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Five of Swords | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

The Five of Swords depicts a scene of conflict where one character is the winner and the other two have lost the fight.

Five of Swords Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Trickery, jealousy, losing, loss, defeat, reputational damage, dignity, arguments, disagreements, selfishness, conflicting change, competition.

Losing battles, avoidance, burdens, guilt, remorse, relief, opportunities, healing, learning from mistakes, regrets, trauma, memories, forgiveness, acceptance.

Imagery & Symbolism

Five of Swords
Five of Swords

Swords: There are three swords held by the victor, and two swords on the floor, which indicates giving up on conflict and defeat in war.

Clouds: The clouds are sharp and staggered, which indicates stress, tension, and feelings of overwhelm.

Water: In divination, water indicates emotion, it is hidden in the back behind the figures, and is also resting. This can suggest conflict is overall settling.


Five of Swords Tarot Card Meanings


The Five of Swords traditionally describes a situation where you may have had a disagreement or are involved in a conflict. It is a card of defeat that suggests you will lose something that is important to you, predicting misfortune.


The Five of Swords can be a card of regret and guilt. It can suggest you regret your previous actions and are in a stage of reflection. You are likely feeling guilty and remorseful for how a situation has turned out. This does not matter even if you are the victor of the problem, as the bitter feelings still remain.



In a relationship reading, the Five of Swords can suggest you are in conflict with your partner or have had a falling out due to a disagreement. The Five of Swords can indicate that you may have been taken advantage of, or their motives for your relationship are not completely trustworthy. If paired with an infidelity card, the Five of Swords can suggest infidelity.


The Five of Swords can indicate a bitter loss on your end. Your partner is likely the victor in the conflict, but there are still issues and problems that cause conflict in your relationship. The conflicts have not been solved in a healthy way, which can leave a scar on your relationship. Alternatively, the Five of Swords can indicate forgiveness and get back together.



In a reading that is work-related, the Five of Swords can suggest conflict, disagreements, and dishonesty in a work environment. It is possible that you are being taken advantage of, and this can suggest being underpaid, lied to, or being overworked in return for your time, skill and effort.


The Five of Swords can suggest internal career and business conflicts such as theft, robbery, and plagiarism. There is a lack of trust between you and your business partners, as it is likely you work in an environment that is hostile and aggressive.



In a financial-related reading, the Five of Swords suggests that you conflict with your financial situation. Your financial situation may be taken advantage of by other people, who use or take your money without giving anything in return. It is important that you be careful who you trust, and try not to give or borrow money from others.


The Five of Swords can indicate the relief of financial conflict. This can indicate your finances are slowly falling back into place, or that debts are being repaid slowly. It is important to still be cautious, as you can fall back into the trap of being taken advantage of easily. You may be coming to financial compromises, or reflecting on your previous mistakes.



In a wellness reading, the Five of Swords can indicate physical conditions caused by stress and conflict. It can be a warning card that predicts your situation may spiral or get worse if you continue how you are currently moving forward. It is important to solve any disagreements and conflicts before they get out of control.


The Five of Swords can indicate that your wellness problems are caused by conflict and stress. It can be a card of forgiveness and resolution, which can help your health improve in the long run. If someone else is the cause of your health problems, the Five of Swords suggests bitter forgiveness.



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