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20 things to declutter to be more organised today

Sometimes it can feel like there is too much going on in life. Personally, I feel like this all the time. It can feel like having so much to do when in reality all we need to do is to create a space where we can breathe.

There have been so many instances where I have needed to find something, but I have had to search through the tones of tragic letters left around the house, or through the thousands of emails I have sitting in my inbox not categorised into folders.

One thing that decluttering has taught me, is that even though the task is so boring and heinous, it's worth it. Trust me. You will feel much more organised and less stressed if you go through this list.

Mentally, our minds chatter a lot, and you may even find tidying or cleaning the space around you can simply make you feel at ease.

There are so many things you can sort out RIGHT NOW!

Here is your personal checklist of 20 things to declutter from your life to be more organised today!

Things to declutter in your environment:

  • Your living space

  • Your kitchen cupboards

  • Chipped cups, plates or unused cutlery

  • Spoiled foods and drink

  • Unused clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories

  • DVD's, CD's, Albums, Games and other digital devices you don't use or need

Things to declutter online:

  • Organise your emails into categories or folders

  • What email lists are you subscribed to? Maybe it's better to unsubscribe from those unnecessary

  • Organise your phone apps or delete any unused apps to save space, there will likely be a couple of apps you need to update as well

  • Organise your phone contacts and delete those you don't need

  • Declutter your Facebook friends, I mean, who has 1756 friends anyway?

  • Declutter who you follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - it's beneficial to only follow accounts that spread positive energy and you are actually interested in

  • Declutter your phone gallery into folders, move your photos into a storage device such as a USB stick or create a photo album

  • The apps, files, and folders on your computer or laptop... There is probably a lot on there

  • Your Netflix, IMDB, VIKI, or Disney+ watch list - always nice to see where you are at in a show

  • Books or magazines you no longer need

  • Expired or unused makeup, perfume, or body care

Important things to declutter:

  • Your financial transactions - maybe it's time to see where your spending is going?

  • Letters... there are so many to go through and categorise into files!

  • Receipts and important documents you need to keep and find quickly

The list may seem overwhelming at first, but there is probably a lot more you can declutter. I would suggest starting with the most important things you must declutter, such as letters or emails.


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