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Eight of Pentacles | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Eight of Pentacles shows an individual working on crafting a coin, and above him, he shows off the other coins he has crafted prior. Behind him is a village, and he uses a hammer and nail to engrave the pentacle.

The Eight of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meanings

Training, craftmanship, learning, education, routine, talents, self-confidence, life's purpose, pride, repetitive mastery, self-study, career progress, hobbies.

Doubting skills, lacking preparation or practice, easily affected by failure, self-criticism, improving one's inner self, loss of ambition, lack of hobbies, underqualified.

Imagery & Symbolism

Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles

Hammer & Nail: The tools used can symbolise creation and manifestation.

Coins: The coins represent money, time, resources, and work.

City: In the distance, the city can symbolise the busy work-life and security of earning.

Character: The character is dedicated and focused on his work, which shows his self-confidence with his skills.


The Eight of Pentacles Keywords


The Eight of Pentacles is the card of the learner and crafter. This card usually appears during a time when you are learning valuable skills and honing your craft. You may already be a professional in a particular craft, or you're learning to develop yourself in some way further. If you are looking to turn a particular hobby of yours into a career, you can be sure to earn an income with your talent.


The Eight of Pentacles in reverse will typically indicate a lack of confidence or low self-esteem in your skills and craftsmanship. You may feel underqualified, or feel you are not trained or prepared enough to keep going with your talents. You may lack motivation, or passion for hobbies that you once used to. Alternatively, you can be easily affected by failure or criticism.



In a relationship reading, the Eight of Pentacles represents relationships that are being developed and nurtured. Your relationship is moving forward consistently, which is great, and both you and your partner are focused on your individual goals. There is healthy independence in your relationships, and each of you can be focused on your career ambitions, without it impacting negatively on your relationship.


The Eight of Pentacles in reverse represents relationships that are struggling to develop. There may be a lack of effort being put in or not enough time dedicated to the development of your relationships. You may not feel motivated to put the effort in or feel the passion in your relationship is not there. This is a temporary feeling, there is passion, but your feelings are clouding your judgment.



In a reading that is work-related, the Eight of Pentacles is a great card to represent progress building in your career. You are working hard towards your goals, and are developing your skills and talents in your career or at work. If you are aiming to learn a new skill, chances are you excel at it. You will likely find your newest talents and passion in the workplace. If The Hierophant card supports the Eight of Pentacles, you may be learning about spiritual faith or development.


The Eight of Pentacles in reverse can indicate a loss of passion in your work. You may feel like you are not talented enough, or are developing 'imposter syndrome' in your career. This card can mean that your reputation at work is not very good, and you feel your failures define you. You are prone to self-criticism, particularly if supported by the Nine of Swords.



In a financial-related reading, the Eight of Pentacles can represent the working life of a person who earns an income. This is a great card to receive as it means that what you are doing is making money roll in for you. You may be developing your skills and talents in a particular interest, and hope to make money with that - you will likely excel.


The Eight of Pentacles in reverse can represent struggling to earn money through your hobbies and interests or at work. If you are thinking of or doing a side hustling business, it may be best to hold off until you feel absolutely confident in your skills, as you may need to learn more. Alternatively, it is a good idea to educate yourself on financial planning and handling as this will be very beneficial for your future.



In a health reading, the Eight of Pentacles is a good omen for good health progress. It is a sign that you are spiritually grounded and focused on your wellness. It is also a sign that the work or career that you are in contributes positively to your health. If you are consistent with your well-being, you will see the rewards of your effort soon.


The Eight of Pentacles in reverse can suggest you are feeling unconfident or unsure about your health. You may feel you aren't steering in the right direction or are not being consistent with your health and wellness plans. It may be time to research or learn more about your health and wellness or look for someone who could teach you a bit more about improving your well-being.


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