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How to Read Tarot Card Reversals & Should You Read Them? | A Beginners Guide

If you are struggling with how you can read tarot card reversals to improve your tarot reading technique, or if you should read them, then you are in the right place.

Understanding how to read tarot card reversals clearly and correctly is a major benefit for tarot card readers to add depth to their tarot readings.

In this article, you will understand:

  • Why you should read tarot card reversals

  • Why some tarot readers don't read tarot reversals

  • How you can read tarot card reversals

Why you should read Tarot card reversals:

Most tarot readers who use tarot reversals in their readings will have different ideas of how to read them. Usually, reversals are used to add depth to a reading and can give a whole new range of meanings for the reader to use. Depending on the reading, the range of interpretations you use is much more and isn't limited.

Why some tarot readers don't read tarot reversals:

Not all tarot card readers learn reversals or use them in readings. This doesn't mean their readings are not valuable and precise, it is just a personal preference. Personally, I know how to read tarot reversals, however, I don't read tarot reversals in the majority of my readings and only use them for specific questions or tarot spreads.

Some readers never learn to read tarot reversals, but instead know how to interpret the upright tarot cards enough to pick up on situations that reversal cards do.

Watch my video below to learn how you can read tarot card reversals:

How you can read Tarot reversals:

1. Look at the opposite meaning

The most common method is to interpret the tarot cards in the opposite way. Whatever the upright meaning is, what is the opposite effect of that card?

For example, The Tower in an upright position will usually indicate chaos happening due to rocky foundations. In reverse, The Tower can commonly mean that a chaotic event has been avoided, but it will probably happen eventually.

Another example is the 6 of Swords, which indicates moving away from a mentally distressing situation in an upright position. In reverse, it can mean that you are staying stuck in the situation and are prolonging moving away from distress.

2. Internal & external meanings

3. Think of it as 50% less

Tarot Tip!

If you want to learn how to read tarot card reversals fast. Try performing tarot card reversal-only readings. You can perform readings as usual, but instead of pulling upright cards, pull them all out in reverse and interpret them together!

You can learn more about tarot card meanings in my free library here.


Tarot card reversals don't have to be difficult and can be done with many different methods. Choosing a method that works for you is the most important thing when reading Tarot reversals.


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