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Strength | Symbology & Interpretations | Tarot Card Meanings

A symbol of infinite courage and power, the Strength tarot card holds the astrological energy of Leo, where leadership and willpower are important to overcome obstacles. It is a card of calmness and compassion and portrays and well-respected and graceful leader. Harnessing the animal instinct is highly valuable when this card appears.

Strength tarot card surrounded by crystals
Strength Tarot Card

The Strength tarot card symbolises courage, resilience, and inner strength, depicted by a woman calmly taming a lion. It emphasises the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, urging individuals to tap into their inner resources to confront challenges with grace and determination.

This card encourages embracing qualities like patience, compassion, and self-control, highlighting that true power comes from within.

Strength Keywords

Upright Keywords

Reversed Keywords

Power, control, grace, respect, leadership, authority, balance, courage, accomplishment, success

Weakness, cowardice, self-doubt, lack of confidence, vulnerability, self-esteem, lack of courage, lack of leadership

Imagery & Symbolism

The Strength card typically features a woman and a lion. The woman is usually shown gently taming or soothing the lion, often with her bare hands. The woman's calm demeanour and ability to control the lion through non-aggressive means convey a message of inner mastery and control over primal instincts.

The woman on the Strength card may be depicted with an infinity symbol above her head, representing infinite strength and resilience. She might also be surrounded by a wreath of flowers or leaves, indicating a connection to nature and the softer, nurturing aspects of strength.

Strength tarot card surrounded by crystals
Strength Tarot Card

Lion: The lion is being tamed by the character, who is holding its jaw with one hand a stroking the head of the lion with the other.

Calm Demeanor: The woman's calm demeanour and ability to control the lion through non-aggressive means convey a message of inner mastery and control over primal instincts.

Lemniscate Symbol: The Lemniscate symbol, resembling the infinity symbol, conveys the idea of infinite potential and enduring strength. It suggests that the strength within you is boundless and eternal, offering a reminder of your capacity to overcome any challenge.

Mountain: The presence of a mountain symbolises the obstacles you must confront on your journey. Mountains represent challenges that may seem insurmountable at first glance but can be conquered with determination and resilience.

White Dress: The white dress worn by the figure in the Strength card symbolises qualities of gentleness, purity, and innocence. It suggests that true strength arises from a place of compassion and kindness, rather than aggression or force. The figure's attire serves as a visual representation of the gentle yet powerful nature of inner strength.

Flowers: Flowers scattered throughout the scene carry rich symbolism as well. In divination, flowers signify abundance, growth, and connection with nature. They represent the cycle of life, renewal, and the nurturing vitality that sustains all living things. The presence of flowers in the Strength card suggests that true strength emerges from embracing the natural cycles of growth and transformation, reminding you to cultivate your inner resources with care and nurturing.


Strength Tarot Card Meanings


The Strength tarot card signifies the necessity of accessing your inner reservoir of willpower to overcome challenging circumstances. Despite facing fears and doubts that seek to dominate you, it underscores your inherent strength and resilience. This card embodies courage, bravery, and unwavering conviction, serving as a potent reminder of your inner capacity to surmount obstacles with determination and fortitude.


Strength in the tarot can sometimes indicate a struggle with confidence and self-doubt regarding your capacity to tackle challenges. It may suggest a tendency to try to exert control forcefully when what's truly required is a more subtle, patient approach characterised by gentle strength.



The strength card can suggest an element of control within relationships, however, it can also represent needing to take back your power of independence or individuality. It can also portray relationships that need extra strength and courage to move forward. Typically, these relationships are strong and caring and each partner will have a healthy amount of confidence and independence with each other.


Strength can signify an unhealthy power balance in relationships. This can mean that one partner is taking control and possibly using their power and position to dominate and overpower the other. This can signify that the other partner feels powerless and dependent on the other. Alternatively, this card can signify insecurity and self-esteem issues in relationships, leading to a lack of confidence.



Strength can represent a graceful and respected leader who can take risks with confidence and assurance. You are likely able to work confidently towards your career goals and pull through upcoming obstacles with grace. Alternatively, if you are within a workspace, this card can suggest those who need to display gentle strength and courage, and not be too submissive to orders.


Strength can signify being insecure or lacking confidence in the workplace or career. You may be susceptible to imposter syndrome, where you doubt your ability and feel like a possible fraud. In these situations, it is important to be mindful and trust in your higher power. Self-love and creating boundaries are important.



Strength in the tarot may indicate a willingness to take bold financial risks, such as making significant investments or large purchases. These decisions are likely to be made with confidence and a sense of responsibility, reflecting a controlled and measured approach to financial matters.


Strength signifies irresponsible overspending when you don't have enough money or spending compulsively. This can cause a lack of control and power over your financial situation. Alternatively, you may be hesitant about financial risks and making big purchases.



Receiving the Strength card suggests a reclaiming of power and control over your well-being. It indicates a strong mastery of your inner strength, enabling you to regain confidence and confront challenges with renewed determination.


Strength can indicate a struggle with maintaining inner control and power over your well-being. Despite this challenge, it remains a positive card, indicating the strength to overcome health obstacles. However, it may also suggest the presence of bad habits or a lack of discipline in caring for your wellness.


As an individual embodying the traits of the Strength tarot card, you are perceived as graceful and highly respected, possessing innate leadership abilities. Your leadership style is characterised by skilful guidance and earning respect through your actions rather than demanding it.

Courage and confidence are integral aspects of your personality, allowing you to confront challenges with poise and determination. You inspire others with your unwavering resolve and ability to remain composed even in the face of adversity.

In archetypal terms, you represent the hero or heroine figure, demonstrating strength of character and a noble sense of purpose. Your presence exudes a sense of authority and integrity, drawing others towards your magnetic and influential aura.


The Strength tarot card offers several advantages and predictions when it appears in a reading.

Firstly, it signifies a reservoir of inner strength and resilience, suggesting that you possess the courage and fortitude to overcome obstacles in your path. This card predicts that you will confront challenges with grace and determination, emerging victorious in the face of adversity.

Additionally, the Strength card encourages you to tap into your inner power and confidence, enabling you to assert control over your circumstances and navigate through life's complexities with ease. It indicates a period of personal growth and self-discovery, where you will harness your strengths to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Overall, the Strength tarot card heralds a time of empowerment and triumph, highlighting your ability to conquer challenges and emerge stronger than ever before.


In the context of the Strength tarot card, it may signify internal obstacles such as fear and self-doubt, which could impede your journey forward. Additionally, it can manifest as impulsive tendencies or a reliance on forceful methods to assert control, potentially leading to conflicts or disruptions in your path.

This card warns against allowing these negative traits to overshadow your innate strength and advises finding a balance between assertiveness and compassion in your actions.