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Atlantean Healing | What is This Healing Modality?

Would you like to receive the beautiful energy healing known as Atlantean Healing? Book with me here!

You may have noticed that sometimes I post about Atlantis, or make references to the Egyptian or Greek culture a lot during my spiritual journey. There is a huge reason for this. This is because very recently I had the amazing opportunity to learn and develop a holistic healing practice known as Golden Atlantean Crystal & Energy Healing.

Atlantean Healing has been around for many years, but it is only recently that more people are becoming aware of this type of healing and are taking opportunities to train to become a practitioner or a master.

Birkin Tore
Birkin Tore

Atlantean Healing is originally channelled by Birkin Tore, an intuitive medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner. He has trained thousands of practitioners in this healing modality, many of whom go on to create successful healing or spiritual related businesses.

Since then, many practitioners have been training other new Atlantean Healers in hopes of bringing this holistic healing modality back into the mainstream.

Successful names such as Diana Cooper have also written a huge amount of books, hosted successful workshops, and have millions of supporters from across the globe sharing their own personal experiences with Atlantis and Atlantean Healing.

Atlantis is a large diverse subject of speculation and controversy. Many people all over the globe claim that they have once lived a past life in the lost civilization, and others are certain is it just a fictional tale historians and philosophers have made up.

Diana Cooper
Diana Cooper

Atlantean healing has its roots in Atlantis. Yes, the lost city of the Atlantean Civilization. This is the same Atlantis you have probably heard myths and legends about when you were a child.

Atlantis is well known as a legendary and fictional civilization known for its advanced cultural technology, as well as the tragedy that struck when it disappeared into the depths of the ocean overnight.

To this day, many archaeologists, historians, adventurers, and seekers debate the belief of this extraordinary lost city actually exists. There have been multiple books written and documentaries decoding a vast amount of possible theories and explanations of where Atlantis could have possibly sunk. But the real question that most of us would like answered is, did Atlantis even exist?

According to many spiritualists and new-age writers, many people who seek to learn the Atlantean Healing modality, or any other similar healing, most likely had a previous past life living in Atlantis. According to Diana Cooper and Shaaron Hutton, in their book Discover Atlantis, they claim that "Almost everyone on Earth has had an incarnation in Atlantis, where great spiritual and technological knowledge was amassed beyond anything we can currently comprehend."

Authors such as Diana Cooper and Tim Whild believe that Atlantis was a civilization which harboured many powerful healers during its Golden Atlantean Age, this was an age in which the Atlantean's spiritual abilities and gifts were at their peak during this time. This same healing modality has, sure enough, found its way back to us in the present time.

In Atlantis, the Atlanteans were thought to be highly advanced and spiritual beings, and could easily see high vibrational energies such as our aura, our energetic fields, and misalignments in our systems. This allowed the Atlanteans to see how these energy fields were affecting the Atlanteans of this time and knew the methods and procedures of aligning them back into what is best for the person.

According to Plato, an ancient historian, philosopher and writer, the Atlanteans would also use crystals within their healing methods as they believed they held healing powers to aid in personal healing. This is why so many crystal lovers today believe that crystals hold amazing healing properties to help us bring our energies into balance.

Of course, the crystals of today's world were not as powerful as back in the Atlantean Golden Age. This is due to the fact that over time, many of the Crystals were weakened due to the negativity on the Earth during this time. Many of the beliefs were also suppressed so the natural power from the Earth's source began to lay dormant.

The people from Atlantis believed that misalignments in the auric field and energy system resulted in various diseases and lack of functioning, therefore, Atlantean Healing is designed to focus on realigning the auric field and bring the energy systems back into balance.

What Does Atlantean Healing Feel Like?

When I conduct an Atlantean Healing session, either for myself or a client. I always feel the energy as calming and safe. I know my guides are there looking over the session, and I feel completely at peace, able to relax. It's as if I am completely focused on just being still in the present moment. The energy is also very soothing, and it's a beautiful energy one would want to stay in.

One of the things I love to do is use crystals during my session, so whilst I'm sending the healing, I am also connecting in with the crystalline energy and using a diagram of the body on which I can directly place written intentions and crystals on. This way I can interact with the energy field both visually and psychically. Another thing I love to add is doing some short oracle card readings just before or after a session, so both I and the client know where we are sending our intentions.

Atlantean Healing works by the practitioner entering into one's energy field, and sending authentic Atlantean energy into a client's energy system to realign, balance, and cleanse them to suit what is best for their needs.

Many clients and practitioners describe their experience with Atlantean energy as:

  • Peaceful, soothing, calming and relaxing.

  • They can feel cold and warm sensations.

  • Tingles, and light touches.

  • Seeing visual colours, and symbols.

  • Emotional releases.

  • Memories resurfacing.

  • Some can see passed loved ones, their guides, and masters.

  • Isis and Thoth may appear (these are who I work with).

  • Dragons, fairies, unicorns, and a variety of animals (also associated with Atlantis).

  • Some see past life images.

These are just some of the few ways, however, the healing is different for everyone.

As the practitioner and the person giving the healing, I always feedback to my client on what I am seeing and sensing, such as the alignments of their chakras, auric field, as well as any symbols I see. I see plenty of colours and images, as well as can see layers of certain past lives which can be brought up to be released.

What happens after a session?

After a session, it is highly recommended for you to hold a grounding crystal (if you have any) and drink plenty of water. When I personally do the healing, I believe it carries on being sent for a few days afterwards, which means lots of releases can appear. Unlike healing modalities such as Reiki, in which a client can experience intense amounts of emotional releases and physical sensations, Atlantean Healing is much more of a gentler release and it is less common for clients to experience a healing crisis.

If you would like to book your own personal distance session with me, which lasts for approximately 30 minutes, book here.

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