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Eight of Swords | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Eight of Swords shows a character tied up with a rope and unable to move. They are surrounded by swords, which restrict their movement.

The Eight of Swords Keywords

Upright Meanings

Reversed Meanings

Trapped, stuck, lack of clarity, restriction, fear, doubt, comfort zone, hitting a brick wall, unable to escape, internal fear, lack of hope.

Freedom, safety, escapism, clarity, moving forward, direction, foresight, understanding, removal of fear.

Imagery & Symbolism

Eight of Swords
Eight of Swords

Castle: The castle represents comfort, safety, and home. The character does not see the castle as they are consumed by their negative mindset.

Swords: The swords surround the character, making it difficult for them to escape and see a path out.

Water: The small puddle of water can suggest the disorganized and upsetting emotions that come with the card.

Blindfold: In divination, blindfolds are symbolic of a lack of clarity and foresight.

Rope: The rope indicates feelings of being trapped and restriction of movement.


Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings


The Eight of Swords in a general meaning can indicate that you are feeling stuck and fearful in a situation. It is difficult to leave or escape from, and you feel powerless and restricted in your ability to move forward.


The Eight of Swords can indicate that you have the power to move forward or escape from a restrictive situation. This can suggest you are gaining back your previous power, or understand that in reality, you can leave a situation if you truly want to.



In a relationship reading, the Eight of Swords can indicate feeling powerless in a relationship. It is possible that you feel stuck with your partner, and are unable to escape. Sometimes, the Eight of Swords can be the card of a victim who is trapped or stuck within a relationship.

In reality, you are not truly stuck, and you hold the power to leave your relationship. Fear is what holds you back. Alternatively, the Eight of Swords can indicate relationships that are stuck in one place and lack progress.


The Eight of Swords means that you are regaining your power back within a relationship. You are able to escape and are gaining more clarity on the situation you are in. You are able to understand how to move forward or escape from feeling stuck.



In a reading that is work-related, the Eight of Swords will typically suggest you feel stuck or at a standstill in your work or career. You may have hit a brick wall, and feel like you can move forward or see the path ahead. This creates fear and uncertainty about your future, making you feel powerless. It is probably a good time to leave this situation and take a step back to gain some clarity on what steps you can take next.


The Eight of Swords can indicate you are breaking free of the stuck pattern in your career. It is likely that you have been feeling at a standstill, unable to move forward or where to go next. However, in reverse, the Eight of Swords is a positive sign that suggests any restriction or obstacles will be slowly lifted, allowing you to progress in your career.



In a financial-related reading, the Eight of Swords can suggest you are stuck in your financial situation and feel as though there is no way out. In reality, there are ways out, however, you are unable to see these methods clearly due to being blinded by fear of your financial situation.


The Eight of Swords can indicate solutions are appearing for your financial situation that allow you to progress steadily and move forward. Although there will still be obstacles and hindrances to your progress, there will still be movement forward that will allow you to feel less restricted in your financial situation.



In a health reading, the Eight of Swords can indicate coming to a standstill in your health progress. It is likely that your health has prevented you from completing tasks or ambitions, making you feel that your progress is less than usual. You may be feeling unmotivated and have a lack of passion when it comes to progress.


The Eight of Swords means that you are slowly gaining back your momentum and ambition. Although it is not fully there, a little step forward can go a long way in removing any feeling of fear or doubt in your progress. You are feeling safer and have more clarity regarding any health conditions.


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