as forests and rivers.

I was sat typing away on my laptop, it was during the day, no different to any other. I turned to look to my right and I saw a small creature staring at me as I was typing. It looked like a stick figure and was extremely thin.

I remember clearly that as soon as the tiny creature saw me look at them, the creature ran across the bed and vanished into thin air. It happened quite quickly and I wasn't able to fully process it. However, I was certain I saw this with my physical eye, and it was such a clear moment for me.

But why did I see it during that moment? During this time of my life:

  • I wasn't actively looking to see a faerie

  • I was learning about them, but I didn't know enough

  • I held a mini workshop on educating people about the faeries around this time

  • I was growing my spiritual and psychic connection a lot

  • I did many faerie-related meditations and healings during this time, but I never saw one, only felt their energy

I came to a rough conclusion that because I was actively connecting with them and their energy, one day, while I was working a faerie must have been interested in what I was doing. There was no malicious intent whatsoever, it felt more like the faerie was interested in my life. I hadn't seen that faerie since, but I am certain it was probably a sylph.

I want to see a faerie, what can I do?

I don't think you will be able to see a faerie just by sheerly 'wanting' to. I believe you have to actively get involved, and show them that you care. I haven't seen a faerie since this time, but that most likely is because I haven't been as active in investing myself in faerie culture.

Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Set an intention with the fae and your spirit guides that you would like to connect with the faeries who work with love and kindness. There are also many mischievous faes described in lore, so you have to be careful with the faeries you connect with.

  • Develop your spiritual connection and abilities, this could be through meditation, divination, or mediumship. Meditations where you meet your faerie spirit guide are a great help.

  • Connect with the elements of water, earth, fire and air. It is also great for your mental wellbeing.

  • Pursue your goals and passions to keep your vibration high, faeries are attracted to high energies.

  • Engage in a creative endeavour. Faeries love music, art, dance and culture, which are attractive hobbies for them.

  • Participate in environmental activities. This can be through gardening, watering plants, and recycling. Faeries are environmental creatures, so protecting the environment, and being kind can go a long way.

  • Be kind to animals and every creature. Faeries love interacting with and protecting animals and will most likely appear if you are an animal-friendly person.


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